The Number 1 Skincare Co. and Why I Joined

If you have visited my blog, I’m sure you have seen where I have a link to Rodan + Fields. I bet you’re asking why? I have been selling Limelife for a right good while, so why would I dive into another skincare line. Well, that’s real simple – even though I was seeing changes while using Limelife, I wasn’t getting the results long term as I once was. I used R +F for over 2 years prior to becoming a Beauty Guide with Limelife by Alcone. I have said repeatedly, I would always be honest with my readers and I intend to keep that promise, no matter the cost.

There are still items that I really love that are made by Limelife, such as the Bamboo Renew, One Drop Wonder, and Scrubtini. These were always my favorite skincare products and they are mostly for the body – not the face. I told you before in a blog Why I Changed My Skincare Products, it was mainly due to the fact I felt my skin was looking dull and the products after almost a year and a half were not producing the same effects that they initially did. As a 49-year-old female, I need products that are going to continue to give me long lasting results. This aging process is harsh and it takes a really great product when you are reversing damage and fighting fine lines, sagging skin, and sloughing off dead skin. That was one of the reasons I started getting the microdermabrasion facial, read that post here, at my age, I have to step up the upkeep. hahaha

After talking with a fellow blogger, some of you probably have seen her on Pinterest, 50 Is Not Old (if you don’t follow her, then you need to- her blogs are one of the best I’ve read) she gave me more advice in an hour conversation than I have ever gotten from anyone other than a doctor, my dermatologist or my esthetician. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the products, her enthusiasm and her own results that I decided to get my R+F back out and start back using it. After about 3 days, my daughter was sitting next to me and I had no makeup on and she said, “Mom, your skin looks better than it has in a long time.” That was all I needed to hear to cement in my mind that I made the right choice in switching back.

I prayed on it and decided that this was the path I truly wanted to take, and I certainly wanted to sign up under Tania, I knew that she would take time out with me and teach me all I need to know. She hasn’t disappointed – R+F had a convention last week and as soon as she got back, she was setting up training sessions with me through Zoom. I am officially an R+F consultant and couldn’t be more excited. Why am I excited? Because I get to show you, ladies, everything I learn and hopefully you will be able to see how my skin will be ( now and into my 50’s). Nothing speaks louder than seeing results on a person that you are entrusting to give you her honest opinion.

I know most of you have heard of R+F, but let me tell you just a little about the company. R+F was developed by the Dermatologists who created Proactiv. They launched the anti-aging line in department stores like Nordstrom, Bendels, Macy’s, etc. and stayed there until late 2007. The lines were top sellers. At that point in time, they pulled out of stores because customers were not buying because of the advice of the salesperson, but more from word of mouth of actual women using the products. That is how this business has grown and continues to expand. My own daughter has expressed interest in the company, only from looking at mom and her skin, knowing skincare is key to aging gracefully.

Skincare is so intimately connected with the makeup videos, hair tutorials and fashion blogs I do – how can I not blog about the real true me. There are a few R+F reps in our area and their skin tells a story. They look younger, they don’t look tired, they can go without makeup – and lets face it, a lot of us do not want to be seen without slapping that makeup on. When your skin is healthy, going barefaced is easy -why? Your foundation is a smooth as it would be with full coverage foundation. And thankfully if you do have sun spots, blotchy skin, acne scars, fine lines and sagging – this product can help!

I just wanted to write a post letting you girls know that I am now a consultant with Rodan + Fields, don’t expect me to be throwing sales pitches out there – cause that’s not happening! What I will do, is let you all know what the specials are, show videos of my skincare routines and if you want to purchase then you know that you can always come to my blog and click on Rodan + Fields. I will always be here to answer any questions and to help you.

I told all of you from the very start that I would be 100% honest with you and I am doing just that. When I decided to start a blog, I knew that I was going to have to take better care of myself. I knew I was promoting me, just as much as any beauty product, hair product, skincare and clothing. How you can you trust me or have faith in me, if I don’t bare all and tell it like it is?

I use the Redefine Amp It Up and it has worked well in only a few weeks. If you are not uing the Amp Roller, girl it is a must!

What does it do? The REDEFINE AMP MD Derma-Roller features micro-exfoliating tips that safely and gently maximize the effectiveness of applied products to amp up your results and visibly firm skin. REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum empowers skin’s own renewing process for more refined, firmer-looking, smooth skin with less visible lines and wrinkles. I can tell you for a fact – this is working! I use it on my neck and my décolleté also. Now that I can’t wear tank tops during the day (and the One Drop Wonder while at home), I needed to try somethig that was going to give me results.

Before I close out this blog, I wanted to tell you what turned me from R+F and why I swapped over to LL. I did not like the autoship, girl – naw – that wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to be contacted by a rep to tell me my autoship was coming up. (No one told me I could opt out of that!) Although I appreciated them letting me know, I could not or at least I didn’t feel like I wanted to pump out a few hundred every few months on skincare. What I really wasn’t grasping, I was throwing money away on other things, when in reality I should have put my skincare top of the list. Now that I’m encroaching on 50, I realize the importance of putting skincare at the top of my list. This skin isn’t going anywhere and I need to make sure I take care of it, it’s the one thing I cannot cover up and it’s the one thing people see everyday!

You girls have a good day today! We are all beautiful in our own way – we just have to take care of what the good Lord gave us.



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