Friday Try-On Haul: 9 Outfits For Now & Later

It’s Friday, and today I am showing nine outfits that can be worn now and later. Can you believe fall fashion will be dropping in just a few weeks? I guess by the end of July everyone is getting tired of summer fashion and ready for a change. I am a fall fashion LOVER and I am super excited to start picking out items and seeing what will be trending. Until then, I will keep posting outfits that can be worn for a while plus items that can be worn into the fall or year-round. But, now is a great time to snag all the deals since retailers will be marking items down, and we all love a great deal!

I am in love with this mixed media v-neck short-sleeve shirt from Gap Factory. This is a great shirt for work or play and a great top that can take you into fall easily. Right now it is 50% off and under $20! It’s totally worth it! My khakis are from last year and are sold out. I did find an almost identical pair in the same lighter color at J. Crew Factory and they are on sale for 43% off, see them here.

Outfit Details: // V-Neck Mixed Media Shirt (wearing a large) // Straight Khakis // Steve Madden Kailey Slides

I found this gorgeous crossover peplum top at Madewell when I was looking for jeans. Have you tried Madewell jeans? Oh my gosh, they are some of my favorite wearing jeans of all time! Anywho…I found this top and loved the color and style so much that I decided to try it out. Madewell is a higher-end company and I am so glad they offer Afterpay! This is a cute blouse to style with jeans or shorts and I love it with the looser jeans and sandals. See the peplum blouse here. I worried it may fit a little snug through the chest area, so I bought a large and I am glad I did, especially with the snap closure. The cigarette jeans are on sale for 21% off plus an extra 40% with code GFBONUS. See the jeans here.

Outfit Details: // Madewell Blouse (wearing a large) // Cigarette Jeans (I sized up to a 10 for a looser fit) // Similar Quilted Sandals from DSW

If you love straight black skinny jeans, grab these from Target, because they fit perfect! These are a mid-rise jean with a chewed hem and slight distressing. These are skinny jeans, so I am wearing a size 10. They have fabulous stretch and they are definitely keepers! I can’t wait to style these with booties this fall! These are under $25 and they come in multiple denim shades also. See them here. Aren’t they so cute?? They are totally must-haves for fall!

Outfit Details: // Similar Camp Shirt // Target Black Skinny Jeans (wearing a size 10) // Sandals ( I sized up 1/2 size)

Another Target find was this cute boat neck smocked hem t-shirt. It’s only $12 and wears great – now that’s a fantastic duo, lol! This comes in more color options too, see it here. The shorts are the retro boy shorts by Scoop. I love these shorts to wear around the house, they are super comfortable, but they may be because I accidentally bought them a size too big, ha! These shorts should fit tighter than mine, but I am still showing them since I love them so much, plus they are only $11! These come in multiple colors, see them here.

Outfit Details: // Blouse (wearing a large) // Scoop Denim Shorts (wearing a 10, should have stayed with my normal sized 8) // Target Rory Sandals // Initial Necklace //

Have you tried the linen tees from Target yet? I absolutely LOVE these tees, and for $12, I can afford to buy a few. This mint striped tee looks adorable with the white straight twill pants from the Loft (40% off with code TREAT). I am wearing a medium in the tee and have plenty of room since there is a tad bit of stretch in it. These tees are perfect for layering with blazers, cardis, and jackets. See the tee here.

Outfit Details:// Linen-Blend tee (wearing a medium) // Scoop shorts // Tote Bag // Nike Court Legacy

While Barry was having his surgery, I headed out to grab breakfast and stopped in at the Gap Factory to look around. I found this cute peplum white blouse that is only $10 and is so adorable! I also found those cute jean joggers that I have been looking for and they are so much “cooler looking” wearing them on you than they are in pictures online. The white v-neck shirt also caught my eye and it’s also a perfect top for now and later – did I say it was only $15? I mixed it up a bit and tried on the camo joggers, these fit TTS and I can’t wait to style them with a denim jacket or a cute beige cardigan for fall with booties or sneakers. All items fit TTS and my sizes are listed below. Gap Factory is having a sale of up to 70% off, so now is the time to check them out. Shop the sale HERE.

Outfit Details: // Peplum Top (wearing a medium) // Denim Joggers (wearing a medium) // White V-Neck Blouse (wearing a medium) // Camo Joggers (wearing a medium) // Sandals

Lastly are my two favorite looks. I love the LOGO joggers and I have been wanting a pair in white, so I wasted no time grabbing them up. I accidentally grabbed a large instead of a medium, so these are a tad baggy on me. I did go back and get my size (medium) but had to head back to the hospital so I couldn’t get a picture. This color is 40% off, but some colors are as low as $14! See the jogger here. The dolman luxe tee has a relaxed fit and is only $14. I love that I can wear this off-the-shoulder for a relaxed look. Last up is the striped button-down that drew me to it like a moth to a flame! I’m a sucker for stripes and these bold stripes are banging! See this cutie here, and it’s only $17! **Get an EXTRA 10% off your Gap order with code GFBONUS. Oh…my fancy bracelet is courtesy of the hospital, so it’s not available. 😁

Outfit Details: // Luxe Tee (wearing a Large and it’s very loose) // Gap LOGO Joggers (accidentally picked up a large, but bought a Medium) // Striped Shirt (wearing a large) // Cigarette Jeans (wearing a 10 – I sized up for a looser look) // Sandals

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Cindy C

    Post surgery awful! Prayers for your family! You have been through a lot lately. Hoping for continued progress in the coming days. I’m digging the scoop shorts. You can tell I just retired & cutoffs are my new wardrobe. Have a blessed weekend!!

    • Beverly

      lol!! Girl, it has hit like a ton of bricks for the past few months. I’m glad I am able to tend to everyone, but whew…it’s been rough. I’m glad all this happened in the summer and when blogs are much slower. Im so ready to get back to work full time🥰. I will say taking care of mom with her back certainly prepared me for Barry! He’s so hardheaded 😂😂😂

  • Jami Rogers

    You’ve been through a LOT of emotional stuff lately and your heart and body is overloaded! It’s okay to cry it out and get all the emotions out! You don’t have to be strong all the time. I have had to learn how to express and not suppress my true feelings and my health and relationships have improved. Much love and prayers to you. May healing come to you both. 🤗💕

  • Christine Simpson

    It sounds like nerve pain/neuropathy possibly. He should be sure to mention it to the dr. But it could be the nerves reconnecting and re-firing as my surgeon likes to say. And it can cause sharp electric like jabs of pain.
    I’m so sorry you have had so much to deal with lately!! I hope Barry starts to feel better soon!! Surgery sucks! Usually the first 2 weeks are the worst then you start getting better. Hang in there!!!
    I get snappy when I’m in pain and my husband knows to just leave me to it 😂 and walk off.

    • Beverly

      Thanks for this!! It’s so helpful! You girls are seriously like co-workers. My life is like everyone else’s—full of ups and downs. No pretend here, girl…it’s real 😂😂 Hugs!!

  • Daphne

    Hopefully your hubby will feel lots better real soon surgery is no joke for him or you take care of yourself sending lots of prayers for speedy recovery and a big hug for you❤️

  • Gayle L

    Wishing Barry a speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your personal stories. Stay strong and everyone will get through this!! Love all of your styles today!

  • Sharel

    I had back surgery two years ago, and I know what Barry is talking about. Following my surgery my lower back and buttocks area felt “scalded.” It was an awful sensation that lasted several weeks post-op. I assume it was cashed by the nerve endings healing. It lessened and disappeared as my healing progressed.

    Hang in there, Barry, and do your rehab therapy. It takes time, but the rewards will be with it.

    • Beverly

      Oh wow, I feel bad for him. It’s got to hurt!! I have never seen him in excruciating pain in 12 years, but boy I have now. He’s so tired of sitting in the house, That man is stubborn as a mule and left and went to the grocery store today. Buying items I had just bought. Smh lol. My Mom said, let him do what he wants. Men are stubborn like that 😂😂

  • Melanie

    Good Morning. Way late responding lol.. Its amazing hothead energy we have while taking care of a loved one from having surgery etc. we don’t feel the tiredness until things slow down and then the exhaustion hits us like a ton of bricks. Lol. Praying for Barry and for you as well. Thank you for sharing all these lovely outfits. I been off the grid here lately cause my father-in-law is in the hospital with sepsis and not doing well right now. He’s In The Lords hands completely. Have a wonderful day Beverly ♥️

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