White Jeans After Labor Day? Ummm…YES!!!

Wow, what a week this has been, I’ve been crazy busy at work, coming home and trying to put a dent in cleaning the house. have I ever mentioned I’m OCD and my kids are worse now at 25 and 18 making messes than they were during their younger years? GEEZ!!! I can’t be the only mom who has this problem HAHA! I worked our booth at Business Fest on Thursday and got to meet a lot of followers and that was really fun! Who knew I had followers that were 60 and over! I loved talking to those ladies, watching their smiles and listening to them talk about hair, skincare, and fashion – I was in HEAVEN!

Tomorrow we get ready for a Fashion Show that will be in my hometown on Sunday, I got 5 girls to walk the catwalk and I can’t wait for the show to begin! Getting ready for this has been so much fun, styling these ladies, picking out outfits – I could do that all day long! Enough of that, who’s ready for Thanksgiving? ME!!! I don’t have to host this year so it will be nice going over to my brother’s house and enjoying time with family. I believe I got the joy of hosting Christmas this year – which is always fun with all the kids! Love it when all of them come over!!

Now, on to white jeans after Labor Day! I can tell you right now, white jeans are one of my favorites to wear all year round. The old “rules” of not wearing white after Labor Day is so far gone and I am glad!

My all-time favorite look is beige or camel with white jeans, but let’s not forget denim!

The look of denim with white jeans, pearls, and some cute leopard shoes -OMG…Shut the Front DOOR!!! I love the look of the darker denim with strappy heels also. Don’t shy away from white jeans just because of some old saying, you rock those jeans ladies! I said earlier that beige /camel with white jeans is too cute, very chic and elegant looking – especially throwing that leopard print clutch. It pulls the entire look together!!

Want the Look With Denim?

Want the Look in Camel and Beige?


I hope you ladies like these selections and outfit ideas! Only a few more days before Thanksgiving – keep an eye out for Black Friday Hot Deals coming your way!! Stay Safe and Be Blessed!!!

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