Chenille: This Super Soft Baby Is Making a Comeback

I’ve been told since I was a small girl that everything comes back in style. Well, my Mom certainly wasn’t lying when she told me to hold on to all the trendy clothes I would buy!! Although, I haven’t seen poodle skirts make a hug reentry…except on Halloween (secretly, I wish the 50’s style would make a HUGE comeback). Anyway, chenille is coming in strong and making a HUGE impact!

Not even going to lie, when I first saw these in fashion magazines, it took me back a few decades – about 30 years to be exact. Soon they were arriving at our Boutique and to my surprise, we couldn’t keep them on the racks.

I decided to grab my size before they were gone and headed home with my little bag. I put my new sweater up and when I got up to get ready today, I decided to throw on chenille. I forgot how soft and cozy these things were!! I literally kept rubbing my arms today, it felt like a cozy little throw – I LOVED IT!!!

The one I picked is a charcoal grey and it’s really oversized! I paired it with a pair of faux leather leggings and a pair of black Kinzey Suede Kitten Heel booties by Sam Edelman. If you haven’t tried a pair of leather leggings, yet – you must try!! Spoiler Alert—>>> You are going to LOVE them!

Standing in Heels? Here’s My Trick…

I am constantly on my feet each day, up and down stairs, so I tend to look a heel that is comfortable for me, but still stylish. The Sam Eldman collection is one of my favorites! I can walk in heels 10K steps a day and my feet don’t hurt at all. Can that be true? Yes, it is!! I have a lot of the kitten heels and block heels, they seem to be the best to walk in, especially the block or wedge heel. Cannot do a pump – not at work, they are strictly evening shoes or church shoes lol. I also use Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles, these babies work ladies!! Your feet will thank you! 

My problem mainly was the ball of my foot would start hurting after standing for a few hours. These totally stop the pain, give you support in your arch and your legs are not aching by the time you get home! I got mine from Amazon, click here on the link to browse!

It even looks cozy!!!

I wanted to see how this would look like as a casual outfit, so I swapped out the leather leggings and opted for some black thermal leggings and knee high boots. I ended up wearing this today! Talk about super cozy and warm…

This was a MUCH more comfortable outfit to work in today!

Shop The Look Here

Girls, go treat YO SELF!! These chenille sweaters are not that expensive, so why not say “Merry Christmas” TO ME!!! 

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!! Barry and I opted to stay in for our anniversary since the weather has been so yucky. We will celebrate this weekend…you can tell we’ve been married more than a few years huh?? LOL 

Stay safe and warm and for the first time on the blog, I would like to say I hope you all will have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! See you on the blog tomorrow!!

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