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As we start to age, our skin takes a major hit and when it’s cold…it can be brutal. Today I am sharing some of my favorite products that has not only helped me in combating the “dry skin”, but items that have leveled up my bathroom that brings the spa to me without leaving the house. All of these items will make great gifts for your BFF, your daughter, daughterr-in-law, and more. I have actually purchased some of these items as gifts for some of my close friends…if I am loving it, then surely this will be a gift they will love as well!

One of the first items I purchased for my bathroom is this Keenray Bucket Luxury Towel Warmer. This is the #1 Best Seller in towel warmers and we are loving this little baby! You can put two oversized large towels in it, or a smaller blanket, and I put my robe in mine before I hop in the shower or bath. It has an auto-shutoff and heats up in one minute, reaches high temperature in 6 minutes, and heats evenly. This is a great gift idea if you have an elderly person on your list or for the best friend that needs a little pampering. Once you have experienced the “warm towel/robe” after a bath or shower, it will quickly become one of your favorite home buys! This towel warmer comes in more colors and is 13% off right now, see the towel warmer here. Our little Brooklyn makes sure her favorite blanket and towels are heated up when she stays over.

Home Spa Essentials That I Am Using

I have always used the round shower loofahs until I found the Sutera Exfoliating Shower Towel. This has over 2.6K reviews and is rated 4.5 stars! It has a unique cross woven duo fiber textured weaving that exfoliates and buffs away dead skin cells easily. It’s easy to use; just wet it, add your soap, and start washing, lol! I scrunch mine up, but I do love the fact that I can expand it full length to exfoliate and wash my back. As I am getting older, I am a little stiffer than I used to be, so this makes getting the hard to reach spots much easier. After using the Sutera Shower Towel, I will never be using the round loofahs again, not to mention this towel wont’s be unraveling with use and it harbors no bacteria. I am putting together a few of these items in a small tote for Raegan as a Christmas present. It’s things I know she will use and enjoy, and I won’t be wasting money on a gift that will never be used. See the Sutera Shower Towel here.

Have you tried the Quick-Dry Stone Bath Mat? This is a Deal Of The Day for 20% off and it is also by Sutera. This is another new home find that we are loving! With over 3.3K reviews, 20% off, and quick dry…definitely a product I recommend. See the bath mat here.

For the bath lovers…this is one of Raegan’s picks! This is the LuxStep Bath Pillow with 6 non-slip suction cups, so it stays where you put it. This pillow comes in more colors, has over 2K reviews and is on sale for 37% off today. It’s extra thick, the size is 15 X 14 inches, and has an ergonomic design that offers the support you need to really relax and enjoy your bath time. See the LiuxStep bath Pillow here.

Don’t forget to grab these Best Selling Shower Steamers by Cleverfy! I started using these this past summer and I make sure these are always in stock at my house. These have nearly 36K reviews and would make a great gift for someone that may be hard to buy for…and the smells are incredible! See the shower steamers here.

I’m highlighting this candle because it is one of the BEST smelling candles I have ever purchased. After taking a leap of faith and ordering it, once I got it home and lit it up…I immediately put this on my Subrcibe and Save List with Amazon. This is the La Jolie Muse Sandalwood Soy Wax Candle that comes in a decorative thick embossed glass jar. I use this in my bedroom and bathroom daily because there is nothing better than walking into a room that smells so good. Studies have shown that our senses pick up on scents which can influence our psychological and physiological states…and I’m a firm believer! I guess that’s why realtors bake cookies when showing new homes to potential buyers, lol! The jar can also be used after the candle is gone as an Apothecary Jar! This comes in more scents and in different sizes, I have the Sandalwood in the 19.4 oz. size, see the candle here. It is on sale today for $17 off, (it’s under $30 and SO worth it)! This gets 5-stars from me! **Home Tip: I use this candle warmer when my candles get too low to light and it also will melts cream makeup in tins, like Seint makeup.

If you are more of a diffuser lover, this Glass Oil Diffuser Humidifier with a glass reservoir and a natural wood base may be an option for you or for someone on your Christmas list. It is waterless, has an auto shutoff and has 7 color lights for any mood you are in. It’s also on sale 17% off today! See the diffuser here. **Be sure to add the extra 5% off coupon

I traded in my fuzzy robe for the Turquaz Linen Lightweight Long Waffle Kimono and it has become my favorite robe. It’s the perfect weight for me, not too heavy, not too thin and it’s easy to pack for quick trips to the beach. This comes in different colors, unisex, has over 7K reviews, and it’s on sale today for 18% off. See the waffle robe here.

Another item that I added in my bedroom and bathroom are Dimmable Light Bars. These light bars can be put underneath counters, in your closets, and I even put them underneath my bed. The bar is magnetic and come with extra magnetic holders that come with extra strong adhesive strips. The bars can be angled different ways and has 3 light settings. If there are places in your home that need a little light, these USB charged lights may be something you will love as much as I do. See the light bars here. (They are 48% off right now and have over 4.8K reviews)

Do you enjoy taking time for a little self-love here and there?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you enjoyed the blog post! Hopefully it has given you some gift ideas for friends and family or gifts for yourself 😉.

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