How to Wear Booties With Skinny Jeans

I get this question all the time. How are you supposed to wear booties with skinny jeans? Seems simple, but there really are a lot of options. And the answer changes depending on the ankle boots, the length of the jeans, the style of the jeans – it can get complicated for even a master at fashion. So I thought I’d break it down as simply as possible in today’s post. As an avid bootie wearer (slightly obsessed, maybe), I can say that this has worked well for me. So here we go, how to wear booties with skinny jeans – I’m going to break it down.

What length should my jeans be?

First, your jeans need to be the right length. I recommend ones that hit midway down the ankle. This way they aren’t too long that there’s extra fabric, or too short that you can’t have some fun rolling them. Ladies, whatever you do, don’t wear jeans that are too short for boots – you got to have a little bit of length on them to pull this look off.

What socks should I wear?

The perfect sock to pair with your booties has to be the ankle sock. Opt for a simple pair, not ones you workout in, just something simple. I usually choose darker colors in case you can see the sock a tad inside your boot. You could spend a lot of money on socks and there are some great ones out there, but I normally get mine from Walmart, but only the ones that are reinforced at the arch.

How do I wear booties with skinny jeans?

Option A:
If your jeans are the right length, you should be able to wear them with your ankle boots without rolling them. Just pull the jeans all the way down so any extra fabric is scrunched at the bottom. Let the jeans fall casually onto the boot – some of it might fall inside the boot, some may be left outside. Just a sliver of skin should show. If your jeans are the right length, they will look fine.

Option B:
If there is too much fabric at the bottom when you pull your jeans down, you can also scrunch them up. Since these are skinny jeans, you can pull them up so more fabric sits around your knees and lower thighs. Pull your jeans up so that no more than 1.5 inches of skin is showing just above the boot.

Option C:
My favorite way to wear booties with skinny jeans is to roll the bottom of the jeans twice. Keep the rolls nice and small for a seamless look. You should leave about 1 inch of skin showing just above the boot.

Option D:
Well, let me take that back…my favorite way is rolling the cuff of the jeans once. If your jeans are too long, this won’t work – the cuff should be no more than 2 inches. Leave just an inch showing above the boot. Plus, I hear some ladies complain they don’t like their “white -untanned legs” showing, so this option would work great for you if you are self-conscious of your skin showing.

Now here’s what how you shouldn’t wear booties with skinny jeans. Avoid pulling the jeans over the boots so that no skin shows. This may just be a personal preference, but I’m just not a fan of this look. Although people do tuck their jeans in their ankle boots – and that’s fine, but if you want to keep up with the trends, you’re gonna have to let the old style go.

And per my teenage daughter…”Mom, that is NOT the way you wear ’em”. So if you cannot make rolls, just cuff the hem of the jeans and it will still give you a cute, fashionable look. Below you can see the jean with no shoes or boots on, then we cuffed the hem once, then we rolled the hem to make a full cuff. Simple huh?

Looking new cute booties for this Fall? Check out 6pm, I love their shoes and you can find some really cute ones there that’s cheap! Another one of my “go to stores” is the fabulous Kohl’s, I cannot get out of that store without buying something!

I hope this has helped someone, I know that sometimes it’s hard to get that “look” on ourselves – looks great on someone else, but we feel we just can’t pull it off. Well, you can! If ion doubt just cuff that hem up and you will still be rocking it!

Talk to you soon!



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