Humidity and Hair, What I Keep In My Arsenal

I love living in North Carolina, but there are a few things that are somewhat of a pain to deal with. The biggest for me is the humidity, with naturally curly/wavy hair, fighting the instant heat and humid weather when going outside can take a great hair day to one of my worst. Have you noticed the bun style is a go-to for me? That’s mainly for a quick easy hairstyle working from home, but it is also the answer to my hair curling when it rains or the humidity level is as high as Jack’s Beanstalk! It gets that bad at times!

Nothing can ruin freshly styled hair or a full face of makeup quite like humidity can. And the humidity in North Carolina is intense all summer long. And over the years, I’ve had to figure out some of the best ways for managing humidity and still maintaining my hairstyle + makeup.

Humidity can cause frizz and unwanted and volume that can be out of control. Or it can totally weigh down and flatten your freshly styled locks to look like your hair has suddenly stuck to your head. In general, my hair flattens and gets limp in humidity (although my longer bangs can have a wave and curl all of their own – which is sooo annoying ) so a lot of my choices for combatting the negative effects of humidity are done in order to keep my hair from completely deflating and looking heavy in the heat.

My Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, the least amount of product the better, especially if humidity makes your hair flat. The goal is to keep your hands out of your hair so try to use just enough product for the desired result, set your hair in place, and then keep your hands off of it! This is not my strong point…just saying, lol!

When remembers this episode on Friends? Loved that show!

If you are fighting frizz, use a cream-based product before you blow-dry. This is usually heavy enough to add a bit of weight and hold to the airy flyaways. This may sound crazy, but I’m a believer in it! I rarely wash my hair in the shower, in my opinion, my hair never does well and it looses its volume even in the winter. So, I normally shower at night and wash my hair in the sink in the mornings. I use a cream based conditioner, but I only apply it halfway down the shaft of my hair and focusing on the ends. If I put it on my roots, my hair flattens with an hour of blowdrying. I also love the Redken Oil For All and apply it to ONLY my roots while wet. If it will be very humid, I use 1 pump, grab a towel to get the excess off my hands then rake my fingers through my hair to give it a little shine and help with frizz.

To get volume I need, I typically left my hair dry in a towel till it is about 80% dry. I flip my head over and dry it Then I start drying it, lifting it up at the roots at the crown of my head sides, and back with a wide pick. This helps keep my volume during the day.

To get volume I need, I typically let my hair dry in a towel till it is about 80% dry. Play the fun video (for kicks-real life going one, ha!!), and don’t mind the unfinished “renovation” going on in the back. We will finish up once the kids have moved! 🙌🏼 Also, you can see that I have had the same haircut for many years, only the length changes.     

In the summertime, I try very hard not to use hairspray, but sometimes its a necessity! I seriously feel this weighs it down and when the humid heat grabs hold, it seems to make things worse on my hair. However, if all else fails, spray a toothbrush with some hairspray and comb the flyaways around your face and part down. The small bristles shouldn’t affect your style too much, and the hairspray should hold everything in place!

Amika’s The Shield is my favorite aerosol product to spray on my styled hair before I finish with hairspray. Used on straight or curled hair, it’s a big help to keep frizz at bay without adding weight to the hair for those who like volume.

Virtue’s Create Lifting Powder is my choice for adding thickness and bulk without loading up on a texture spray during the humid season. I love texture spray, don’t get me wrong, but on a humid day, I find that a little powder at my roots is enough to add a “pop” to the hair without coating it too much.

Not pictured, but worth mentioning, is Kenra Volume 25 hairspray. It does help fight humidity, I apply a small amount when using, but gives a firm hold to the hair, and is one of my very favorite hairsprays!

When it comes to makeup, use a makeup primer that you love and set your makeup with a setting spray. Urban Decay’s All Nighter is one of the strongest, most effective setting sprays I’ve used when it comes to maintaining your makeup in humidity. Another favorite is Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, this is what I have been using for the past few months, and I have not had any problems, in fact, it is one of the best setting sprays I’ve used since I started branching out.

What are your favorite products to combat humidity? Sharing is caring…LOL! Have a great day ladies and I have a HUGE surprise coming up and I know you are going to love it, because Barry will be in an upcoming blog post. So you will get to see us in action…HAHA! Hopefully it will be live on Friday, I will let you know as the week goes by! Stay safe and be blessed! XOXO

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  • Penny Shirey

    I personally don’t blow dry my hair since my hair has grown back since 2016. I do, however, like to use Kenra hairspray 25. It absolutely does its job especially in the humidity! Strong hold and doesn’t lose the style….that’s what I look for in products! Living in South Carolina, you definitely need something to maintain your mane because we have bi polar weather 😂 It gets extremely hot 🥵 during summer months!!! Wishing your Mom healing powers! Love you

    • Beverly

      Penny, you are sooo right!! The weather in NC is the same way!! I have fine hair and it will curl up like nobodies business lol. I can’t wait to get into my office and start the videos. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!! Have a great day!! Stay cool 😎 lol

  • Tammy Gravis

    People will buy more if you do the videos. I watch them a lot to make a final decision. Lol I’m too shy to do it but I know you can!

    • Melanie S

      Good Morning. Thank you for the hair tips. Was very much needed. I don’t wear make up but my girls do and I’ll be passing on these awesome products for them to try. It’s been nasty here in Texas. Great tips and products for the weather we are having right now. Have a wonderful day ♥️☕️

  • Christine Simpson

    Good morning! Thank you for your tips for humidity!
    I use Kendra also and love it. I will look into the others you mentioned. Since chemo my hair grew back a little different and I’m still trying figuring it out 😂
    Hope your mom has better days for the rest of the week!! 💕

    • Beverly

      Hey Christine!! Thank you for the comment!! Girl, I’m praying she’s back up and moving soon. We still are in renovation mode, the kids are packing up again lol, and my house is a wreck. And the garage is stocked from ceiling to floor 🤣🤣 And isn’t that hairspray the best!!??

  • Joan

    Hi Beverly, I love your hair and the way you style it. I have fine hair like yours, and I’m trying to grow my hair out to your style (cut). Can you give me any pointers when growing your hair out?

    • Beverly

      Yes girl!!🙌🏼 OK…start taking Biotin, it helps your hair grow and it’s good for your skin. I also take collagen, and my hair grows so fast I have to color my roots at least every 4-5 weeks. Really 4 weeks. Try to wash it every other day, that will help. I usually wear mine down, then curled, then up. I go every 3 days. If I’m lazy I just put it in a bun. As hot as it’s getting, it will be my “look” for the summer. Also, not sure how you towel dry your hair, but those microfiber wraps help not to break your hair, which will help too. The biotin and collagen is where it’s at though!

  • Laurie

    Love kenra 25 hair spray! The only hairspray I use… it holds well and doesn’t cause build up. I just bought BB Don’t Blow It to try and tame my “older age frizz” but haven’t used it enough to make a judgment. My hairdresser suggested it for when I don’t want to dry my hair.

  • Jan

    I hope and pray your mom will feel better soon.
    I know she wants to be independent.
    She sounds like a wonderful person.
    What a blessing to have each other.

    Thank you for sharing your hair ideas. I ordered some more Kendra hairspray. I like it a lot.
    Have a lovely day❤️

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much Jan! It’s so pitiful, my cousin came over today and sit with a while so I could go grocery shopping for her. I thought it was a little list…not lol!!! 🤣 I just smiled when I opened up the list lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Wednesday afternoon! I am late as usual getting to read this post. This week has been a doozy already and it is only Wednesday. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and with the heat and humidity here in Georgia I have found the perfect solution, I cut my hair very short into a pixie style cut and I am loving it! I still of course will get the occasional “wings” on the side of my bangs when I get hot and sweaty, but it is so much cooler and easier to manage. I am glad that your mom is making progress and I will continue to pray for her and you. I am so excited and anxiously awaiting the videos!! I hope you have a good rest of the week 🙂

  • Joan

    Hi Beverly,
    You mentioned take Collagen for my hair. Would this be in a pill form n if so how much do I take? Have a great weekend

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