What I’ve Worn Lately

Today I am sharing the outfits that I have been wearing lately. They are mostly casual comfy because I am chilling at home with little Brooklyn and we are having a ball! A few outfits are cute to wear out to dinner and one is a great option for workwear. Be sure to check below the picture for any codes to get an extra discount! Let me know what you think, especially about the joggers…I can’t wait to hear if they are a NAY or YAY! Also, my favorite everyday boots are on sale 20% off and my quilted heels are 50% off, so be sure to check those out!

I am already gearing up for Valentine’s Day with heart sweaters, but this sweater is cute enough that I can wear all winter long and into the spring with shorts. This comes in multiple color options and fits TTS. I am wearing a large in this and have plenty of room. See the sweater here. I styled it with moto leggings and my most worn boots of the winter that are on sale right now! The Ophelia Boots are my go-to everyday boots because they are so comfortable to wear and they look great with everything. Grab them now while they are 20% off! See the boots here. Shop all of the boots from Target that are on sale here.

Sweater (wearing a large) // Leggings // Boots (20% off)

One of my favorite sweatshirts is this Coffee, Until More Coffee sweatshirt; it’s one that I have on a weekly rotation. It is very soft and comfortable and I love wearing it with a longer tee underneath. I am wearing a large in this for reference, see the sweatshirt here. I styled it with my Target joggers for a relaxed outfit to wear on the weekend or running errands. I am wearing my new Fossil Convertible Backpack that I bought for myself for Christmas (wink wink). I was looking for a backpack that zipped at the top and I could grab my stuff easily and this one totally delivers! This backpack can be worn three different ways; as a backpack, a satchel or as a crossbody. See the backpack here.

Coffee Sweatshirt (wearing a large- use code DECEMBER15 for 15% off) // Graphic Blue Tee // Leggings // Boots (20% off) // Fossil Convertible Backpack

For the chilly days, this is a great winter outfit! I am in love with this unique sherpa coat! This is a pink teddy coat that has a relaxed fit with some stretch to it, and looks fabulous with denim and white jeans. This is the cutest little jacket to dress up any outfit and it also comes in a beautiful white option that looks so wintry! This comes in an XS to size 2X; I am wearing a large for reference. Use code DECEMBER15 for an extra 15% off your order! See the jacket here. **The color is a little more rosier than in this picture. **Madewell Camera Bag on sale 25% off use code HOLLYJOLLY (this is a fabulous deal, these are rarely on sale), see it here.

Beanie // Jacket (wearing a large) // Madewell Camera Bag (25% off use code HOLLYJOLLY) // Jeans (use code DECEMBER15 for 15% off) // Boots (20% off)

I just received these faux leather joggers from Spanx and HAD to share them! These joggers have the BEST fit, they have pockets, a front panel that kind of holds you in, and an elastic waist in the back for comfort. These are a great pant that can be dressed up or down and will become some of your favorite pants to wear this winter. I normally do not spend a lot on pants, but Spanx is worth it and these joggers are 100% worth it! I am wearing a medium in these and feel they fit TTS. These have stretch to them and are not restricting at all; they give your butt a little lift and hold in the tummy just a tad. I have never seen a pair of joggers that gave support, but still give you immense comfort and easy movement. See the joggers here.

Denim Jacket // 1969 Tee // Spanx Joggers (wearing a medium) // Vans

I found these ankle pants on Amazon and I am really loving them! These are such a cute look for workwear or going out to eat. These are thinner pants, they can be worn year-round, come in multiple colors and patterns, have pockets, and fit TTS. I am wearing a medium in these for reference. See the pants here. I styled it with this everyday, super comfy tunic, which is perfect to wear with joggers, leggings, or jeans. This tunic is lightweight and can be layered with a vest or cardigan for added warmth. I am wearing a medium in the tunic, see it here. It also comes in multiple colors. **My quilted heels are on sale 50% off and also comes in white and black, see the heels here.

Gray Tunic Tee // Amazon Ankle Pants (wearing a medium) // Quilted Heels (on sale 50% OFF) // Phone Crossbody sold out, but they will email you when available (use code BEVERLY for 20% off your order and more colors available)

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I thought I could take time off and spend with Brooklyn, but I have missed everyone! What have you girls been up to? Have you finished all your gift buying? Or are you waiting to hit the stores? Raegan, Brooklyn, and I are going shopping today so Brooklyn can pick out gifts for her mom and dad, this should be interesting! Barry is still not up to par, but not as bad as he was. We just don’t bounce back as quick as we did when we were younger, and that has hit him so hard this past year. Drop a comment below, I can’t wait to hear from you! Merry Christmas girls! Stay safe and Be Blessed! XOXO

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  • Melanie S

    I really like those joggers. I can not for the life of me figure out what to wear for christmas. Its going to be 80 degrees here in Texas. YUCK!!! The 15th was my last day of my CMA class and haven’t even started christmas shopping at that time and my car has been in the shop for an entire month. FINALLY I got my car back Saturday and I got ALL my christmas shopping done over the weekend. Now its time for me to hit the grocery store which im not looking forward to lol. Have a wonderful evening and praying for full recovery for Barry.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, I haven’t bought groceries!!! Yikes!!!! Chase had his lifters mess up in his truck and it’s a cool 3500 bucks! You know who he called don’t ya? You save a little, you give a little lol! Girl, with your weather, you are probably best wearing a cute too with jeans and a cute flat/heels/boot and maybe a lightweight cardi where you could take off if you get hot. We are laid back with our outfits, but my brothers and their wives will get together and go out to a really nice restaurant near NYE, then I’m taking it up a notch 😂 Congratulations on finishing up!! Woohoo 🎉

  • Juli Hatlee

    I love the Sherpa jacket. It is finally cold here in Ithaca, NY with a frozen mix expected on Christmas so this looks cozy. Gift shopping finished yesterday. Now, looking forward to cookie baking with my sister and two nieces on Thursday. Will miss my daughter for this tradition. Lucky girl is in CA in the warmth.
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  • Heather

    We have been busy all month prepping for three birthday celebrations out of our six children, and Christmas! December is a BIG month at our house 🥳
    Actually the celebrating starts in October with a birthday, then one in November too 🤪
    Thank The Lord He let our oldest come in March!
    Anyway, what a blast celebrating family and love ❤️💚❤️
    Merry Christmas

  • Julie Ladage

    Everything looks so nice on you! I keep trying to finish up my shopping, but then discover I still need a few things. Ha ha! Going again today for a bit. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Prayers that Barry will soon be back to his usual self!

    • Karen Iamaio

      My husband’s birthday is Christmas Eve!!! No idea so many had Christmas birthdays. Love the heart sweater. Totally great to wear them all season!! Praying for good health for your family. GOD bless and keep you.

  • Christine Grant

    I hear you about not recovering as fast now that we are older! That 1969 tshirt suits me perfect and I am 8 weeks post hysterectomy. My hubby grew up in Arizona and so we have someone make tamales for us for Christmas- whew, no last minute groceries needed. Our 18 yo son has had a gf for 1.5 y and I so want to find her a gift ( Caleb took my KS on sale jewelry I grabbed 😂. Anyway, love your outfits, praying for continued recovery for Barry and safety for all through the holidays

  • Sandra

    Merry Christmas ! I have not finished my shopping either. There is always that one person. I haven’t even thought about hitting the grocery store but the ones I am preparing for like simple, homestyle cooking. It will be my first Christmas without both of my children under the same room. I am not sure how that is going to work out but I plan to jump à plane right after Christmas to visit the missing child.

  • Jamie+Hasse

    ok i was holding out until Christmas for some Chelsea boot from DSW but i like these and they’re alot cheaper plus on sale so…. delivery christmas eve (supposedly) 🤞🏼 I will also look up the joggers. They work for me cuz I’m just short. Loving that the style is “in.”

  • Tracy

    I love all of your looks! I bought the black dress from your earlier post and am hoping to break it out on NYE! I am done with the official shopping but will need to make one more run out and about (to Walmart, probably!) to finish up the stocking stuffers. Everything is wrapped, but now I get to do my favorite part…putting on the ribbons, bows and embellishments before they go under the tree! Wishing you a very merry Christmas, happiness and health! 🙂

  • Jen

    You’re gorgeous, and I love reading your updates, Beverly. I’ve been subscribed fur a month or two and want to buy most of your outfits. I’m trying hard to wait until after Christmas. You create such cute outfits and a variety. I love comfy but want to look cute, too. You’re great at doing this!

    I hope that Barry recovers soon. Wishing you and your family a Merry and blessed Christmas season. Enjoy shopping with the girls. Tomorrow my daughter (a young adult) is coming over to make a few holiday treats. Shopping is almost done, stocking things left and, of course, wrapping. The wrapping is my least favorite part; I’m so messy, lol. I bet that you create such beautiful packages with your gifts.

    Thanks again for sharing your beauty with us, girls.

  • Kelly Palmer

    You are looking great in all of the outfits as usual. We are done with our gift shopping. We sent mostly checks and gift cards to the Florida families. We had a brunch and gift exchange with Troy’s boys on Saturday and I made your quiche recipe. It was fantastic! I think that I am going to make it again for Christmas morning. Today I went out and delivered red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and also peanut butter fudge to friends and co-workers. For years now Troy and I have given ourselves money and then spent it on whatever we want or need. I have bought a lot of practical stuff like underwear, bras, socks etc and a few items that I have seen here 😉 I will probably shop for groceries tomorrow after we decide on what we want to eat for Christmas day. I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and healthy and happy New Year!

  • Karen Christina

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday with the family.
    I am loving that gray tunic. Can’t wait to get it

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