Sunday Coffee and Girl Talk

Good morning everyone!

I have been behind the eightball this past week, suffering from “cluster migraines”. Never have I experienced migraines like this, it certainly slowed my week down and I definitely didn’t get anything accomplished that I had planned on. Personally, I hate weeks like that, everything seems so jumbled up, nothing goes right, you just want to go to bed and hope its better when you wake up! HA! I can only wish!!!

So, those of you that wanted to get in the group “My Closet”, this will be going strong Monday night and I hope you all can watch the video and pick you out something you like – at a cheap price! I have been looking at clothes, shoes, and handbags and I have quite a bit with tags on it. I have a HUGE amount of clothes that may have been worn once, I think the term is “gently used”. This should be a fun time with the girls, just kick back with a cup of coffee and watch the videos and pick out what you want. I will even ship the clothes!!

If you looked at the pictures above and liked them, well – have I got a surprise for you! I have partnered with JBloom Designs and I will be featuring this jewelry line on my blog. I will show you pieces and how to wear them together or alone.  You will be able to “shop the look” straight from the blog and I will also be featuring “what I wore”. You will be able to shop the entire look! We have been very busy partnering with Boutiques and Popular Women’s Clothing Stores to offer you the best prices and the latest trends!! We wanted to make everything easy for our followers when “shopping a look”, so we look forward to kicking this off next week as well.

Back to coffee talk, we had our little Brooklyn over this weekend and she was a delight as usual. Seems like the house was full of laughter, doors flying open, dogs barking – you moms know what I’m talking about! I think Barry ran down to the bedroom to retreat so he could get a little bit of alone time. That never lasts when Brooklyn is here, when she wants to talk to her Paw Paw, she barrels right through the door, hops on the bed and does her thing! I love it and I know Barry loves it too! I can hear him all the way down at the other end of the house, laughing and carrying on with this bundle of love we call Brooklyn.

Other news going on here, Raegan is starting a new job soon and she is over the moon excited! Mom is too!! lol She just went back to school and will be working part-time, I’m sure her schedule is going to be packed after a summer at home. She’s even looking into JBloom Designs to see if that is something she would like to do. Anyone who has been in direct sales has a tendency to stay in it and this would be ideal for her. I must say, this is a Christian based company and I have been very impressed with the “look” of the jewelry. Keep an eye out and you will see what I’m talking about. Eeeeekkkkkk! I’m so excited!

I’m off to church to get my “praise” on, talk with my Lord and enjoy some fellowship. You girls have a great Sunday and if you like these blogs,  all the fashion and hair posts, Follow Along on Pinterest. I would love to have you onboard! See you soon!!



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