Scentbird Review (BTW – I LOVE IT!!)

If you love to smell amazing and love high end designer perfumes, then Scentbird is definitely for you. The best part — you do not have to commit to those high end perfume prices before you trial run the product. I’ve subscribed to Scentbird going on a year and half now and I LOVE IT!!! So, I thought I would share with you ladies exactly what this perfume subscription is.

What is Scentbird?

Scentbird is a subscription based designer perfume program that allows you to try a 30-day supply of perfume for only $14.95 a month. There are about 450 different scents to choose from top designers such as Gucci, Tom Ford, and Dolce & Gabanna. It is designed to give you the opportunity to test out a perfume before you commit to the whole bottle.

Scentbird has developed a ‘TruScent Recommender’ to help you find a new perfume that is perfect for you. It quizzes you on your preferred scent by mood, occasion, and personality and narrow the search down to perfumes that you would most likely want to try. This is how you establish your scent profile. You can continue to update this monthly — but keep in mind you have to choose a scent before the 5th of each month.

How long does the Scentbird perfume last?

According to the site, the .27 oz/8 ml supply will last up to 4 sprays per day for 30 days straight. The very first time you purchase your perfume it will arrive with a very cute and chic reusable case and a velvet pouch to put it in. There are also instructions on how to use the case. It literally works just like a lipstick tube and is perfect for your purse. I took it with me when I traveled and that made me love it more! I always had my perfume with me, traveling or in my purse. I ended up buying a couple of the cute cases and I rotate my perfumes out now.

Every month after your first month, you will receive only the vial of perfume with a label on it and you can just switch it out with the old one. (That’s why I bought a couple of cases – the cardboard cases are ok, but I’m rough with my purse at times )

What scent did I choose?

For my very first month, I went with Tom Ford – Black Orchid. I love heavier scents. It is very woodsy and rich. A little goes a long way. I would describe it as being dark and sexy. You can smell the sandalwood, chocolate, vanilla, amber, and floral mix. This is definitely a night out scent. For my daily use I chose Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue this is the closest I have to a signature scent – I love to experiment with fragrances but D&G Light Blue is my staple before leaving the house. I love smelling it on my jacket and scarves the next morning, too. Effortless, not too complex or fussy, but incredibly well put together. Just improves everything about your personal presentation – I love it. Trust me, when you get a whiff of it and then you remember that’s YOU smelling so good….you will have it as your staple perfume too!

Scentbird: Is it really worth it?

For perfume lovers, it definitely is!! I suggest this to anyone, men and women! Realistically, you cannot beat it. This program is genius. It is like 50% cheaper than a roller ball and saves you from buying expensive perfume that you just are not feeling. You girls know I’m not big on spending lots of ,money on certain things–I want to make sure I LOVE a perfume before I spend a lot of cashola! Seriously, I love everything about it, I get to pick what I want to try and then sometimes I like to see what they will send me, by taking the chance and letting them suggest a scent to me – I found my one and only  Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue .

Get started here — and invite a friend so you both can get free perfumes.


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