Styling Snake Print & Joggers

I bet when you read the title of this post, you were thinking…What?? I know, I was too! As you know I am doing some deep cleaning in the house (getting a head start on Spring cleaning). This outfit came to light while cleaning out my closet. I was reorganizing my shoes, gathering clothes, purses, and shoes to donate to an elderly lady that resells clothing to help give her a little more income each month.

I saw these Marc Fisher Ragini Mules and tried them on while I had on these joggers. What do you know…I liked the look! So I threw on this similar cardigan to give it a “chic-er” look and headed out to this road near my house. I told you girls how my neighbors check on me, well, something else happened today. Read on to hear the story near the end.

I love my joggers and I have about five pairs that I am constantly wearing. Especially here lately since I packed on some pounds since Christmas. In fact, the clothes I ordered for the blog fit a little snug so I had to send them back. So bare with me for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have eaten all those sausage balls and cookies! Sighhh!

I grabbed up a lot of Athleisure wear at Walmart at the first of the year and the joggers are some of my favorite ones I have. These come in 7 different colors and are really soft. They have pockets and are a pull-on pant with an elastic waist with drawstring. The gray ones are really cute with the White and Rose Gold Sneakers I styled here. See the joggers here. These fit TTS and I am wearing a Medium.

These Snake Print Mules are hot! I love these so much and they look so good with denim and especially black jeans. I never would have thought of putting them with joggers, but here we are and I think I like it! What are your thoughts? The shoes are limited, but most regular sizes are still available, see them here. I linked a few other snake print shoes to browse below also. These fit TTS.

Add a graphic tee (similar one here) and a longer cardigan and you have taken a casual look up a notch or two. Another option is to add a denim jacket for a night out. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling good about the clothes you are wearing. Why not shake things up a little, because women are shaking things up these days and nearly anything goes!

What are your thoughts about the joggers with snake print shoes?

I’m heading off to do some Try-On’s today, so what are some of your favorite stores? Drop some suggestions in the comments below!!

Before I forget let me tell you what happened taking pictures. Ok so I live near the cemetery and I will go down and take pictures here and there since they have open spaces. As I was finishing up (thank God), I noticed a police car with its lights flashing coming down the road. It was a funeral! I had to hurry up and throw my camera and tripod in my car and get up out of there! Every time I go there something happens! I need to find a new spot hahaha!

What are you girls up to today? It’s Friday Eve!! Any big plans for the weekend? I’m thinking about taking Raegan with me to the beach and having some girl time. She can at least take some pictures while we are down there for the blog…right? Earn her free trip HAHAHA!! Cross your fingers it’s available- my luck is not the best! Have a great day ladies!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Sandy

    OMG…first I had to chuckle and picturing you hurrying to get your camera equipment back in the car:) And…yes, I love this outfit. Now….if “I” would wear those joggers out in public, I would feel that since that material looks thicker, that I would have on my exercise pants on and what you put together looks adorable!!!!!!!!! Maybe tucking your shirt in makes it look dressy/casual??? I am high waisted so can’t tuck things in or makes me look like I pulled my pants up to my bust…LOL My granddaughter sometimes tells me “grandma you pulled my pants too high”! Guess I’m just use to mine being that high automatically. Yes…8 deg. yesterday and this morning woke up to minus 10. Have fun shopping. Oh….I have Target, Walmart, JCP, Kohls, ON within in hour of me.

    • Beverly

      Holy Moses!! That’s cold!! You should tie a knot in your tees at the side, that way they are not hanging down and you don’t have to tuck them in. That’s what Raegan does because she’s high waisted also. Old navy sounds pretty good lol!! Snd you better believe I was hustling girl 😂😂

      • Sandy

        Ohhh…ok, I will try the “tie a knot” hint. And…I went to walmart today and picked up those joggers as didn’t have time to try on. They are so soft but…they fall above my ankle so they feel short. Yours look like they go down past your ankle so I might have to go up a size and see if they are longer. And…like Kelly…I forgot about CATO’s. I even went there today and got a infinity scarf and two pairs of earrings on clearance.

        • Beverly

          I do need to go to Cato!! I haven’t been there in quite some time. Aren’t they SOFT!! I stretched mine out when I washed them. After o washed them I stretched the legs out and then hung them dry. I do a lot of my pants like that since I’m 5’7. Good deals girl!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I also laughed thinking about you quickly trying to put your things in the car before getting caught, lol! To be honest, I love everything about this outfit except the shoes. Sorry! I just cannot get myself to like anything with snake print. It just freaks me out and I will be so glad when this fad is gone. I think that the type of shoe but in a different kind of print would really appeal to me though. I will be hanging out here at home with my sick hubby. I may take a break and head out later to Ulta as I have a gift card for there that I got for Christmas. Not sure exactly what to look for but it isn’t hard to spend money there. I too like all of the stores that Sandy mentioned but would also add in Cato. Have a wonderful day and I hope that you get to go to the beach soon.

    • Beverly

      I know you do not like the snake print. I don’t like snakes at all, but I’m slowly warming up to some snake print items. Only some lol!! Poor Troy-prayers for both of you. Hope you have a great day and you will definitely find something at Ulta. Love that store❤️❤️

  • Maryanne Sivers

    Oh gosh your stories crack me up! Another winning outfit! I’m so happy I found your blog because I simply adore your style. 🙂

    • Beverly

      I’m glad I give you girls a giggle-it’s always good to get a chuckle here and there. 😊 Thank you sooo much Maryanne!! I’m so glad you found me too ❤️

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