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Good morning!

I am headed off to work this beautiful morning and thought I would give you girls a couple of updates. A little over a week ago I told you girls I was off to get my first microdermabrasion. Oh my word! If you haven’t took the time to have this done, you must squeeze it into your schedule. Remember if you book with Melissa Moore at Renew Day Spa in Garner, NC, you get an EXTRA 15% OFF if you use the Promo Code BEVERLY18. 

I absolutely LOVED every minute of it and I can tell a HUGE difference in my skin. I love it so much I’m going back in a few weeks and get it done again. Be on the lookout for my blog later today that details the entire process and the benefits you can get by doing this. We’ve got lots of pictures to go through and share. I have been “out of pocket” for the past week, but I’m hopping back on the bus and getting things done!

Next thing to tell, I have partnered with JBloom Designs and will be showcasing their jewelry line starting next week. If you have never heard of this company, don’t feel bad- I hadn’t either. I researched them and I have fell IN LOVE with their pieces. They offer personalization, with symbols, and all kinds of “hot” items that are trending now. I know you girls are going to love this line as much as I do. Cool pieces coming soon that are affordable, cute, trendy and personalized!!! Hoe cool, huh!?!?

Let me show you girls a little preview of what’s coming!! Eekkkk…I get excited. Fall coming, scarves, boots (the absolute best time to show your fashion sense) and now I will be showcasing trending jewelry – ummm, yes please!

Don’t you love the “mama bear” charm? I am totally stepping out of my safety zone and stepping out with more jewelry that has color and to be honest – I’m loving it!!!

OK, recap…woohoo, we have jewelry coming that I will be sharing – all the looks and how to wear different pieces. You girls may have ideas also on how to accessorize our looks, so feel free to comment and share! Later today, be looking for my blog on microdermabrasion and my thoughts. Plus – the pictures – you’re gonna want to check this out! Don’t forget the Promo Code BEVERLY18 to get your 15% OFF with Melissa Moore.

Renew Day Spa, 1401-104 Averasboro Rd., Garner, NC. This spa its directly in the heart of Garner, with great shops and restaurants right beside the Spa. PS…You’re gonna love the spa – you are going to feel like you’re on an episode of Housewives of “wherever” !! I was pampered and totally enjoyed myself. So tune in a little later for that story!!


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Happy Friday ladies!! xoxo



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