My Top 5 Hair Products I Will Never Go Without!

If you’ve been following along with me then you already know that I have a few staple items that I use religiously for my hair. I’ve been using the Biolage Full Density Shampoo and Conditioner for about a year now If you click the highlighted link you can get the Ulta deal Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now! So, I thought I would tell you about another product I use, its Matrix Biolage ReHab Clay Mask and it is to die for! So the deal is this, get your shampoo and conditioner and you can get the Clay Mask FREE!! How cool is that?! So what’s up with the mask? Here what’s up with it :

Condition and repair dry and damaged hair with the Re-Hab Clay Mask. Made with 95% natural origin products, including nourishing honeycomb and fortifying kaolin clay, this professional hair treatment deeply conditions stressed, sensitized hair to rebuild strength and prevent hair breakage, split ends, and flyaways. Perfect for any hair length or texture, take your hair to rehab with the Re-Hab Clay Mask for natural hair that looks salon-perfect every morning.

In other words, it has been helping my hair even more now that I am incorporating this into my hair care routine! Is it worth it? Ummm…YES! My hair literally was chin level in October of last year and it has steadily grown and gotten thicker due to the products I have used. You have to remember those ends – they are like grandparent ends…and the baby hair is at your roots. All the old ragged hair is at your ends! Take extra care of them! Although I do use the mask, every time I wash my hair I pay special attention to my ends. I use the Redken AntiSnap Extreme Leave In Conditioner, if you choose – they have an entire AntiSnap Line that includes the shampoo and conditioner.

OK, so we have now shampooed and conditioned our hair and we need styling products. One of my favorites that I have used for years – and I mean literally about 15 years is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump. You section your hair and spray it in at the roots and when drying your hair, focus on those roots blow drying the opposite way the hair falls. This will give you more lift.

I’m not one for pushing products that I have not used and seen results, so trust me when I say that I have used everyone of these products. But there is one thing we all have done and we don’t even realize that we could be damaging our hair. That’s the blow dryer you are using. Some blow dryers and cheaply made and they can burn your hair, dry it our, frizz it up and you are left with hair that looks horrible. We want soft hair that looks touchable….and that is something that can be difficult with bleaching, coloring our hair, chlorine from pools and hair products. I started using professional hair dryers about six years ago and my favorite is the CHI Ulta Beauty Pink Pro Dryer has been my go to for about a year now. I know each time I use this hair dryer that my hair is softer and not dry and brittle anymore. They are on SALE right now at Ulta and the reviews on this product are very high across the board all over the internet! Another favorite is the L’ange Hair Dryer. This hair dryer is an excellent choice also, but only get it when you can get it at 50% off!!!

These are the products that I use and have been using for nearly a year if not more than a year and I have had HUGE changes in my hair. I know a lot of you ask me questions all the time about your hair and products I would recommend. If you do have damaged hair, you really need to start investing in products and tools to help correct the problem. And as a bonus, you guys already know this, but PLEASE take the VitaFusion Biotin Gummies to help your hair grow and thicken up!! I never miss my dose!

I hope this gives you some insight to try different products. It really does make a big difference when you use professional products versus drug store brands. A HUGE difference girls! So, if you’ve been watching me the past year with grown my hair out and have asked me questions….try some of thee products. I promise you that you will start seeing changes very soon!


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