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Hey everyone!! I thought I would take a minute to tell you a little about me, my life in a quick overview. A snapshot of who is behind this website.

I’m a mom, wife and grandmother. I’m 49 years young and love the latest fashion trends, makeup, tutorials, skincare and sharing all that I have learned over the years. I started in the fashion industry in my 20’s and ultimately obtained my Cosmetology License in my early 30’s. Later I got my degree in Business Accounting. My dream was to find a career that I enjoyed on a daily basis, loving what you do right? I was always drawn towards beauty and fashion and that never left me.

As life goes on life changes and hits you square between the eyes and reality sets in that those bills comes ever month. Divorce happens, single mom life is HARD!  And dreams sometimes takes a back seat to a job with benefits. So I left the fashion and cosmetology industry and started in the Banking Industry. OK, I liked my job, well I like the pay–I like my coworkers, the work was monotonous ..OMG..I thought I’d die. But it was bearable. Hey, I had free insurance and I could pay my bills and save money! Not too bad….other than I was getting bored.

I was alone with two kids who needed me everyday. I had to be present in their life and happy. I could not let work come home with me. I mean, I had a lot going on…loads of clothes to wash, lunches to make, dinner to make, clean the kitchen, get baths taken care of, toys picked up, bedtime, early morning rushes, school functions, after school functions, doctor appointments ….you get the picture??? IT NEVER STOPS FOR MOMS!……NEVER!!!

I pretty much was alone, help from my mother, but I was lonely at times. I tried to keep men away from my kids and learned to love me. I learned to accept me and be happy with just me. Then all of a sudden I meet this GUY!I I’m talking about THE GUY! The guy that when you first see them your heart jumps out of your chest. The guy that makes you nervous, break out in a sweat, cannot get your words out…do stupid stuff! That GUY!!! And I had come in contact with him face to face and I was a bumbling basket of nerves.

We corresponded for a month just through calls, texts and emails. It was like reading a love story…this had to be to good to be true! I was on GUARD! Finally we decided to meet, my Lord that day was the longest day of my life! I thought child birth was bad…but getting ready to meet this guy that was causing me sleepless nights, anxiously looking at my phone waiting for a text or call…oh my Lord…it was like a constant panic attack that day! OK, so after trying on about 20 outfits, I ultimately chose the first one I put on. I checked my hair over and over and over–it had to be perfect! Teeth clean..check! Breath..Check! All was good. So I started out to the meeting spot. My stomach was in knots, I had to take deep breaths, why was I feeling like this? He was just a man! get it together Beverly! Geez..I was in control …Right???

So we meet, as we started talking and there was smiles and little glances, I was getting my confidence back. Ok, I got this..He’s in to me! He LIKES ME!!! And then the unthinkable was done. That joker leaned into my personal space and pecked me on the lips and said, “I thought I’d get that out of the way”. WHAT??? Ummmm….excuse me, you moved into my personal bubble, kissed me on my lips and never even asked me. OH DEAR LORD….he was back in control. NO, NO, NO…this could not be happening. I started sweating, like I need Kleenex under my arms…sweating!!! Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days..yep!! I was in that spot!

I eventually got past it and we continued to talk, awkwardly smiling…..then you know what???? That joker leaned in and did it yet AGAIN!!!!! But….I blocked him and knew this was my chance to take control back…I pushed him back and then looked him in the eye and said if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right….and I put a HUGE SMACKER on him…I think he stumbled back hahahaha!!! Confidence just rose 75%!! But inside I was screaming OH MY GOD!!! I’VE MET THE MAN I’M GOING TO MARRY!!! And guess what? We married 7 months later and we’ve been happily married for almost ten years now and everyday gets better. I have truly been blessed by God, we both were blessed with a friendship, union and a love that could only be given by God himself!

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff….yes I got bored with life, my job, I had bigger dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish. So I quit my job. I was ready to play the wife role, mom, grandma and enjoy my time. Well, my time started getting bored as watching ice melt in a blizzard! I had to find something I loved. That’s when I decided to sell Limelife by Alcone. I had been using the products for over a year, I believed in the company and stood by the it was a no brainer to join. A win/win! Then as I began to get back into the Beauty and Fashion Industry a spark rose. I had skills I was not using, I started looking at this as a business, not a hobby. I got me a website that was originally for the Limelife Makeup and Skincare Line, but it quickly turned into Hair Tutorials, Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Ideas for Women of all ages, but mainly over 40. I learned I had a talent for writing and I actually love it! So this part time hustle, turned into my dream…which I’m going to turn into a reality!

I know this website is in it’s infancy and brand new, but I really hope you enjoy the tips and tricks I have learned over the years, enjoy reading my blogs and reviews and enjoy spending time with me 🙂 So, kick back, grab your coffee, lets learn, experiment and hopefully you will continue coming back for more. Check me out on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and FaceBook….I hope we bring a smile to your face. See you soon!

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