Casual Workwear – Denim Jacket & Steve Madden

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope your week has been a great one so far. Today I wanted to share a really cute knit dress that I got from Amazon a few weeks ago. I loved the versatility of this dress. You can wear in very casual with flat sandals or even dress is up with some chunky booties or sandals.

We finally had a cold front here (80 degrees…Brrr lol) so I opted to wear this with a cute denim jacket. This could be worn alone, with a kimono, a long cardigan or a shorter cardigan. You could even wear these with a cute pair of white tennis shoes also!!

This knit dress is by Shein and I love that it has sleeves that go to your elbows. It’s a perfect transition piece and a great dress for comfort! This is only $16.99 and comes in different colors and patterns. We carried a lot of Shein items at the Boutique and they were always hot sellers. I was very surprised to find these for such a great price point. See the dress HERE.

Add a cute denim jacket and it really takes the outfit up to a trendy look. I love my Lee Riders denim jacket and wear it ALL the time. It was definitely a great buy and a staple piece in my wardrobe every season! See the denim jacket HERE. This one is only $29.99 and it has the best stretch in it, you will never feel unomfortable in this, I can wear it all day without hesitation…easily!

I wanted to show that you could wear this with heels or flats and still have a fantastic outfit. Which do you prefer? The Jewel sandals by Steve Madden or the Thong Rampage?

The necklace I chose is one of my favorite and can go with nearly anything outfit. The lights pick up the colors so well and it stands out great against black or darker colors. This is the Dewberry and if you want to add a tassel the Navy Seed Tassel is a perfect match for this necklace. See the tassel HERE.

These have been some of my favorite sandals to wear this summer, they are made by Steve Madden called the Jewel. They are perfect with jeans, shorts, cropped pants, and dresses. They wear great and my daughter keeps trying to steal them, so you know they are awesome when your 19-year-old tried to commandeer them HA!! See the Jewel HERE.

I wanted to share these new bracelets with you girls, too! The Fall catalog has gotten me so excited! These are a new stack…aren’t they gorgeous and trendy!? Shop my party HERE, for individual bracelets check below the picture.

I hope you all have a great day today, I am still organizing and “sizing down” our house. This has been a very big undertaking. Today I will be working on the kid’s bathroom. I have almost finished our little coffee bar section and decided to share a picture below. I still have a few things I need to get to complete it, but here’s a look so far. A lot of these items were made by my mother. She is very crafty and should have her own YouTube channel. I was thinking of asking her to be a guest on the blog and show some things soon. Right now she is working on something called a Junk Journal. Have you heard of these? They are so cute and nice!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a fabulous Wednesday!! XOXO

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I like this outfit with both of the shoes but my favorite is probably the Steve Madden sandals. I also like that it has longer sleeves. Love the coffee bar! It looks so cute!! I would absolutely love to see some of your Mom’s creations 🙂 I am having health difficulties still and would appreciate prayers please? I am having a struggle with a weakened immune system and tired of feeling so bad all of the time. Fortunately I have today, tomorrow and Friday off. I have lots to do here to prepare for our daughters and grand children to arrive next Tuesday for their visit. It is so hard to get motivated when feeling so nasty. Thanks for letting me vent! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh Kelly!! Bless your heart, you are really getting hit hard this summer. I will be praying for you and I hope you start feeling better soon. You were right when you said June and July were not our months! Prayers pretty lady!!! XOXO

    • sandy

      Kelly I hope you get to feeling better so you can prepare for your family to come visit. Not fun getting ready if you aren’t feeling well. I pray you will feel better by the time they arrive.

  • sandy

    Cute dress and I love the length of it too. I looked and some of them even have a stand up collar which I would absolutely love !!!! Do you think a person would wear the washed out denim jacket very much. I have a dark one like you have on so just curious if you would invest in the light wash one? Love the coffee bar and the things your mom made and I too would love to see some of her creations for sure! . Your bracelets are beautiful!! It’s a cool 80 deg. here too today and I even have on a long sleeve shirt to mow as that wind is “chilly”. My hubby just laughs at me…80 deg. and I have my arms covered.

    • Beverly

      It’s funny you brought up the jacket because I was thinking of getting one. Lol!! I think I’d wear it enough to get my moneys worth. I liked the collar on the dresses too. It wears really good. I would probably wear Spanx underneath if I wore it alone, so you can’t see underwear lines. I hate that!! I wore a long sleeve shirt too!! I love the cooler weather. I will definitely bring mom on some time. Maybe she can do a video with me lol!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Thanks Beverly and Sandy for your thoughts and prayers! I have an appt today (Thursday) to see another doctor and I hope to get some answers. Troy has an appt with the same doctor on Friday since they didn’t have an opening for us both on the same day. I have so much to do before the kids arrive and I am plugging away at it as best that I can. And Beverly I would love to see a video with your Mom!

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