How To Make A T-Shirt Dress Look Fab

We all have a cute tee-shirt dress that we love wearing with sneakers and a denim jacket. These popular dresses have been trending for spring, summer, and fall, and I do not see them going anywhere just yet. Why would they? They are comfortable, cool, stretchy, easy to wear with sneakers or flip flops – they are a perfect piece for your wardrobe.

How many of you have ever thought about dressing that tee-shirt dress up a bit? Instead of an everyday, casual look, what about an “I’m stepping out” look? Add a little chicness to your look by adding just a few accessories. Simple and easy! Would you ever look at my outfit and think I only spent $40 on the entire look?

I found this tee-shirt dress at Walmart and trust me…it was NOT appealing on the rack! I walked around with it on my arm trying to make my mind up for what felt like were hours lol! I finally decided I would spend the $10, even if I didn’t like it for the blog, I could certainly wear it around the house this summer. Well, surprise-surprise! I actually loved the dress, would have liked it better if it had pockets, but for $10 – I cannot complain. If pockets are a must, I have added one in the carousel below. See the dress here.

The kimono I am wearing is a short-sleeve yarn cardigan that is lightweight and perfect for in the office. It’s open-front and machine washable which is another plus for me. This is in stores, but just like the dress, it did not catch my eye right off the bat. Since I was in the fashion industry for most of my young adult life, I learned very quickly that a lot of things look much better on a mannequin, versus a rack.

This comes in four color options and I am wearing the delicate ivory. Buy your regular size in this item, but if you want it to be less flowy, size down. See the kimono here.

These are the shoes I shared in yesterday’s post, see it here. You can see how I styled them with an eyelet dress if you missed it. These are from JustFab and are the Call me Lace-Up Heeled Sandal. I loved these as soon as I saw them online and loved them more when I put them on! I have these tied in a knot in the front, but these can be tied in the back also. They are so summery looking! These are very comfortable with just over 2-inches in heel height. I can’t wait to style these with cropped jeans! See the sandal here. Sign up to be a VIP member and get these babies for only $15!

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I am going back to work today and hope everything goes well. Barry and I have been talking and think it may be too much for me and I may come back to working the blog full-time. That will be in a few months after we have finished our addition. Let me know your thoughts on wearing a tee-shirt dress like this, or other ideas of styling one. I’d love to hear it! Thanks for coming by and have a great day girls!

Have a blessed day!

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  • Lisa

    Girl….. I told you that you looked good in anything!!!! This chick could not pull off a T-shirt dress even with a cardigan over top of it because it would show my pooch of a belly. What size of dress did you get or did I miss that? I’m glad you both are feeling better.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! I was sucking it in ha!! Seriously, I was wearing spanx shorts. It hides and holds in everything!! I bought a medium and it fit perfect, I may have missed saying that. Yikes! We are feeling better, Barry went to the dr today and they told him he was not contagious so he must have had it sometime when he was younger. Me on the other hand has never had it. Yay lol!! Hope your Monday was a good one ❤️❤️

  • Maryanne Sivers

    Super cute! This must be the summer of the t-shirt dress because I have been wearing them non stop! Pockets are nice but I don’t mind giving them up for the smoothness of a non-pocket dress, but that may just be me. i bought that same Walmart dress in a red, white and blue stripe and it’s very adorable, especially with navy sneakers or white birks!

    • Beverly

      Yes!!! I love them and feel the same way about pockets. I’m totally going to check out that dress-I must have missed it!! Thanks Maryanne❤️❤️ Have a great week!

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