The Hidden Hurt People Hide…

I was scrolling through my social media feeds the other day and I ran across post after post of some type of hurt people were dealing with. Reading the posts really touched my heart and made me think about my own life, but then I ran across this one video…a video that brought tears to my eyes….

This video was of a friend of mine walking and sharing her thoughts with her FB friends. She didn’t divulge any information of her problems other than she was really under a lot of stress and she felt like she was about to break. Like have a breakdown…we all have those moments right? I certainly have had my share when I thought I could not go on another day without something changing! I listened to her voice tremble, her trying to hold back the tears and my heart bled for this woman. I could not get that video out of my mind for the rest of the morning, I silently would say a prayer for her and move along my day with my chores.

Later that day I went on my walk with Ziva, I usually listen to secular music that has some beat or thump to it to get me going…but that day I decided to hit up my gospel playlist. Ziva and I started out on our 2 mile walk and before long I found myself back in prayer for this woman. I really did not know this woman well, more like an acquaintance, so her words on her video touched my very deeply for it to still be in the forefront of my mind!

As I walked with Ziva and as I began to pray for this lady my heart felt so heavy and I could feel that I was getting through to the Throne of God and I began to cry. (It’s like I could feel Jesus walking right there beside me listening to every word I said….when you feel that…you know you are in His presence). I walked over a mile crying, talking with the Lord and listening to my playlist. Ziva was so concerned she tried to jump up and lick me to death to comfort me….I mean I was crying…like “my eyes were going to be swollen the rest of the day” crying!!!

The more I thought about that lady in the video and the posts that I see constantly on social media about the hurt people are experiencing daily, it was overwhelming. I’ve had my share of hurt, I’m at an age where most of the drama is gone and life is a slow steady pace. I know we did not have social media twenty years ago to see peoples daily struggles and achievements….so people’s trials and tribulations were well hid from the public. Now, is this a good thing to share on social platforms or a bad thing?

Honestly, I don’t feel it is a bad thing. Asking for prayer or help is not a bad thing. Running people down and bullying people is…but reaching our for help is never a bad thing! You see, this woman that made the video needed prayer..sincere prayer. I saw that video for a reason and I prayed for that lady for a reason, my heart felt God for a reason, I cried in prayer for a reason. Nothing just simply happens….it is all part of God’s plan.

So how many individuals walk and work among us that are not forthcoming with their struggles? I would bet A LOT!!! A lot of people don’t like to share and they keep their personal problems close to their chest…for many different reasons. So what happens to the people who are dealing with high stress, emotional issues, relationship problems, issues with children, loss of a loved one….what about them?

I was one that walked around silently keeping things close to me and the only way I knew how to deal with it was to joke about it and make light of the situation, I started walking to spend time with God, to clear my mind…to get away from the hustle of life and to relax. Some people go to the gym, church, meditate, read….some people indulge in food, alcohol and drugs… forget the pain they feel. everyone looks some type of outlet…

So how do you stop the cycle of holding all that inside and faking a smile each day? I don’t have an absolute answer for that, I can only tell you what worked for me. I started journaling when I was 26 years old. An elder in my church was talking with me and I had told him I really did not know how to pray…I just thanked God for what I had and asked for forgiveness and so on and so forth. The next week he saw me at church and gave me a journal, told me to start writing in that like I was writing a letter to my best friend. Be myself, write like I talk. So I did….I soon learned how to write my prayers out and actually having a relationship with God through my letters to Him. I learned how to express myself and how to pray for my children and my needs. I learned how to be thankful and to write to the Lord in a way that he knew I was grateful.

I did this for years and I mean years! In fact, I still do it from time to time. It is the best way that I have found to cope with life. I found that writing my thoughts, fears, desires and needs down that I was releasing the stress that was inside me. This in turn made me a happier person, one who could laugh and joke around no matter how bad things got in life. Will this work for everyone? Probably not! But it certainly worked for me and I hope this article will find someone and it work for them…if only one person, then writing this was worth it!

Keep your head up, never lose faith, there is always going to be seasons of trials and tribulations…then comes the morning. A bright new day, the sun after a storm…..hope…..believe…..and have faith that your day is and will be coming soon!


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