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I have had a lot of you asking me to choose an outfit from Chico’s, and I found one that I am IN LOVE with! Doesn’t this V-Neck Striped Tunic pop like WOW?? I love items like this that are not of the norm and are eye-catching. Chico’s is a little more expensive, but so far…I am loving this splurge! I am styling the tunic with the BEST tailored ponte leggings that I have found and they are on sale for 44% off right now! Who doesn’t love a deal?? The sizing is a tad weird on Chico’s, so be sure to look at the size chart. I wear a size 1 in Chico’s for reference. See the tunic here, and the leggings here.

For those of you that grabbed the Lucy jeans and the Scoop Blazer, here’s an outfit idea that has been popular on social media. The Lucy Jeans fit TTS, see them here. If you haven’t tried the Scoop blazers, I totally recommend them! I wear this one on repeat to dress up any outfit. I am wearing a large in the blazer for reference, you can check it out here. *Use code FEBRUARY15 for 15% off your order.

Blazer (wearing a large) // Blouse // Lucy Jeans // Boots

The flutter sleeve swing blouse comes in 3 more colors to choose from. It’s a cute top that is easily layered and will carry you through the summer. It’s a new item, so it will go fast. I am wearing a large in this for reference, see it here. I am wearing the color, cooling oasis.

If you are a sweatshirt lover, this ASPEN sweatshirt is soooo soft, you will want to wear it all the time! This one has side slits and can be worn as a tunic or you can half-tuck the front for a trendier look. Use code FEBRUARY15 for 15% off your order. See the sweatshirt here, and I am wearing a large for reference. *I styled it with the Chico’s Tailored Ponte Leggings!

Aspen Sweatshirt (wearing a large) // Chico’s Ponte Leggings (on sale 40% off) wearing a size 1) // Similar Sorel Trivoli Boots

For the pullover/henley/hoodie girls, this Send Your Approval Henley Hooded Sweater is FAB! I love the relaxed fit and those blouson sleeves really make this top stand out. This is slightly oversized and has the relaxed fit (more in the bust and sleeves than the waist area), and comes in three more color options. This will be a cute pullover to wear in the spring with shorts on cooler nights or with cropped ankle jeans. See the pullover here, I am wearing a large for reference. My jeans are from J.Crew Factory and are currently on sale for 44% off. They for TTS and also have stretch in them. Check them out here. *Be sure to use code FEBRUARY15 for an extra 15% off the Pink Lily items!

I decided to grab the Scoop Blazer and style it with the Chelsie white jeans along with this hot pink tiered blouse from Old Navy. Since pink is such a huge trend this season, and it’s LOVE month, I decided to pull together a look that could be worn with heels or sneakers. I love this color combo! See the 3/4 sleeve pink tiered blouse here.

Do you have a favorite outfit today? I’d love to know!

Valentine’s & The Love Month

Do you like to wear your heart on your sleeve? I couldn’t resist that line! HA! I like to wear hearts or any Valentine’s Day themed items during February, so I have pulled together a few faves I have found! This pink sweater with the lavender hearts is a cutie! I’m styling it with white jeans, but it looks cute with denim also. This also comes in little girl sizes, if you want to match your granddaughter or give it as a gift for the young mom in your life. See the adult sweater here, child sweater here. *Use code FEBRUARY15 for 15% off your order. See all Mommy & Me Matching Items for boys and girls HERE.

Sweater (wearing a large) // White Jeans (on sale 30% off) // Boots (on clearance under #30

Recent Belk Finds For Love Month

While Mom was at one of her doctor’s appointments last week, I sneaked out for a bit and looked around in the local Belk department store. I found a ton of cute Valentine’s Day sweaters, blouses, and more. I linked each one in the picture and added a few more cute V-Day finds in the carousel below. Use code LOVESHOPPING for an additional 50% off most of these items. Shop all the Belk Doorbusters here.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope your week is as fabulous as you girls are,😉. I still have a few appointments this week with mom and myself, but nothing huge or time consuming…just follow-ups. YAY! I have a question for all of you…do you go out on Valentine’s Day for dinner with your husband pr boyfriend, or are you a stay at home kinda girl? Can you guess what category Barry and I fall in to? Stay safe and blessed! XOXO

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  • Melanie S

    Good evening. I am in LOVE with the blazer, pink blouse and white jeans outfit. A blazer can make an outfit stylish quick. My husband and I stay in for Valentine’s and Im thinking you and Barry do as well??

    • Jodi L Matthews

      Hey Beverly, I love the outfit from Chico’s. It’s my favorite on your post. I’m sorry to hear about your medical issues. You mentioned the Epstein Barr virus and difficulties with diagnosis, etc. I went through something very similar back in 2015. Every test under the sun. If you’re interested in discussing further, I’d be happy to fill you in on what they found with me. Numerous neurologists, tests, mayo clinic, etc. Just let me know and we can discuss privately.

  • Melanie S

    I totally missed your intro email on this post. Glad all is well with your neurologist appt. Yes I agree completely that everything happens for a reason. I have never been as stressed out as I have been for over 2 months now. Praying we all have peace that surpasses all understanding through whatever we may be going through in our lives.. Take care ♥️

    • Beverly

      I missed writing it😂😂Literally, forgot to go back to the top and write it. I usually describe everything and get links first, then do my beginning and ending. Can you tell my brain is fried??😂😂

  • Cindy C

    It varies how we celebrate Valentine’s Day. COVID still-we will stay in. Todays outfits all appeal to me! I finally bought some white jeans. Thanks for your fabulous inspiration. ❤️ I’ve missed you!

  • Karen Christina

    Thinking of you and all you are going through. My husband and I stay in. Loving your post as always. Take care and enjoy each day.

  • Beth

    Beverly I’m going thru something similar. I’m just getting over mono and have been having severe migraines and I’m very weak. I was in bed for almost two weeks. So I totally understand. Anyway we will definitely be staying home. I’m still not feeling well so it will be a quiet Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon. Take care, Beth.

  • Vonda

    Praying your upcoming tests will go well and you will continue to improve. Super cute looks today, and fun outfits for Valentine’s Day! My husband and I typically always go out but it’s usually early in the evening or the day before or after. Long waits for a table just isn’t our thing. Haha! We got engaged on Valentine’s Day so it’s another reason to celebrate the day. ❤️

  • cfisher828

    Oh sweetie so sorry to hear your diagnosis. My daughter struggled for so long. Dr to Dr. Finally someone did that yes. Yep. Mono that was never diagnosed. Feel better soon!!! HUGS!!!!!

  • Heather

    We usually focus on making sure our kids know how much they are loved on most Holidays. Flowers for the girls at Valentine’s last year…..they just giggled 🥰
    Chocolate for our boys 🤎

  • Christine Simpson

    WOW!! What a great selection of amazing things!!
    Love the heart sweaters!!
    I have had EBV issues for many many years. Unfortunately it can either go away or become a recurring problem and I have the recurring problem. I’ll be great for weeks then wham flares up and I’m miserable for -3-7 days then back normal. Wash and repeat unfortunately. I hope yours is the just go away kind!! Hang in there!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    All of these outfits are so cute. My favorites are the Valentine’s clothing from Belk. Belk is one of my favorite stores and their prices are great. I am glad that you are finally getting some answers to your health issues. I have had Epstein Barr Virus for years now. Troy and I had Covid that started January 1st and we have been sick ever since. According to my doctor the Covid activated the Epstein Barr and they said that they have found that in a lot of their patients post Covid. Now we are dealing with Bronchitis (me) and Sinus infection (Troy). Praying for you as always my friend. Stay well!

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