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Happy Sunday ladies!! I want to catch up with all of you, it’s been so crazy since the Hurricane came through. We finally got the adjuster out to our house on Saturday, hopefully, we can start renovating the areas that were messed up and our lives can get back to normal. Other news, I’ve been down this weekend with some stomach bug after eating at Wendy’s, WHY????  I’m going to have to go green, cause this is getting old. I hear all the time, how people are getting sick from eating out or food we buy. I guess I’m going to learn to grow a garden!

I have written a few posts and done quite a few videos on hair products, or hair tutorials and the products I use for volume. I am getting a lot of emails asking about what I’m using on my hair. Some things have changed so I thought I would give an updated list of my favorite hair products. Some of you already know I was a hairstylist years back and I have certainly tried my fair share of products.

Let’s start out talking about exactly what type of hair I have. My hair is fine, but it has a lot of wave in it. Enough of a wave that I can get it curly without curling it. Hair I once hated, because of humidity, I have now learned to appreciate it and work with it to my benefit – along with professional products. I have barely found an over the counter product that worked well with my hair, when I say that, the products actually dried my hair out and made it look unhealthy. It took a lot of product testing to get something that actually works.  Anyone with wavy hair knows the struggle, I opted to let my bangs grow out and my length, so I could pull it up and not mess with it. In doing that, I sparked a wave of followers on Pinterest who have the same problems.

I have to use a thickening shampoo and conditioner, this is something that I won’t go without. I use Biolage Advanced Full Density Shampoo for Thin Hair and Biolage Advanced Full Density Conditioner for Thin Hair every time I wash my hair. I have been using this for about a year and a half and it actually does work to make your hair thicker and denser. To get my roots to have volume I use Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray , to use this, I separate my hair in thin sections at the crown, on the sides and back of my head where I want extra volume, and spray a line at the scalp then work it in with my fingers. I also use a vent brush to pull the hair up from the roots ( I pay special attention to the crown area, then the sides and back). I will be posting a video on how I do this, this week and tag it in this blog post. Blow dry your hair by blowing your hair and roots the opposite way it grows. For example, take the vent brush and pull the sides of your hair up towards the ceiling and blow it dry. My favorite vent brush is Olivia garden Ceramic ION XL Vent BrushI purchased all these products normally from Ulta, and right now if you get the Big Sexy Root Pump, they are on Sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free at $18.95 each.

Blowing my hair out takes about 10 minutes at the most and it will hold the volume for a few days. Like I said earlier, I do have a wave in my hair, so this helps with volume. If your hair is straight, I would opt to use a dry shampoo or a texture spray in your hair after you dry it. This will help give volume and texture. The best texture spray I have used is KMS Hairplay Texture Weightless Styling .

If you try these items or techniques, please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked!


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