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I’m working on my holiday jam today…to be specific, I’m sharing my jammies! HAHA! Ive rounded up all the cutest holiday and Christmas themed pajamas that are trending and they are great options for Christmas gifts. I’m sharing cute options for you, the family, and I’m including the precious pups and some cat pajamas…wouldn’t want them to fell left out! 😄 Most of these are great buys from Old Navy and Target and come in sizes from XS to 4-5X, even in tall and petite lengths! I’m also adding a few pajamas or loungewear that can be worn from now all the way through the winter. Hope you enjoy!

This is one of my favorite lounge sets that I have from Target, it’s UBER comfy and if you’ve been following along for any time, then you know I was hooked! This set fit TTS, and comes in a pretty red color also. If you want your bottoms to fit tighter, order a size down, I am wearing a small for reference in the bottoms and a large in the top. Outfit details are below the picture. You can see all of the Family Holiday Pajamas from Target here.

This was Barry’s favorite holiday jammie set from all the pajamas, and I’m saying that he kept on and on about these pajamas – to the point I was getting tired of hearing it…LOL! I think he was jealous I didn’t buy him a pair, because I always order him jammies to match me for the holiday…it’s a tradition at this point. I did buy Brooklyn these, which will be an early gift for her. These fit snug like the “old timey long johns” (that’s what my dad would call them 😆), so if you don’t want them super fitting, definitely size up in the shirt, the bottoms seem to stretch out a little. See this striped collection here. (I am wearing a medium in this set) See the one-piece striped set here.

I love this set the most right now, and I think it’s the graphic tee styled with the thermal joggers. The look is totally rocking my style and vibe! My graphic tee is low in stock right now, but should restock soon. I added all the cool graphic tees below the picture that can be mixed and matched with all the Old Navy bottoms, you can see all the styles at Old Navy HERE. Use code SWEET for an extra 20% off!

I love bears, so when i saw the new Bear Isle print, they most def were going into my shopping cart! These are lightweight flannel pajamas and they come in multiple patterns and fits TTS. I am wearing a medium for reference. These style pajamas also have pockets, which I love! Use code SWEET to get 20% off! See the bear isle pajamas here.

You have seen this lounge set before, but since we are talking loungewear and jammies, why not refresh your memory! I wear these a lot around the house and they totally ROCK! I have threw on my Vans and wrapped a chambray shirt around my waist and headed to the local grocery store in this outfit. These fit TTS, see the details to the outfit below the picture. Use code SWEET for an extra 20% off!

I found this Tartan style flannel pajama set at Target and have loved the look and feel. These fit TTS and I am wearing a medium. See this set here, see all Target holiday pajamas here. Also, scroll all the way down to see the holiday pj’s for your pup!

Are you a leopard print or a plaid print kind of girl?

If you are not a holiday themed PJ person, here is one of my favorite pajamas from Nordstrom. These are super duper soft, very flattering, and comes in more colors, and are a perfect gift for your sister-in-law, daughter, or bestie. These fit TTS, and I am wearing a medium in these. See the pajama set here.

How can I not add the ultimate “queen” of holiday pajamas? I know you have seen these before, but they are a classic and are always top on the Most Wanted pajama. I found these at Old Navy, see them here. I also found a set at Target and they are fully stocked in sizes XS-4X, see those here.

Pajamas (wearing a medium) // Earth Origins Slippers // Swig Cup

Don’t Forget Your Fur Babies! Use code SWEET for 20% off at Old Navy! See all of Target Holiday Pajamas for your dogs here.

Slippers To Wear Outside

I am an Ugg lover, whether it’s slippers or boots, I am a huge fan! I bought these Ugg Bailey Zip boots last year around Christmas. Some of you may remember the story of how I opened up a package and tried these boots on, not remembering ordering them, but was loving them! Come to find out, Chase had ordered these boots for his girlfriend and I had commandeered them, HA! Or course I put them back in the box when I realized what I had done, and then proceeded to buy my own. I can say these have been my favorite Ugg boots I have ever owned, by far! The zipper on the side are cute and they make getting them on and off a breeze! See thee boots here.

Even though I am normally sliding on the Ugg boots, I do have a few hard bottom shoes or slippers that I wear a lot around the house for running in and outside. The Ugg slippers are an Amazon find that I tried in a Prime Box and fell in love with the look and comfy fit. See the Ugg Slippers here.

I was asked on social media what my favorite buy, that I actually wore was from the summer and I didn’t even have to think about it. It was my Birkenstock Arizona sandals. It took a few weeks to break them in to fit the mold of my foot, but once I did, I can say they were worn nearly every day! So I wasted no time in ordering the sherpa Arizona sandals for the winter. I have pulled a tendon in my heel and between the Birkenstocks and my ON Cloudflow sneakers, they have been life savers! See the sherpa Birkenstocks here, they come in more color options, I am wearing the gray.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you enjoyed the Jammie Roundup as much as I did. I know it’s early to talk Christmas, but items are getting gone quick and with supplies backed up, it’s probably a good idea to get started on the gift shopping! All of these items were going on a Gift Guide, but I decided to share them with you today while they are still available. Have a great day everyone!! Hugs to you all, and make sure you check out tomorrow’s post for the first winner of the “Cheers To You” Holiday Giveaway! Stay safe and be blessed!! XOXO

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  • Lori Semenic

    Love all the choices. Some of the tops from Target can actually be worn as a top during the day (but don’t tell anyone!). Love your blog!

  • Christine Simpson

    I agree with Barry lol. I love the striped thermal!! I love all the looks but that one kept my attention.
    Great jammy post!!

  • Mary

    I like leopard and plaid! Just for reference I notice you always size up on your tops to medium and often large. I’m a DD but have a small waist. Are you also more than a B? I don’t typically size up. I really liked the holiday tree shirts.

    • Beverly

      Yes, I am a full C cup, but honestly, since I started going through menopause I can’t stand anything too tight or fitting. It’s starting to get better since it’s cooling off, so I’m sure I will be going back to some mediums. Im kinda broad through the shoulders too, my grandma used to say I was the “big bone” child, she gave me a major complex!! Lol

  • Lisa M Michels

    OMGOSH! I really can’t decide! I love all of them! I already know if I get the striped ones, my husband will crack some kind of Waldo joke….or an Ooompa Loompa joke. God, I love him! He is a mechanical engineer so I changed his job title to soft wear engineer as he likes to pick out my jammies! LOL You’re certainly jammin’ in all of these today! Merry Christmas!!! LOL

  • Melanie S

    Yup I’m definitely late commenting on this post. HaHa. Been super busy with studying. Decided to go to college at the age of 42 to become a CMA certified medical assistant. It’s through the workforce program and its only 6 months So much info in so little time. So with all of that info a new pair of PJ’s sounds like a good idea don’t ya think? LOL. I loved the striped ones and the ones from Target. Im not big on plaid but here lately I have been liking it. Thank you for sharing all the comfy PJ’s. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  • Melissa

    This post could NOT have come at a better time! My entire family will be together for Christmas for the first time since 2011, and everyone wants to participate in the Christmas jammies tradition I have with my own family. Awesome ideas! Thank you so much!

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