Athleisure Wear For A New Year That’s Affordable

If you are like me when a new year rolls around and you have set a goal to start working out more, I tend to find myself buying up new workout clothes. A lot of people call them Athleisure wear, but that’s just a fancy word for comfortable clothing lol!

Whether you are working out or you want clothes that are comfortable for hanging around the house, running errands or making that trip to a gym or your local park, I have found some clothing that is affordable, comfortable and cute!

I found this quilted jacket at my local Walmart and loved the color and fit. It’s quilted in the front, with a hoodie and has soft material in the back that has stretch and offers warmth. These are limited in stores (VERY limited), but they have plenty online. This color I am wearing is called Platinum Silver, it’s also offered in Black and Gem Slate (a gorgeous green). See them here – and they are under $25! Front and Back view are below.

I picked up these leggings while I was out shopping and I honestly have never bought a softer legging that has compression. These do fit tight, so if you don’t really like the “compressed” feeling I would size up – I did. I usually wear a medium and I bought a large and they fit snug, but I don’t feel like I have a girdle on – so I’m all for that! These comes in different colors and are limited in-store also, so check out the colors here. These are a little more expensive (under $28) but totally worth it because they have pockets and the feeling of these leggings is like bure butter on your legs!

This vest is also a cutie and goes perfect with the leggings, and tops that are offered in-store. This color below is Iris Whisper and is a gorgeous lilac color, these also come in the Platinum Silver and Black. See them here.

If you want to match this pullover is an awesome find too! I showed this in a post earlier and decided to show it today. Aren’t the colors so cute together? It makes me want to dress for a workout, even if I back out and don’t hit the gym LOL! See the pullover here. It’s only $16 and comes in Black with charcoal detail also.

I’m a HUGE fan of jackets and this white jacket is 100% adorable! These are super cute on, they are ribbed and very soft. These fit TTS, this color I am wearing is called winter white, it also comes in a heather gray and black. These have a thumb hole in the sleeves to keep your hands warm also! See the jacket here. These are under $20! FYI: I have grabbed this jacket almost every day since I bought it – it’s THAT comfortable!

My leggings are some of my favorites and I wear them A LOT! I have to have leggings that have pockets so I can carry my phone and jam to my music while I’m walking or at the gym. These have a mesh feature down the leg to give them a little ummph! I got these from Amazon and they have a variety of colors and styles to chose from and they were under $13! See them here.

Some of my favorite leggings have been the camo print, I seem to wear these with booties and sneakers all the time. Camo is still popular, so why not incorporate it into your workout gear? These are only $12 and are super popular in the stores. They are fully stocked online, I bought a medium in these and they fit TTS. See them here.

Do you buy new clothes when you are starting to workout? Is it just me???

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I am totally behind today, but I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by the blog! WOW! It’s a New Year and my first day back on the job and I’m late!!!! Eeek!!! Here is to a new year and new beginnings and I wish peace, joy, and love to every one of you!! XOXO Have a wonderful holiday girls!!!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Sandy

    Happy New Year Beverly! me you aren’t late. Today is still a holiday and tomorrow would be “back to work” 🙂 I don’t buy new workout clothes but….probably should as maybe it would be easier to workout if I had something cute on. The Walmart tops/jackets are really cute. I’m telling myself that I don’t need any new clothes now that the holidays are over but I might have to invest in some new workout clothes even if I do do that from home. I’m not one to wear workout clothes during the day. I’m weird in that I don’t feel “dressed” for the day and I get more work done if I actually put on jeans! I know…I’m weird. Anyway…hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you had a nice NYE and New year Day. It’s been a very lazy day here. I’m going to be glad when Monday rolls around and we get back on track with days and with routine schedules.

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