Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Today I am sharing things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon. From some of the Best Sellers to items you wish have had long before now! Unique items for the home, kitchen, and of course, beauty! I only wish I had come up with some of these genius inventions! LOL! Let me know if you have an “oh my goodness, I need that item” in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it!

  • 1) Mellanni Deep Pocket Hotel Luxury 1800-thread Count Sheet Set – The set comes in multiple sizes and colors. It is THE #1 Best Seller, has over 335.6K reviews, and it’s on sale. if you are in need of a “sheet refresh”, these may be an option for you. They are soft…
  • 2) Silicone Utensil Rest With Drip Pad – Let’s start with it has over 32K reviews! Whether you are baking, cooking, or grilling, this is an item you will be glad you have. This comes in multiple colors and will be something you use on repeat, plus it makes clean-up so much easier!
  • 3) Blue Ginkgo Extendable Over The Sink Colander – This handy little gadget is perfect for washing veggies, air-drying utensils, cups, or small plates. This comes in more colors and has over 12.4K reviews. It’s been on the Home Best Sellers List for months now and is on sale today!
  • 4) LED Puck Lights – If you need a little light somewhere or want accent lighting – this is for you! This is another Best Seller with over 34K reviews, and it’s on sale for 23% off. These are battery operated that can be mounted with screws or adhesive tape. These are great to put under shelves in a pantry or laundry room!
  • 5) American Soft Linen 6-Piece Towel Set – These are in the Top 10 Best Sellers in Amazon Home this week. These come in more color options and are 45% off today, plus one-day delivery for Prime members! I have a few sets of these and they are in my cart since they are on sale!
  • 6) Costa Farms Live Fresh From Farm Plant (3-Ft Tall) – This live plant is the #2 seller in Home/Patio this week! Something tells me that patio and home decor are rising with spring right around the corner! Having over 6.4K reviews, I have added this to my cart and see if I can keep a plant living, lol!
  • 7) Oil Sprayer – I stopped buying oil spray when I found this baby! Add your oil and spray away. This home product stays at the top of the Best Sellers list. You can even use this for vinegar! It has over 4.8K reviews and is only $12. It’s a money saver!
  • 8) Silicone Toilet Brush & Holder – I can’t believe I’m adding a toilet bowl brush, but I love this flat-head brush! It can reach any corner or spot and gets under the rim perfectly! I also love that the brush holder has a drip slot, which makes it more sanitary. This is a Best Seller with over 23.3K reviews and it’s on sale!
  • 9) Clip-On Tray Table For Arm of Couch or Chair – This is a Best Seller with over 2.9K reviews and comes in more colors and sizes. This is a must-have for anyone with a favorite spot to sit (like I do) and who needs a table for drinks, snacks, or a place to set a remote or phone. I even use it for my laptop! I love the hinged sides that can be folded down for easy storage plus, it fits different size furniture with a steady grip.

  • 1) Alleyoop Multitasker 4-In-1 Brush Set – I LOVE this brush…period! It comes in one piece, but you can unscrew it to use the eyeshadow brush and brow/liner brush. The sponge is also replaceable! This is a Best Seller and an award-winning beauty product, YAY!
  • 2) Eyelash Comb – this little handy comb is a Best Seller and separates lashes like nobody’s business! The best thing is that it’s only $5!
  • 3) Honest Creme Blush and Lip Duo – We use the Honest line and this is a fan favorite and a Best Seller. This product has over 6.1K reviews and comes in more color options. It’s a great item to carry in your purse when you need a touchup!
  • 4) Tula Rose Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm – With over 5.4K reviews, this is one of Tula’s Best Sellers, instantly hydrates, cools, and fills in fine lines around the eye. Also helps with dark circles and puffiness!
  • 5) Alleyoop 11th Hour Creme to Powder Eyeshadow Stick – I have just been introduced to this brand and I have been using this eyeshadow daily ever since. It stays on with no creasing and it’s waterproof! I use the pencil to apply the color on my lid, then use a brush to blend over my entire lid. It’s the easiest everyday eyeshadow I have! (**I also love the 4-In-1 PenPal to keep in my purse: it has your eyeliner, lipliner, highlighter, and eyebrow pencil in one convenient pen. great for touchups!)
  • 6) Hair Clips – Set of 6 hair clips that won’t crease or leave a mark on hair. After I dry my hair, I use these to keep my bangs straight from cow licks. After drying my hair, I pull my bangs and clip them, leave them in for about 10 minutes and the bangs stay straight all day. This is much better than using a flat iron that can damage hair. These are only $5 and come in more colors.
  • 7) Real Techniques Miracle AirBlend Sponge – Set of 2 sponges, with over 23K reviews! I love the flat bottom of the sponge to apply foundation; it helps evenly distribute the makeup for a flawless look. Beauty Tip: Don’t just dab the sponge into your makeup and then apply; instead, wet the sponge, dab the foundation on the back of your hand, and evenly cover the entire flat area of the sponge, making sure there is no buildup with areas having more foundation. This will allow you to apply the foundation more evenly over your skin.

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