Twill Joggers From Walmart Styled 9 Ways

New spring styles are coming out, and looser pants and jeans are definitely trending this year. You will see straight jeans, flared pants, wide-leg styles, and looser cropped styles. Skinny jeans are still popular, but according to the younger generation on TikTok – we need to throw those out ASAP. Well, that’s not happening with me and don’t feel like you have to either. I had to remind my daughter that our generation made the scrunchie popular and not as a wrist ornament, lol! She was not particularly fond of my response, lol!

Today I am sharing different looks with the popular cropped twill jogger that can currently be found at Walmart for less than $15! They are called joggers, but they are cropped twill pants with a rolled cuff. They are pull-on style pants and have pockets with a drawstring. A pant that can easily be worn dressy or casual. So I thought I would show a few looks I came up with from my own closet. The twill pants come in multiple color options and fit TTS. See the pant here.

Everyday Looks

Try a bright cardigan with a chambray shirt for a relaxed casual chic look. I have styled mine with open-toe booties, but this would look cute with wedges this spring.

For a black and white chic look try a long duster with animal print and a great pair of loafers or mules. Some of my favorite mules are these Steve Madden Kori-Q Mules.

Outfit Details: // Similar Duster (on sale $23) // Leopard Top // Pants // Mules

For a super casual weekend look, try a sweatshirt or cozy hoodie. For sneakers, I styled this with my favorite Vans but could see me wearing my Adidas sneakers or even my Sperry’s.

Outfit Details: // Similar Hoodie // Pants // Vans Sneakers

Dress it up with a utility jacket and tank! I couldn’t resist the cute pumps with this outfit because the tank color goes perfectly with those fabulous shoes!

Outfit Details: // Similar Utility Jacket // Similar Tank // Pants // Pumps

If you grabbed the gingham shirt, pull it out! I love it with these pants, it’s such a “preppy-chic” look. Have you noticed how the trend with black loafers and mules? From what I am seeing, they are styling them with everything from denim to khaki and the pant is always cropped.

Outfit Details: // Gingham Shirt // Pants // Mules // Initial Necklace

How many ways can I style the gingham shirt? Many apparently! HA! I asked Barry which look did he like best and he surprised me by picking the belted waist look. I like the vest look, what about you? Which look would you wear?

What did I decide to wear for the day? I went with the denim jacket and gingham shirt look. I enjoyed wearing this outfit so much, it put me in a good mood for some reason. Isn’t it weird how you can put on an outfit and feel so much different?

Which was your favorite way to wear the cropped “jogger”?

I thought I would show you what the jogger’s material looks like to give you a better idea of what it looks like. It is a perfect pant to wear this spring and summer; whether you style it with sandals, flip flops, or sneakers, it is a pant you will enjoy. I bought the khaki color too!

Barry and I are spending the day together today and I think we are actually going to go out to eat! Do you know how long it has been since we ate outside the house? It’s been a while, in the past year we have become experts on drive-thru and to-go orders ha! Anybody doing anything exciting? Drop a comment below if you are, stay safe girls! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Maribeth conklin

    Good morning! I like them all but my favorite is the one with the orange tee shirt and utility jacket. I think I would roll the cuff and wear slip on sketchers or the cute white adidas sneakers. Just cuz I can’t wear heels. We go out to eat once a week. We have found some restaurants are better than others for social distancing. Panera bread is always our backup. We go a little later in the day for lunch. 2 p.m is a good time. No crowds good social distancing practices.

  • Jen

    You look fabulous in all of the outfits, but my personal favorite is the animal print top with the long, black duster. So glad to hear Kilo is doing well. Enjoy your day with the hubby! Food is always so much better when it’s served – and consumed – fresh from the kitchen. The restaurants in the area I live have been open at 50% capacity, so we prefer the option of dining inside, especially since we live far enough away from even the closest one that take-out just isn’t a suitable option.

    • Melanie D

      Good Morning ☀️☕️ My fave is the gingham shirt with the denim jacket. I love denim jackets. I feel stylish and I feel like it hides areas on me that I’m not fond of haha. I need a pair of mules. I was at Dillard’s yesterday looking for shoes for my dress for my daughters wedding that has been postponed to this Saturday and they have a huge selection of clearance shoes. I need to go back haha. All the outfits look great on you. Thank you so much for sharing outfits for women 40 and over. You have definitely changed my outlook on clothes that I thought I wouldn’t feel good in wearing. Thank you♥️ Have a wonderful lunch with your hubby and so happy to hear Kilo is doing much better

  • Cindy Crook

    Good morning, Beverly! I am loving the black & white with the vest. A close second is the animal print with the duster. Hope you enjoy your day with Barry, & so glad Kilo is getting over his accident.
    Have a fabulous Wednesday!

    • Beverly

      Hey Cindy!! I love that duster look!! And thank you for the comment, kilo is a trooper!! He’s come a long ways in a short time. It’s amazing how they heal so fast.

  • Kim Colvin

    Hi Beverly. So glad I found your blog. Since I’m new it would be helpful if I knew your size. Like how tall maybe. You look super tiny. Just want to be able to know what size would work for me.
    The twill pants look great on you!

    • Beverly

      Hey Kim!! I’m normally a size 8/medium. Here and there I have to go up to a 10/Large. I’m 5’7” and I’m kind of thin from the front but thicker from the side lol. Loving the twill pants ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shannon

    Hey! Thanks for sharing finds at Wal-mart. Until you can try on in store again, I probably won’t be shopping there any time soon, but I need the reminder to look there! My fav is the black and white with the duster.
    Have a good day!

  • Carol F Smith

    Hi Bev! I am a newbie here but am lovin the blog💖 I caught it a little late this morning and of course those cute white twill pants are already sold out😭 oh well… can’t wait to see what comes next! Have a wonderful Wednesday, God bless

    • Beverly

      Oh no!! You must wear an XS. These are really nice and I’m sure they will come back in stock. I will let you girls know when!! Welcome to the blog!!❤️❤️❤️

      • Carol F Smith

        Update: I went back in and tried again and scored!! They should be here tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to try them on! And no not a xs lol but I am only 5′ tall so hoping they won’t be too long🤣 Have a blessed day❣

    • Gina Ryals

      I like the first one with the sweater/chambray shirt, I think because I’m drawn to color. Also like the denim jacket look. Not usually a fan of twill or linen simply because both tend to need ironing, lol. But from what I can tell,, they’re nice looking pants!

  • Eve

    Couldn’t pick a fave so just saved them all to Pinterest. Glad pup is healing fast. I do miss eating at our favorite Chinese place. Always start with an egg drop soup, Yum!

  • Laurie Orlando

    These are super cute and versatile – and even more versatile with the gingham shirt! I imagine they are a lightweight material? How are they on the wrinkle aspect?

  • Penny Jo

    All very cute looks. I do love the long duster with the animal print. I keep hoping to get a pair of mules. Those are so cute.
    Enjoy you night out with your honey.

  • Maribeth conklin

    I went to one of our Wal-Mart’s yesterday to look for the pants. My store only had the black, Grey and the off white. They didn’t really speak to me. They look really big and you can’t try on so I passed for now. I think I would like the white.

    • Beverly

      They are a relaxed fit and I do like the white. I probably could have sized down for a slimmer fit, but I wanted a loose fit for comfort. I sit down at a desk a lot and I do not like to feel restricted in my thighs or stomach. Oh my gosh, I sound like a slob 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I worked yesterday (Wednesday) so I am finally getting a chance to go through my emails and read this post. I am so happy to hear that Kilo is doing much better and healing well 🙂 I love love love all of the looks in this post! I am so excited and do you know why??? Because it is almost March which means I will have some personal money to spend on clothes again, lol! I will definitely be checking out these pants. As always, thanks so much for sharing super cute and affordable outfits. Have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      Lol!! You crack me up!! Always making me giggle 🤣 I’ve got a lot of orders finally come in yesterday and more today, so hold tight!! Good stuff is on the way lol🙌🏼🙌🏼

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