Accessory Trends That Are Hot This Fall

Happy Hump Day! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? It seemed like I was just getting up trying to face Monday! HA! I’ve been doing some research and couldn’t wait to share it! As I have scrolled my IG feed I have noticed trends popping up or older trends making a comeback. So, I decided to take a closer look at these and have found some new trends we ladies might want to consider.

I think we all can agree that we love a statement accessory, we all know they can take a simple outfit to new levels of WOW! And this Fall does not disappoint – head-turning pieces are all the rage! Chunky chain-link necklaces will be added to our over-sized sweaters, silk scarves are making a comeback and so much more!

Dainty Pendant Necklaces Are Moving Over For Chunky Chain-Link Necklaces

We’ve been layering our dainty pendant necklaces for some time now, and while we probably won’t get rid of them entirely, it’s time to add something more modern, chunky, and new around our collars. I follow A LOT of fashion bloggers and this is what I’m seeing!

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Mango Collar Chunky Link Necklace

Halogen Chain Collar

Get Ready For Printed Scarves – Who Remembers These From Our Moms?

I LOVE that these neck scarves are making a come back! These remind me of my very young yers and I have always thought women looked chic wearing these! Anyone else remember these?

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Tory Burch Printed Scarf

Halogen Scarves

Colored Tights Are Coming In Strong!

Logo tights or black tights are still having a moment, but don’t be surprised if you see more tights in colors this Fall. My personal favorite is burgundy – I love this as a Fall color and it will look very cute with knee-high boots and booties! Don’t be surprised if you see younger girls stepping out and going with bolder colors, such as the pic below. As a 50-year-old, I like to keep it low key when it comes to my leg attire LOL!

Burgundy Tights

Smaller Handbags Are Dainty and Trending

I for one am a lover of the smaller satchels – but not for an everyday bag. I recently purchased 3 new mini satchels and when I was reading up on the trends, I was very pleased this was one of them. I’m a mom and grandmother though, so this would NOT work for me as an everyday bag. But this would be perfect when Barry and I step out on date night every now and then!

Windsor Black Satchel

Target – Mini Satchel Handbag

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls of all shapes and forms are making an appearance on all social media platforms, from earrings to necklaces, headbands, and clips. Who doesn’t love pearls? These chic accessory have been popular since, well…I think they have always been a classic piece. Who remembers Barbara Bush? That lady loved her pearls lol, now we are putting a new twist on it in a new modern look!

Banana Republic Pearl Necklace

Wide Statement Belts

I have noticed my blogger friends using the wider belts in their social media posts and I love it! One of my favorite looks is using a wider belt with a slightly oversized sweater or button-down shirt. It gives the outfit a chic and trendy look!

Target Wide Casual Belt

What are your thoughts on these trends? Some are coming back around from decades ago and some are staple pieces that have been classic pieces.

What trend are you going to try? I’m defintly getting the wider belts! I loved them in the 80’s!

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  • Teresa

    Please NO… not shoulder pads too! I saw them on a talk show recently as making a comeback. I just can’t LOL…

    • Beverly

      😂😂they are coming back but not nearly as big and bulky as they were in the 80’s. Can you believe Raegan thinks the shoulder pads are so cool-the kids these days love all things 80’s. You gave me a laugh this morning!! 😂😂 Have a great day Terrsa!!!

  • Wendy

    Love the post! I can definitely get behind these trends, with the exception of the scarves. For some reason, I am of the belief that my personality isn’t suited to pull off that look. Theresa’s post made me laugh too – however, I could rock some 80’s big hair – and will be for my Halloween look!


    I enjoyed this post and actually like some of these trends (smaller handbags, tights and pearls) but the short scarves remind me of my flight attendant uniform back in the 80s. Not mentioned here, but I still can’t get on-board with the fashion bloggers trend of animal prints and camo though you look terrific styling them.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh-it does remind me of flight attendants!!! And how exciting that you got to travel like that!!! Awesome!!! Oh girl, I love the Camo and animal print!!! My faves!!! Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a great day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I still have some of these things and it just goes to show that if you hang onto something long enough it will come back around 😉 It is back to work and the real world for me today. Laundry is caught up finally. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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