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We are putting away our Christmas prints and neutrals are in full swing right now, and you girls know I love some neutrals! I am sharing 6 looks that I have been wearing and loving! Be sure to see any codes where you can get extra savings! Do you tend to lean towards neutrals or are you a vibrant color lover in the winter? I’d love to hear your what you are drawn to!

If you want a casual everyday outfit this is a total winner! This Mauve Henley top is a relaxed fit with stretch, it is uber wuber comfy, lol! I got this a few weeks ago and it has been worn on repeat with jeans, khakis, and leggings. This fits TTS (I am wearing a large for reference), and comes in 9 colors – I love the olive and grey colors! See the henley top here. Use code JANUARY15 for 15% off your order! I styled it with American Eagle Jeggings, they are fully stocked right now and on sale for $39! I love AE jeans, but they are always sold out online, so I was thrilled to see these stocked! These have super stretch and come in short, regular, and long lengths. I am wearing the regular length in a size 10 in these. See the jeans here.

Here is a closer look at the Vans platform checkered sneakers. These are super comfortable, the cushion is great for walking all day and I love the cognac detail, such a cute way to make a sneaker pop! See the sneakers here.

This was one of my favorite outfits that I wore this past week and it was very popular on social media. The cargo jacket is from last year, but the focus is that cute blue crewneck tee styled with the Old Navy straight jeans (I ordered a tall to cuff these jeans). Style it with a cute shacket like the one below for a similar look or wear a long cardigan to give it an edgy look. See the crewneck tee here. I am wearing a large in this luxe tee for reference and, right now this tee is on sale at Banana Republic for $35. More colors available.

This is my go-to look when it’s cold and I’m out running errands. Throw on my go-to cap, my camel coat and head out into the world…lol! Working from home, I tend to lean towards hoodies and leggings quite often, so I level it up with a camel coat, plus it’s a huge trend right now. I am adding a carousel with similar coats below that range in different price points. Mine is by Calvin Klein and I wear it on repeat through the winter with casual looks and with dressier outfits (especially church). The CK coat is only available in size 8 and 14 at a reduced price, see it here. *All outfit details linked below picture.

The shacket is such a HUGE trend right now and one of my favorites is the corduroy look, plus it is on sale for 50%! I am wearing a larger in the shacket for reference. If a camel coat is not your thing, grab a neutral shacket to style with your comfy outfits. I am wearing the Bailey Uggs, but a cute pair of sneakers would be a great choice or the Madden Girl Kurt combat boots that I absolutely love wearing! See the corduroy shacket here.

Corduroy Shacket // Hoodie // Leggings // Bailey Uggs // Madewell Camera Transport Crossbody ( I switch the straps out with other purses for different looks)

You ladies have seen the Coffee Until More Coffee sweatshirt, but you may have forgotten about the Pull-On Lee Sculpting Jeans, because I did until I started cleaning out my drawers! I totally forgot I had these and I’m so glad I found them! I ordered a tall length in these so I would have a slight bootcut or straight jean look (I am 5’7″ and normally wear a regular in length). These have stretch in them and they are so slimming plus they look super cute with sneakers, boots, and heels for a dressier outfit. See the jeans here. You can check out the Coffee sweatshirt here. Use code JANUARY15 for 15% off the sweatshirt, I am wearing a large for reference.

Coffee Sweatshirt // Lee Pull On Jeans (I ordered a long in length for a straight jean look) // Adidas Sneakers

I’m sharing an outfit I wore last week that was another popular pick on social media, in fact, Spanx even grabbed one of my pictures! These are the Spanx Faux Leather Joggers and if you are going to invest in a quality faux leather jogger, I highly recommend these. They are a mid-rise jogger that holds you in and gives you a pretty smooth shape will offering stretch. These are not a flimsy jogger, they will keep you legs warm on the coldest of days because I tested them last week and was pleasantly pleased (better than jeans to keep the old air at bay, YAY!). These can be worn with sneakers and a sweatshirt or you can wear a pretty work blouse and heels for a night out. There are many possibilities for different looks and totally worth the splurge…plus they offer AfterPay! (I’m a big fan of AfterPay, lol- Barry…not so much haha). See the joggers here.

Which outfit did you like the best today? Do you want more workwear or more everyday looks? Drop a comment below to let me know! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a wonderful day and New Year! Stay safe and be blessed! XOXO

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    • Jill

      I am so in love with the old navy straight jeans that you cuffed! Look darn cute on you with that baggy vibe!! I want to be your neighbor so I could borrow a cup of sugar and your clothes!

      • Beverly

        Hey Jill!! Thank you so much!! I’m just seeing these comments, I tested positive for the Vid, and whoa! I’m just now feeling up to popping on and chatting. And btw, I’d give you a cup of sugar and full access to the wardrobe 😂❤️

  • Lisa M Michels

    I love the blue crewneck outfit! You also had me at Coffee and pull on jeans!! Do the joggers fit TTS? I’m really liking the looks of these! Good luck today! Prayers for you Beautifully Dressed and Blessed!!

    • Beverly

      Hey girl! Yes, the joggers fit TTS, they do have some stretch but they also hold you in. Kinda like a gift from above lol! Thanks for the prayers!! They think I have MS, and I’m thinking I’m starting to have another flare up but it will be a long time looking at MRI’s before they diagnose me completely. Until then…I will keep chugging along lol. Happy Tuesday beautiful ❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    My favorite is the outfit with the camo hat and camel coat. Troy and I are trying to recover from covid. We have both been sick since New Year’s Day. So many people are sick right now. I am praying that things go well at your appt and that you get answers soon.

    • Beverly

      Hope you guys are feeling better, this mess sucks eggs! One of my friends just told me he’s had it 3 times with the vaccine! Now he has lung issues, joint pain and now has eczema. This stuff is so weird! Boy that Bible is speaking truth!

  • Jamie+Hasse

    ok so i loved all of them. I’d prob die of overheating running errands with a coat on but it’s still cute. lol I’m obsessing over the faux leather joggers and will prob get a pair but I’d rather find a cheaper pair cuz I think i’d get “looks” where I live.

    • Beverly

      Lol! I live in a small community and I’m starting to see the ladies wear them, it took some time though! I totally get that vibe you’re feeling!!

  • Connie

    Love your outfits, can’t pick just one. I’m anxiously awaiting summer outfits as I live in Florida and its way too hot to wear these cute inspirations. I sure miss the seasons….. Praying that you are able to get answers soon from the dr. Waiting is the hard part 😞 🙏

    • Beverly

      I’m ready for spring outfits too! January is a bad month for fashion, it won’t be long swimsuits will be in stores…if not already 😂😂I’m so jealous of your FL weather! I used to travel there for work and I loved it!

  • Melanie S

    Good Morning. Praying for you this morning. I’m loving the Corduroy jacket outfit. I bought me a pair of those winter duck boots by madden girl and they squeak so bad you can hear me coming from a mile away LOL.. I wanted to love them but can’t do the noise when walking in them. It doesn’t stay cold here in Texas long enough to wear them. Have a wonderful day..

  • Suzette Fox

    Love your style. I am a teacher and would love to see more cute business casual stylings. Also, praying for wisdom for you doctor! ❤️

    • Beverly

      Thank you!! Well, they had to push my appointment back because I tested positive for the Vid there. I was fine till they told me, then the migraines began! Feeling much better now though. Thank you for your sweet comment!!

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