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Happy Sunday everyone!! In just a few days we will be ringing in a new year with all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve talked about some of the things I have on my list – I hope to complete this year lol! Doesn’t it seem like we make these resolutions and somewhere around February or March they start fading away? I’m determined this year!

During the past few months, I have gained a few extra pounds and I need to get those off plus I really want to focus on living a more healthier lifestyle. I will be 50 in just a few months so I am determined to put my health at the top of the list. Barry gave me a gym membership for Christmas, so I really have to go – I can’t let him waste his money lol!

Seeing All The Family

This week has been somewhat crazy and hectic for us, of course, it started with Christmas and all the get-togethers. It was great seeing my brothers and sister in law, and I LOVE seeing all my nephews and niece. They are all grown up now and have their own lives, so when we get together it seems extra special. It seems like yesterday when they were little, I can’t hardly believe they are doing their own “thing” now.

Time certainly flies by, so cherish your time with family. It isn’t the same when the kids grow up, but boy when you have grandkids it sparks a kid like energy back into you. I loved watching Brooklyn open gifts and get excited. I hope all of you enjoyed your time with your family too! Now to clean up all these decorations! UGGGGGG…

Also this week I had a slight touch of vertigo ( I think) that has kept me kinda bedridden for a few days. Whatever came over me, I did not like it at all! Having the room spin and spin is not how I want to spend my day lol! I have never had vertigo before so I am probably way off on my self-diagnosis, so if any of you suffer from that…you are in my prayers!

One Step Towards My New Healthy Living Lifestyle

I told you earlier that Barry set me up with a gym membership for Christmas. Not only have I been going, but I have also been shopping for new athletic wear. I usually get my leggings from Fabletics, and right now if you are not a VIP member you can grab 2 pairs of leggings for only $24.00. I got the Mila Pocket Capri with the pocket for your phone. Actually, I got the capris and the leggings with the pocket. Having the pocket for your phone is the best idea ever! If interested in becoming a VIP member just click on the picture below.

I also found some cute leggings at Old Navy similar to these, but these are cheaper right now. Plus the moisture wicking is awesome and I love the 4-way stretch! I also found some really cute camo leggings at Walmart..who knew???!!!!

I paired the Camo leggings from Walmart with a Cowl Neck Hoodie in white and grey. It’s kind of chilly here in NC today so I threw on my black puffer vest I snagged off AmazonPrime Wardrobe. If you are thinking about a healthier lifestyle and you are looking good walking shoes, I suggest Brooks Women’s Running Shoes. I ran for years and Brooks were my favorite shoes, I have had these tennis shoes for at least 7 years and they are as good now as the day I bought them. These offer great support, you can wear them all day if wanted and your legs won’t ache at night.

I do want to say thank you so much for following along on my blog, we have reached a milestone this month and it’s all because of my wonderful readers! We thank you for stopping by the blog and following along with us! I hope you all have a great Sunday, this blog is going out much later than my normal ones, so enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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