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    6 Now & Later Looks

    Even though the weather is still warm outside, fall fashion is starting to drop, but most of us are clearly not thinking about sweaters and jackets, lol! So today I am sharing some items that are on sale (some items are limited in sizes) and items that can easily be worn now and later. Transition outfits are super important during…

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    Outfits For Now & Later

    Can you girls believe it is already August? This summer, as boring as it was, has flown by. Time certainly flies by a lot faster when you get out of school. Do you remember when you were younger and school seemed to drag by? Once you got out and started ‘adulting”, time started flying by. Well, here we are embarking…

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    Try-On Haul With Cato Fashions

    I have been in fashion for a very long time and one thing I loved the most when I was in a store was the customers and the deals! I always enjoyed seeing what was new and what was getting marked down. Today I am showing you affordable pieces and outfits that are under $40. This cute skirt is my…

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    Gingham and Denim From Amazon

    I am an Amazon LOVER! It is my #1 website that I am on the most, from groceries to clothing, they have it all and with 2-day shipping, I was hooked from the get-go. Like most women, I will browse and put items in my shopping cart or get the Prime Wardrobe Box and try new things. Amazon has a…

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    8 of My Favorite Fall Transition Looks

    I thought while I am trying to get outfits together, I would share with you some of my favorite transition outfits. These have been on the blog throughout the past year, but they are great ideas for transitioning from Summer to Fall.

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    Styling a Kimono Now & Later

    Hello Thursday! I want to thank all of you that have been checking on me, it has meant so much to me!! I now know that I have BPPV Vertigo and it can last anywhere from a week to two weeks…or longer. I am believing I will be back to normal soon, although I am in and out of the…