How I Used a Drop Cord to Explain Eternity

Happy Saturday to everyone!

I thought I’d share really quick about a conversation my daughter and I had yesterday, hopefully, someone might get something out of this!

My daughter is always asking questions about life, eternity, afterlife…you name it and she’s asking questions. Odd enough, my son never asks questions and seems to never question our faith or what happens when you pass away. I wondered why there was such a difference in these kids, there is about 6 years between them, but they were both raised the same way. So, why so many questions? The more I talked with her the more I realized the curiosity was coming from theories and questions from her friends. It seems they are intrigued by the afterlife, but a lot of them don’t have a solid foundation in their beliefs or faith.

The biggest question on her mind was…”But, how do you know God is real?”. Wait..what? I’ve taught this child about Jesus and our faith since she could talk. Has society brought up a generation that could make one ponder if God was truly real? Yes! Between all the New Age religions, non-believers, and quite frankly a generation that rebels against authority – a seed of doubt can easily be sown into our children.

As we talked, I explained to her that my faith is strong, so strong that I would give my life in a heartbeat standing up for my belief in Jesus Christ. I know God is real, I have felt His touch, I have seen Him work in my life. I know what the Lord sounds like, I know when He is pushing me in a certain direction. This did not happen overnight, it was through many nights on my knees and dedication to drawing as close to Him as I could. I told her..” I know that God is real because He is the only God who is able to actually touch you and you feel His touch”. She asked how? My answer to her was at times it is a cold chill, you get chill bumps, or you feel a total calm come over you and then other times it is a strong electrical jolt, nothing that hurts, but strong enough that you know that you know that He is real! And when someone has cried, prayed and sought God enough to where they have felt this, any doubt that may have been there is totally gone. You KNOW God really does EXIST! There is NO DOUBT! And if you have not tried to get that close to the Lord, you are missing out on the biggest gift one could ever have!

So as we talked, she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to “live” life, she was totally wrapped up in the here and now. As I listened to her worries and concerns, I reminded her that although we want to live a productive life and have fun…she is missing the BIG picture. We happened to be standing in our garage as we were having this conversation and I saw a 15ft drop cord laying to the side. I walked over and unraveled that drop cord and as I talked to her about living her life doing positive things, being a productive citizen, a hard worker, a good wife, friend, etc…I told her to watch me.

I unrolled that drop cord and looking at it stretched out, it looked really LONG! I told my daughter to imagine that this cord represented eternity. It was infinite, never-ending, it just kept going on and on and never stopped. Part of it represented our life on Earth and the rest represented the Afterlife. As she was looking at it – at one end I held it up and sectioned over one inch of it. I told her to look very carefully at the entire cord and then look at that one inch. She did and then I said that one inch represents your time on Earth. You’re so worried about this one inch, that you are missing the BIG picture. What you do, what you believe and how you live your life, if you are sold out to the Lord – that ONE inch is going to determine what happens to you for the rest of that cord. That one inch is only a snippet of time compared to the rest of that cord. Stop worrying over this one inch, worry about where you will be for the rest of that cord.

I told her that if the non-believers were right and there is no God, then I have lost nothing living a good and honest life. And if I die and that’s the end of the story, then so be it. I lived right and left a memory of a good person. But if I’m right and there really is a God, then I’m in heaven and the naysayers will be in Hell. That’s a hefty gamble and something that needs to be taken seriously. And as that child looked at that drop cord, she said. “Umm….boy…that really puts things into perspective.” Yep, don’t get hung up on the time we spend here on Earth, for it is only a short time. Prepare yourself for what comes after death, live your life for God and love your neighbor, do good works and spread kindness.

Looking at her looking at that drop cord, I knew that she needed a visual and it made a huge impact. Kids these days hear all kinds of things and they have no clue what to believe. They may question everything they have been taught as a child, it is our jobs as parents to make sure we guide them and teach them the right way.

Some may not agree with me and that is fine, each person deals with their faith and beliefs the way they want to. But for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord. Hope this helps other parents if they are also asked questions from their children.

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