Dad Jeans Styled 2 Ways

Have you heard of dad jeans for women? If you haven’t, you are not alone because I had not heard of them either. According to Google, the mom jeans are distinguishable by their curve-loving fit, the dad jean is defined by a straighter cut with a more slouchy, slightly oversized fit. Notice the baggy theme trending this year?

If you haven’t tried the baggier jean, it’s not as bad as you may think. Although many younger women are wearing their jeans super loose and slouchy, I have noticed more mature women are opting for the wide-leg or boyfriend look. I hopped right in and decided to try my hand at these jeans.

I found these cute button-fly dad jeans at Express and bought my regular size. These jeans fit through the hips but not as loose as boyfriend jeans. The leg tends to get wider through the knee and continues to the hem; the leg opening is slightly wider than straight leg jeans. I personally am loving the fit and the look with my cardigan. Not sure if I could pull it off with sneakers, so I opted for a great pair of sandals. See the jeans here. These are normally $80 and on sale for $29 right now.

A black mock neck tank can be worn throughout all the seasons and makes a great layering piece, so I decided to style mine a few ways with these dad jeans. This one is by Daily Ritual and fits like a regular t-shirt. This is made with a luxe jersey and drapes very flattering on all body shapes. This fits tts and comes in 12 color options. With this being under $15, it’s a great buy that can be a staple piece in your wardrobe. See the tank here.

I chose a Time and Tru Blair crossbody, which I’m loving. I tend to drift towards smaller crossbody bags for running errands and everyday life, but love a great satchel or tote when I need to carry more items. This dome-shaped bag is under $17 and is a great bag when you need your hands free. See the Blair bag here.

My rose gold glitter sandals are from Amazon and I love wearing these with denim. These come in different colors and are under $30. I wear these a lot in the summer with cropped jeans when we go out to eat. See the sandal here. The nude tones are trending this year, so why not add a little bling? As Raegan would say…got to be extra! Ha!

I love the look of this bomber jacket with these jeans! It has a sporty but chic vibe going on, what do you think? This jacket is limited in sizes, so I found a few that are similar below the picture. If you don’t have a lightweight bomber jacket, I highly recommend grabbing one. These are perfect for throwing on with jeans, joggers, and leggings. See my jacket here. *these will restock, but sizes right now are only XS and XL

Have you tried the looser cropped pant yet? Are you loving this trend or hating it?

I’m wearing a little bit of arm candy today and I am loving all the new items we just got in for the Spring. The Harden bracelet set is a perfect neutral combo that is mixed with different textures that I love! This set is only $26 and is already in high demand. See the set here. Shop all the new Spring items here.

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I cannot wait to hear your comments on the dad jean! Mom, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and now Dad…what will come up next? Which is your favorite style of jeans that I mentioned above? Since these are the new and hot trends, drop a comment below to let me know which style you prefer and get entered into another GIVEAWAY! Let’s start March off right girls! Holla! Have a great day and stay safe lovelies! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Deb

    Good morning Beverly. I have never heard of Dad jeans either, I think the only type of jeans left will be the Grandma Jean. Don’t want to be caught wearing those! Lol. Love that bomber jacket, it looks so soft. I like cropped straight leg jeans for myself. Have a great Friday😍

    • Beverly

      🤣🤣🤣Oh my gosh, as long as grandpa jeans ( with suspenders) don’t come out as a trend. Although the overall look is popular. I have a pair of those I took up and wear with sandals. I should share that!! You always make me laugh. Thank you my friend!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Shelly Robinson

      Hello, Beverly! I recently became a fan of boyfriend jeans…I wore them all winter. Dad jeans are new to me! Lol I love the bomber jacket on you. I wasn’t a fan of bomber jackets the first time around, but I like the one you’re wearing.
      Thanks to your posts with cute clothes from Walmart, I recently made a trip to see what they have and found a pair of girlfriend jeans on the clearance rack at Walmart for $3!!!!! Score!!! Lol

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly!!! You can rock any style of jeans. I cracked up to Deb’s comment about Grandma jeans… would rock those too. I have a pair of Liz Claiborne Girlfriend Jeans that I bought a couple years ago at JC Penney on clearance for $10…yes $10. They are one of my favorites. They are a dark wash and look great with blazers to wear to work and to dress more casual too. They have held up great, haven’t hardly faded either and I have worn them a lot. Oh yeah, still really busy at work….(Thank You Lord). One evening I was so tired that I decided to drink a cup of coffee….now I already had a ton that morning so talk about wired….I felt like Jet🤣.Have a great weekend.

    • Beverly

      Oh beautiful Lisa, my NC friend ❤️ You have stayed sooo busy at work. Bless your heart!! You always find the best deals!! Deb is a hoot lol!! Speaking of Jet, I let Ziva outside the other morning and Jet took off for the fence and the tree behind it and that goldendoodle nearly jumped that 6 ft fence. She sat at that tree watching for 20 minutes. Yes, I drank coffee ☕️ and watched through the kitchen window. I felt like a stalker 🤣🤣🤣 Happy Friday!

      • Jessjones

        Hi Bev’! Love that dad jean look on you! I’ve never heard of it, but I’m interested in new styles/trend any time!! I love mock necks, so that will be cute to try. I personally love the boyfriend jean..after 3 babies and almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight after my 3rd, who is close to one, looser jeans seem so “maturaly chic” as well as comfortable…I love wearing my bf jeans with a pop collar shirt half tucked, with a cute pair of colorful high heels, especially with the weather here in the Carolina’s warming up. I absolutely love seeing you rock these new styles. :)Can i please request a blog on how to pair all these spring clothes we will be rocking lol I have so much in my closet, it’s always great to be reminded how to pair these items up! Btw..ordered the Walmart crop pants u rocked last week or so from T&T, omgoodness, the rose color is beautiful and fits beautifully!! Got them in 2 more colors. They are so COMFY and stylish.

        Love and blessings,

  • Sherrie Stumbo

    I like the look on you but I am five foot tall so not sure if that look would work for me. I may have to stick with mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. Love your blog

    • Beverly

      The mom jeans are awesome!! I love the 90’s look also!! I’m trying all styles right now to see what’s working for me. Who knew we would have so many options lol!! I remember when it was only straight jeans period 🤣

      • Jen

        I hadn’t heard of Dad jeans before this post, so thanks for the education. I can rock a boyfriend jean with the best of ’em, but my true love is the skinny jeans, so I think the Dad jeans are going to be one of those trends I will pass on. Being in northern MN, we’re a little slow to get the trends that have already hit the coasts, so I figure I still have a couple years of wearing my skinny jeans before I’m seriously out of fashion! (Besides, skinny jeans are ideal for tucking into winter boots that are required for 6 months out of the year). And Lord help us if those Grandma jeans ever become a thing! Lol! Although, like the Dad jeans and anything else you put on, I bet you’d rock those Granny jeans, too!

  • Cindy Crook

    I have never heard of dad jeans, but I am pumped to try them out! I need the wider knee & calf. Years of horse back riding left me with overdeveloped calves & I struggle to find pants that do not get stuck on my calves, lol! I ordered the khakis from gap a few weeks ago & they are a great buy! Thank you for sharing all of your finds on the blog. It is really a blessing since Covid came along & I don’t shop as much in stores. Love the Grandma Jean reference!! Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, those khakis are awesome!! Some of my most worn!! I’ve been looking looser styles myself. My left back side of my knee has a bakers cyst and it swells when I’m on my feet a lot which makes that leg swell a bit. I guess I could go to the dr, but I don’t like needles lol!! The looser look took me a little time to get used to, but I’m totally loving it now. Happy Friday and stay safe lovely ❤️

  • Pamela M.

    Good morning. I really don’t have a preference on one style over the other. I like to have different looks, so I would be open to any of them. I would have to experiment on which look better on my body shape. Fun, fun! Have a great day.

    • Beverly

      Experimenting is always the best way!! My most liked way of wearing the cropped jean that are looser is with some type of heel or wedge.I can do a mule but sneakers still have me thinking I look funny. Oddly Raegan says they look great with sneakers. But that’s more her style than mine. Happy Friday ❤️❤️

  • Roni

    I love the bomber jacket look and the sleeveless black tee. As a short person under 5’4” I’m not sure the dad Jean will be a flattering look since wide leg pants tend to overwhelm and make me look heavy. I’ll give it a go since you’re my style director and I don’t want to get stuck in a style rut

    • Beverly

      Lol!! I’d definitely style them with heels and even if they hit right at your ankle, I think they would look great. I’m trying to step outside the norm myself. It’s so hard at times!!

    • Beverly

      Thank you!! I love the jacket too, I’ve worn it steadily for the past year or so. Thankfully it stays in stock. I have a friend who is about 5 ft and she has the hardest time finding pants and is always having them cut off and hemmed. Thanks for the comment ❤️

  • Eve

    I love the new trend toward a wider leg and I absolutely love bomber jackets but that one looks like the sleeves might be too short for me. The body of blouses, shirts and jackets fit me but some of the newer clothes just seem too tight or short in the arms, I haven’t changed so I’m thinking the manufacturers have.

    • Beverly

      I have had that issue myself. I’ve been sizing up with my jackets. I guess arms are shorter on the younger generation?? Lol. Your last sentence made me laugh out loud! Lol

  • Melanie S

    Good Morning☕️☀️ I’m a skinny Jean girl BUT I love the boyfriend style and I haven’t tried the girlfriend and I never heard the dad Jean till now lol. I’m actually loving the looks you styled with the dad jean. Seriously I absolutely love them both. I love how the wider cropped pant legs look with heels. Yup I definitely need that outfit and I’m loving those leopard heels. Have a wonderful Friday💕

  • Mary

    Good morning! Never heard of grandfather jeans but I do like them! Lots of options to try and that’s a good thing since I’m only 5’3. You look good in all of them.

  • Laurie Nichols Orlando

    LOVE these jeans! I have a similar pair and they have been on repeat! I like both looks you shared but really like the gray jacket – and those shoes! Super cute!! Have a great weekend!

  • Christine Simpson

    When I first saw the words dad jeans I thought ugh no 😂 but they are great! I love the look! Happily surprised! Love the crossbody bag and the mock neck too!!

  • Jami

    “Dad jeans”? I have not caught on to this one yet! I am an 80’s girl through and through, so “mom jeans” are just too close to what I wore in high school,”boyfriend” jeans look terrible on me because I never did develop curves, I’m not a grandma yet, so “grandma jeans” are off the table! I’m sorry, I still look best in the supposed defunct skinnies, however, I’ll be over here in my joggers. I have gained too much weight to go shopping for any new jeans just yet! Lol You can wear anyone’s jeans you’d like. You rock them all!

    • Beverly

      Lol! Jami, I am a jogger fanatic!! I will be so glad when it warms up enough to get out and move some!! I’m not motivated enough to work out inside ha!! I’m working on getting off my Covid weight as well!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Friyay! I read this post early this morning but the day has gotten away from me yet again and I am late in commenting. I love this look on you, it is so super cute!! My favorite is with the cardigan of course 😉 and I have that one already. The only problem that I have is that when I was younger I was very self conscious of being tall and because of that I was very careful to get the right length of pants to avoid wearing “high waters”. Something about wearing cropped pants is just hard for me to even try. I am afraid that they will look silly or like I am wearing pants that are too short for me. Anyway, I really need to get out of my comfort zone, if only I knew that they would look as good on me as they do you. I also love love love the mock neck tank! I have a few of them in different colors in my Amazon cart right now, lol. I told you that reading your blog is bad for my budget, lol! I think today’s outfits are in the top 10 of my favorites. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂

  • Laura Harmon

    I have never heard of the Dad jean, but they look great on you! If they will open up dressing rooms around here, then maybe I can try this style on. I hate to order them without having an idea of how they will look on me and have to return through the mail.

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