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Each week I have been listing out all the things I am liking, eating, reading, and things in my shopping cart and it is becoming one of my favorite posts to write. I love sharing all the things I am looking at and loving with you girls and you must be liking it as well, because it has become the most popular post each week. This week I am sharing a few new shoes I have recently purchased and loving, along with what’s in my cart and the recipe I am dying to try! Hope you enjoy and I hope your weekend is fan-ta-bulous!

These slip-on sandals are a new item at Target and I have been slipping mine on, on repeat this week! I did a survey on these sandals on my IG stories and the results were around 50/50, which really surprised me. These look so much better on than they do the picture, plus you get an extra 20% off through the 13th with Target Circle. Have you noticed snake print is huge this spring? See the sandal here.

My fur love of this home is Ziva the golden doodle, she is a hugger, listens so well, and has a little hyper crazy vibe going on at times. I know a lot of you have told me about your dogs and when I saw this mug, I instantly wanted it. Get 20% off your entire order with Kirkland’s with code REGULAR20. See the doggie mugs here.

I am serious when it comes to skincare, as I get older, I can tell that things are not as they once were, lol. I have been using these microfiber towels to wash my face each night and morning and I absolutely love them. I literally could stockpile these in my home, and they work! I normally wet my face, then wet the cloth and it takes all my makeup off, even mascara. Then I do my regular skincare routine. This comes in a pack of 3. See the wipes here.

I have been eyeing this striped pullover for a few weeks now and I finally put it in my cart. I love the colors and the elbow sleeves have been calling my name here lately. This will look adorable with white cropped pants or shorts this spring and summer. This also comes in a heather gray stripe and comes in sizes XXS-XXL. From what I am reading this fits tts. This is from a newer line called Gibsonlook and you can get 20% off using code NEWARRIVALS20. See the pullover here. (Gibsonlook also has ShopPay to split your payments up into 4 installments)

If you want a sandal that will go with everything, then these cuties from Walmart are what you want. I got these this week and I am obsessed! These are from Scoop and are $30, fits TTS, and comes in a black option as well. Aren’t these great neutral sandals to wear with jeans? See the sandal here.

Let’s talk about denim cropped overalls – because if you haven’t noticed this trend, you will be seeing it soon. I want these cuties below, they are some of Amazon’s Best Sellers and I love the raw hem and distressed look. I would wear this with strappy sandals a tank and probably a cute short sleeve cardigan. I will try my hand at different ways to style this soon. These fit TTS, come in different colors and are around $38. See them here. What are your thoughts on overalls???

Crossbody bags are a big trend right now, but you have to have the guitar straps to kick the trend up. I have a few of these guitar straps and I love using them with some of my bigger bags. I like the straps because you can adjust these easily to your height. These are a major fad right now and they are not expensive, which makes it even better! See the guitar straps here. *guitar straps come in multiple color combos

Warmer weather is coming which means I will be out and about more and I will need a bigger bag some days. I like having a great backpack that I can throw my gym things in or carry stuff for Brooklyn. I like this Best Seller from Amazon and have it in my cart for a few reasons. I like the idea that this backpack can go from over my shoulders to a fabulous shoulder bag instantly. Not to mention, this one already has the straps on it that are so popular. I love these types of bags when we are on vacation or out shopping, convenience is a necessity at my age! This comes in a wide range of color options, see the backpack bag here.

Recipe Worth Trying

I have never tied Amish Chicken, but I’m sure some of you have – so let me know if it’s worth me cooking! I have heard from some girlfriends, this is an easy dinner dish that they love. So, if you are like me, this is easy, simple, and worth me trying it out. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! If you enjoyed this post, drop a comment below! I’m feeling it today, so let’s do another GIVEAWAY! You girls have been so awesome with commenting and engaging with me, I want to show how much I appreciate it! Who will win the $50 Amazon Gift Card??? I love doing these!!! Happy Saturday and I will announce the winner next Friday so make sure you check back for the winner!! Stay safe! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
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  • Laura

    I have never tried that chicken recipe but it sounds good. If you try it, let us know how it really turns out. I would probably serve over rice instead of noodles.

    • Gina Ryals

      Really like the sandals. They’re out of my size online but maybe I can luck out and find some in store

  • Amber Iwanski

    Isn’t it interesting how clothing fads and trends always come around again? I wore overalls in high school and now 40 years later, they’re back in style.

    • Laurie

      Yeh! Give a ways are always fun! I have really enjoyed the “what you are liking” post. And the overalls…. so cute. I remember wearing a really cute pair when I was pregnant years ago! Have a great Saturday!

  • Hope

    I have been working on my grocery list for things to have for dinner next week. The Amish chicken recipe looks like it will be worth a try. I think my family will love it. Thanks for the recipe!!

    • Lana

      Love the sandals! Really cute. It’s funny how things come back to style (ie the over alls)
      Makes me regret purging some of my clothes. Thanks for your blog….. it’s a nice community

      • Beverly

        Hey Lana!! Things do roll back around don’t they? Thanks for following!! We have a great bunch of girls here, everyone is super nice and no drama. I’m so glad to have you following the blog!! Happy Monday!! ❤️❤️

    • JoAnn Parrish

      I really look forward to reading your blog every day! It seems like you are able to focus on the blog now that you are not help Brooklyn. I am loving all of the new content. Keep it up Sister ❤️

      • Beverly

        Oh my gosh, I hate to say this, but I’m so glad school is getting back to semi normal. It has taken a big toll on me but Chase thinks I’m overreacting ha!! It’s been nice to post at least 5-6 times a week now. Feels normal again 😜Happy Monday ❤️❤️

  • Cheryl Chovich

    I appreciate all that you do! I love your sense of style and how you put together your outfits. Your work is truly inspiring. I look forward to your daily posts to learn new things!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly…..oh how I am ready for spring too. I have been seeing some trees with blooms on them. One was a gorgeous pink and it was in full bloom. Now….my eyes will start watering due to the pollen but oh well…you gotta take the good with the bad. I like the cute sandals from Target. You can wear those with so many outfits. Enjoy your weekend my friend. 💕

    • Mary

      Hi Bev, always look forward to your posts. That chicken recipe looks yummy I think It will be good for a Sunday dinner. Enjoy Sunday with your family and the Lord. Hope you can relax and sit back!

  • Heather

    The overalls really caught my eye. I am curious about the distressing. I wonder how high it is on the thigh. I looked and saw a lighter pair I liked without the distressing. They are a lighter color which would be nice for spring. I really like the idea of wearing them with a cardigan. Thanks for keeping me fashionable!😁❤️

  • Deb

    I wore overalls back in high school. Not sure I want to visit that trend again🥺. I cannot wait to begin wearing summer sandals, they are my favorite type of shoe. Have a great weekend Beverly!

  • Juli

    Love the overalls. Dropped them in my Amazon cart immediately. I wish I had saved some clothes styles from the 80’s and 90’s. Who knew they would be back in style!

  • Candace McElroy

    Late reading this one – but odd, was in Target today and saw the sandals – very cute. Re the micro fiber make up remover towels – found them a few years ago at a Dollar Tree – started using them and gave them to a few friends. About a month ago found more at DT but they are the thicker, fluffier ones – LOVE them. Bought all they had to tuck in with birthday gifts and so on. Great for Easter baskets too. Overalls – years ago (I am really old!) wore them, once they were dated, relegated for yard work use. Gotta think about them but do like the denim jumpsuit style. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Jennifer

    My sister will be thrilled with the coveralls. She loves them! She is an artist in nature and I think of her in them. Thank you.

  • Ann

    I love how you mix affordable fashion with higher end pieces. I am always looking for a shirt or pants to update my wardrobe each season. And thanks for sharing the cute sandals!

  • Chris

    Love all your fun items this week, especially love the striped tee! You pack a lot into your posts !! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

    • Beverly

      I do pack a lot don’t I? Variety is the spice of life 🤣 Trust me, there will be days that there are a lot less. Those will be my busy days at home. Happy Monday!!

  • Cindy

    Adorable overalls & I’m crushing on the guitar straps too! Even if I don’t buy anything, I feel like I’ve been on a little shopping spree each day. Thank you for the joy you spread. Enjoy the weekend!!

  • Theresa

    Love the overalls and all the cute sandals! Thank you for so many beautiful options. I look forward to each post.

  • Pamela M

    Hello and good morning. I am so glad that you link the pieces that you show. I like the sandals on today’s post. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  • Christine Simpson

    I love the makeup remover towels!! I have a friend who hasn’t worn mascara in a few years because she couldn’t tolerate the chemicals in makeup removers. I sent her some of the towels and she was thrilled!!
    Love all the shoes today!
    I will save the recipe and give it a try.

  • Annette

    Happy Saturday! I agree that it is hard to believe that bibs are back. And I too love the affordable styles you share and your blog.
    Enjoy the weekend and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next week.