How Big is Your Goliath?

As we go about our daily routines sometimes we don’t notice when others are going through a difficult time. Even we hide the fact that there may be trouble brewing in our homes and lives. If you’ve read any of my blogs where I talk about the things that have happened in my life, then you know that I am a pro at covering up and smiling. Someone once asked me how could I still smile each day with everything that was going on in my life.  My response was, “I have to laugh it off, if I don’t use humor to deal with it, then I would be insane – literally!” Plus, I had a weapon in my arsenal -God!

I had to run up to Dollar General tonight to get a few items and when I jumped in the Jeep a song was on that I had never heard. I do not know the name nor do I know who sang it, but it talked about the problems we face and dealing with them. It referenced David and Goliath in the song and it really got me to thinking about how we view our problems.

We sometimes view our problems as being this HUGE thing that we, as individuals just can’t move. In the picture above, I wanted to illustrate our problems (being the BIG “Goliath”) and we are the small tiny David. Now looking at this picture our problems look too massive to overcome, just no way we can take that joker down. It’s the size of Texas! How can we conquer these issues in our lives without help? I really do not see how we can. I know we “think” we handle a lot of our problems, or they work themselves out, but do we really?

The small stuff is just as important as those HUGE Goliath’s, but we do not recognize that God is in all things. We sometimes forget just how big our God is. Our problems look massive to us, but when we put those Goliath’s next to God – literally think in your mind a BIG GOD! His word says he holds the world in his hands, so he’s HUGE! That Goliath we are facing is the size of an ant compared to our  Lord. What we need to try and start doing is remaining calm and know God has your back! Take a deep breath and remember, no matter what is going on in your life, it is NEVER going to be as big as God! It will never conquer God, it will never even phase God. It has no power nor control over Him and He will be by your side if you allow him.

If God can maneuver things in your life and clear up the small things, then he will be there to help fight the Goliath’s. I know of a few close friends that are going through a lot of difficult times right now. I look at them and think, WOW! How are they pressing forward? How much can happen to a person at one time? But, that’s my view point – a fellow little person on this Earth. Then I look up in the sky and remember that a God sits on a Throne and is overlooking our lives. These small things are nothing to him and he will use these trials and tribulations in our lives for our good. How can that be? Faith…..

Stop worrying about the things in life! I came through all my trials and I’m still standing and you can too. I will go through more things and I will continue to stand – even in the worst of times. You can and will too! We are made in His image, therefore we can handle these things and push on. No matter how bleak it looks, when there seems no way, he can make a way – when there is no door to escape – he can give you a window!

I have no clue why this was on my mind so strong tonight, but I pray this encourages someone who is in need. You are not alone! You are loved and you are perfectly made, you are stronger than you think and you can laugh at whatever comes – for God has it all in His hands! He makes the impossible possible!


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