Review: Living Proof Restore Collection

Hi beauties! I recently got sent a VoxBox (want to get FREE items -be looking for my next blog!) and I could not be more excited to review Living Proof’s Restore collection. Influenster sent me the Living Proof Restore system (shampoo, conditioner, mask treatment) and Restore Perfecting Spray for complimentary testing, so I’ll just go through each product and share my thoughts.

I’ll also tell you if you should BUY or say Buh-BYE. As with any product reviews on my blog, honesty is my policy and all opinions are my own.

If I don’t like something and wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, I’ve got your back too.

Living Proof Restore Shampoo & Conditioner

First impression: Love the packaging. They’re not your stiff, run of the mill plastic bottles that make it oh-so-hard to get that last bit of product out. The bottles are super squeezable, which makes getting the product out easier, plus overall the packaging is higher end than most!

My thoughts: I can’t comment on the conditioner because I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but the shampoo smells amazing. The product worked well, but I was disappointed with how it applied. I’m someone who needs a good lather to feel like they got a good hair clean, and even with an extra pump or two, I just wasn’t working up any bubbles or foam. I need to feel like I have the product in my hair when washing it….this didn’t deliver!

Buy or Bye? I say skip on the shampoo for now, and save your money for my fav product from this line (more on that below).


Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

First impression: The texture of the product is really nice, smooth and thick like a hand cream. Again, smells so dang good.

My thoughts: The reason I haven’t tried the conditioner yet is because I wanted to give this mask a go first. The mask treatment is supposed to deep condition and repair your dry, damaged hair. When I was rinsing the product off in the shower, it didn’t leave my hair feeling all that smooth. Not as tangle free as I would have liked, but the product did redeem itself once my hair dried. I could feel a noticeable softness when I ran my fingers through my hair.

Buy or Bye? I think I need more time with this product to say for sure. This mask treatment is meant to be used once a week alongside the other products in the Restore System for maximum effectiveness, so I’ll need to wait a bit longer to see if it lives up to all its restoration promises.

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

First impression: You know when you get your hair done at a salon and you never want to wash your hair again because the magical smells linger in your hair for days after? YEAH, THIS IS THAT SMELL. But at home. For less money.

My thoughts: I’m obsessed. The product description says it’s a “featherweight leave-in” for “an instant boost of hydration, smoothness, shine, conditioning natural body, detangling, and UV & heat protection” and it absolutely delivers. It sprays on really well and doesn’t leave your hair feeling gunky, sticky or weighed down. My roots usually fall flat pretty fast, but this made my hair feel nice and thick after I blow dried it. I love that it doubles as a leave-in and heat protectant. Easy, breezy.

Buy or Bye? Absolutely buy girlfriend! This is my new go-to, all-star hair product. Sorry dry shampoo…toodles! I will be using this product every day! Plus I curl my hair a lot and need the heat protectant and this definitely delivers! Click HERE to get YOURS!

Have you tried Living Proof before? Leave your product recommendations and questions below! I’d love to hear from you girls!!

To good hair days,



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