Camo Styled My Way

Camo is everywhere these days, from jeans to shirts, all the way to our shoes. If I were to guess, I’d say nearly everyone reading this post has something that is camo print in your closet. Today I am sharing a great pair of ankle jeans in tan camo. Have you tried tan camo yet?

These skinny ankle jeans have slimming pockets to help hold in your mid-section and give you a smooth look. These jeans are a skinny fit and have a hem that is raw edge. I loved the look with sneakers, but I stepped out and decided to style these looks with strappy gladiator heels. My sweater is from Walmart and it’s been on repeat this winter. Both items fit TTS, see the details below the pic.

Outfit Details: // Sweater // Camo Jeans // Similar Shoes

If you are in the market for a new white chiffon tank, Target has mine on sale for only $15 right now. The V-neckline creates a flattering shape whether you pair this sleeveless tank with a pencil skirt, or top it with a blazer and wear it with your favorite denim or Camo like I did. This Fits TTS, see it here.

Have you ever thought of styling your skinny camo jeans with a blazer? I love the look, and when you style the blazer with a pair of great heels or pumps, it takes the outfit up instantly. I like the black blazer, but wouldn’t this look great with a beige or even a bright color that pops? My Scoop Blazer has been on the blog numerous times, it is limited in sizes, see it here.

Which look did you like better?

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Thanks for stopping by the blog ladies! Today is grocery haul Monday, so I will be spending a few hours at the grocery store. This is not my favorite errand to run, nonetheless, it is a must! What are you girls up to today? Stay safe and be blessed! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lana

    The tan camo pants are cute. Love the Jean jacket or cream sweater looks personally but you look terrific in all 3 looks. Hope your Reno’s are going well.

  • Hope

    I am voting on the jean jacket outfit. You look so cute and youthful in it!! My husband and I spent the weekend painting the basement. Still have a ways to go but it is going to be look so much better when we are finished. Like you and your construction…. well worth the trouble. Have a great week.

    • Cathy Coon

      Love the skinny cameo jeans 💕. I know you love the blazer so, I think yo picked that super cute outfit for your date night. All the outfits were cute. 💖

      • Jen

        All 3 looks were fabulous, but my pick for your date night was the outfit with the blazer. Gotta get me a pair of those camo jeans!

    • Pamela M.

      I like all three styles. I think you chose the one with the blazer because it adds an element of dressy. For our weekend, we stayed in and rested. It was nice. Have a great day.

      • Shelly Robinson

        Hey, Beverly.
        All three outfits were super cute, but I’ll bet you wore the blazer. You always seem to gravitate towards blazers in other posts. 🤗

  • JoDee McConnaughhay

    Hi! Love all three looks, but the jeans jacket outfit would be my guess for date night this time. Although it really depends on where the date was. 😉 Hope it was a great date—no matter what you wore. 🙂 Blessings!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly….Glad to see you back in my inbox this week. You look fabulous in all three outfits. My guess for the date night outfit is the one with the cream sweater. I chose that one because of how cold it has been. You are brave to wear open toe/heel shoes in the winter. My feet would freeze. Happy February ❤️

      • Cindy

        I missed you last week! Let’s see… loving all three looks. I think you wore the blazer outfit for date night. Happy February!! 💋

  • Ann Bushle

    I love all three looks, actually. Since you you that blazer so muc, I think you wore the look with the blazer on your date with Barry.

  • Deb

    I love the sweater outfit but I think you picked the blazer for date night with Barry. Big snow in New York today, I’m an essential worker so in to work I go! Have a great one Beverly😍

  • Kim

    Weeelllll….I think you make everything you put look marvelous but I’m gonna go with outfit number one for your date night! It looks clean, comfy and warm! Now…. I’m ordering those pants! Happy Monday and thank you for helping fill my closet with your clothes! 😊

  • Maribeth conklin

    I Love anything with a Jean jacket. I haven’t seen tan camo in the stores as of yet. I live in Maryland and we are in the middle of part two of a snow event. It is cold!!!

  • Kim

    Love all three styles but I have to go with the sweater! It looks clean, simple comfy yet elegant! Now….I need a pair of tan camo pants! 😊

  • Deb

    Depending on where date night takes you…I would choose the jean jacket because it fits everywhere. The shoes are absolutely stunning!

  • Penny jo

    My favorite is the Jean jacket look but the blazer is the cute date night look – maybe with a different shoe.😊

  • Annette

    Good morning. I’m loving the Jean jacket with the camp but also feeling like you may have went with the blazer. My husband and I played tourist and went downtown Tampa for the day. Lots of energy there in preparation for the Super Bowl.
    Hope your renovations are going well. Stay warm and have a great week!

  • Christine Grant

    Love the camp jeans and sweater! But for date night I think you wore the black blazer with it. I’m going to buy these jeans and that sweater bc I don’t have anything like it. Thanks again for all your time and outfits! Christine

  • Brenda Boydstun

    Loved all three but the sweater outfit was my favorite and I think you chose it for date night! Hope you have fun! Brenda

  • Mary Leaton

    I ♥️ the denim jacket look but, I’m betting on the blazer outfit for date night with hubby!♥️♥️ Love the tan Camo ~ a new neutral!!♥️♥️

  • Laurie Orlando

    Love these jeans – I have a pair and I have found they are a bit tricky to style. All three outfits are super cute! My fave is the first one, with the sweater but I think you wore the one with the blazer.

  • Tammy Branscome

    You look fabulous in all three! My personal favorite is the sweater, only since I bought this one and love it!
    But….I think you would choose the blazer since it’s a little more dressy for a date night.

  • Roni

    I love the camo look in all 3 but I’m pretty sure you picked the blazer for date night. I’s so sweet that you guys still have date night to just spend quality together time.

  • Shannon

    The denim jacket look is probably my favorite, but then again, I’ve owned a denim jacket pretty much since the 7th grade so…!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good afternoon and Happy Monday! Like you I have been out shopping yesterday and then again today. We do first of the month shopping and it takes quite a long time since we go to multiple stores for things. The rest of the month we just pick up fresh produce etc. While I was out I came across a sweater at Walmart that you bought recently and it was on sale for $11 🙂 It is super cold and windy here today so I am glad to be back home now. I love the tan camo jeans, so cute! As always you look great in all 3 looks but my guess is that if you went on a date night with Barry then you probably wore the blazer? My favorite for myself would be either the sweater or with the denim jacket. I am glad that you are making progress with your home renovations. We are plowing along on ours as well. Have a great week!!

  • Mary

    Good Afternoon! I love all three outfits! For your date night…I think you probably chose the blazer. New to your blog and enjoying it so much!

  • Melanie S

    Good Evening! I sure have missed you and reading your blog. So glad your back. Hope all is going well with the remodeling. I love all 3 outfits and my favorite outfit is the denim jacket BUT I’m loving the blazer outfit as well because I love blazers.. I’m guessing you wore the Blazer outfit out on your date!! I came across some cute camo pants at Sams Club on clearance for 6 bucks and yes your probably going to shake your finger at me haha because I didn’t buy them 😞 I am going back to Sams tomorrow and I will getting me some this time. Pray they are still there and on clearance 😂

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