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Happy Monday ladies! I hope you all had a great weekend and your Monday is starting off on the right foot. As you know, I have been very busy doing a few upgrades at my home and with that has come a lot of “shedding” of old stuff and organizing things I have. It has been a BIG job no doubt, but each day I feel so much better about making the decision to do this. Somehow, the house is feeling so much “homier”, its hard to explain, but I am so happy with the progress so far.

I have been using a lot of cleaning supplies and tools on a daily basis lately, mostly from Grove Collaborative, and what I’ve found out is that I am not as organized as I thought I was. Organizing my supplies so I can easily access what I need and see what I have is helpful and it makes cleaning a little more fun. I’m sharing some great storage solutions and ideas that I have implemented lately, that has helped me tremendously!

My first step cleaning and organizing my closet was to figure out what I needed and what I used the most. Basically making everything accessible for me for when I needed it. For example, I have to use a Swiffer Duster in my house daily! Dust around here seems to fall right in front of your eyes! I have black marble in front of my fireplace and I cannot handle seeing the dust on it. I don’t remember dust accumulating so much when I was younger!

Other things that I only use weekly I may not need them to be upfront and ready. Figure out what you need and what works best for you. Here are some things I used to help my closets look more tidy and organized.

Plastic Lazy Susan Turntables are great for storing some of your DIY products that you may use for cleaning. (I’m trying to go “green” and so far I am very happy with the change!). I like the Lazy Susan’s because things are right there at a quick turn of the table. The quicker the better, right? No one likes cleaning…well, it’s not my favorite past time.

These large wire baskets could have been used for storing so many different things – I love the size and shape of them and I especially like the handles. Also, these baskets are so popular right now with the Farmhouse theme. Arent the cute?

Then wire baskets are perfect for storing floor care products – I would keep them on a higher shelf so this handled basket makes it easier access the products. Any basket that has handles makes it so much easier to maneuver around when you need to!

Also, putting one on a lower shelf to store cloths that need to be cleaned on laundry day makes thing easier too!. Keeping them here allows them to continue drying (I never put them in wet, just barely damp or already dry) and it keeps them off the floor and lets them air out some.

These small wire storage baskets are perfect for containing the bulk of the cleaning supplies, especially your cleaning towels!

I love how they look on the shelves – they’re the perfect size for my cleaning cloths. You can divide up microfiber cloths, hand towels for cleaning, and any other type towels that are necessary for daily or weekly cleaning.

You can also use them for spray cleaners and empty glass bottles and sprayers. You can also see one above in the image with the floor cleaners – my Swiffer floor pads would be perfect in these too.

Putting furniture care supplies or supplies for a specific room or area are perfect in th small caddy. It’s small but can contain quite a few products.

A couple of empty large caddies are great when you need to load up a couple supplies to do some seasonal or deep cleaning.

I hope you found an idea or two for your own cleaning supply storage! Get creative and use what you have – it might be a cupboard, under the sink, a corner in the bonus room – with the right functional products, you can add a little more function and start the declutter process.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a great day! I hope you enjoy me mixing things up and adding some Lifestyle posts in o the blog. Please drop a comment below and let me know! Thanks girls! XOXO

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  • sandy

    I’m having a bit of a time getting moving here this morning and have a tad bit of a headache after our busy weekend…but I’m thinking maybe too it was all the crap food I ate over the weekend and hoping my coffee gets me going. I love your cleaning closet and I think what I liked most are your wire baskets. I hate to admit it, but I use shoe boxes to hold my cleaning supplies. The wire lets you see at a glance whats in them. Most of my storage is under my laundry room sink because my closet I had Terry put me extra shelves in so I could store my bigger appliances in it so I didn’t have to go to the basement to get those when I wanted to use them. I need to suggest the swifter sweeper to our son as he complains about how much dust he sees on his wood floors all the time. It’s going to be so fun to see everything you are doing to remodel the house you are in and this cupboard does give it the “farmhouse” look !

    • Beverly

      Thanks Sandy!! We are slowly getting things done, today I’m working on a coffee bar, but I want refinish my table it’s sitting on at some point. Whew, I’m getting things done this summer lol!! I hope you feel better!! Those headaches are for the birds!!

  • Teresa

    Girl! I love an organized closet! I think the decluttering process has been so therapeutic for me… it has literally lowered my stress level and when things are organized it’s so much easier to keep the house neat. I’ve also been pleased with the safer products from Grove Collaborative. Great post… always enjoy your blog!

    • Beverly

      Girl…it has been therapeutic for me also! I feel so much better when I have everything organized and tidy. I think me taking on the task of going through every cabinet and drawer has actually made me feel like a “mom” again. You know how much we are needed when the children are small, and now that they are doing their own things I seem to have lost a part of me. Hopefully, the rest of my projects will go well and look good enough to share HAHA!!! The Grove Collaborative…I have fallen in LOVE! This stuff makes me want to clean, I was so thrilled to partner up with them. I will be sharing a lot more with them soon!! Have a great day!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I am loving that you are mixing things up on the blog!! Cleaning and organizing are right up my alley for sure. I worked for many years for a very affluent family in Vero Beach Florida and was pretty much their girl Friday and I loved it! I worked for them for 10 years and it was my favorite job ever. I did their housecleaning, shopping, cooking, book keeping etc and took care of their 2 properties. I also had the pleasure of driving their Rolls Royce’s and my kids got such a kick out of being taken to or picked up from school in one. I think that I was just made to be a housewife and mother so anything that uses those skills is what I feel most at home doing. I use the glass jars that you showed all over my house. I have one near my kitchen sink for the dishwasher detergent pods and I also have a couple in the master bath with Q-Tips and bars of soap. Near our master bathtub I have one filled with Epsom salt and a small scoop. I may be crazy but I absolutely love to clean and organize. I hope that you had a good weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! These are great ideas!!! I’ve been on Pinterest nonstop for the past few weeks. I bet I have 50 items in my cart on Amazon lol!! I love this stuff too, I was telling Barry today that I was mixing things up on the blog and he said…why limit yourself? I love to decorate and organize, it’s hard work at times but I’m really excited. I’m soooo glad you girls like me switching things up. Doesn’t seem so boring lol!!! Have a great day Kelly!!!

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