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Many of you know that I have been upgrading our home, and is a project that has been time-consuming and going much slower than I anticipated. With the remodeling, I am buying new decor and organization items for my home. I decided that I would share these with you girls, because we all want a well-organized home, right? And hopefully, I will be able to keep it organized with these fabulous items. I am also showing some items I have been using for my hair, along with a few likes from Barry! Hope you enjoy!!

You may have noticed that I have a few baskets in my home and use them for storage or decor. I love the look of a basket, especially with whites and neutrals. These are a Target Find and I will be using them in our new bathroom and in my office soon. See the basket here.

We needed an upgrade for our shower caddy and I found these on Amazon. These are a must share! These can stick to any surface, rustproof, it can be used inside the shower and walls. Use it in the bathroom or get some for your kitchen for spices underneath your cabinets. These come in polished silver also, see it here. A great Amazon Find!

If you love taking baths, then you definitely need a bath tray! This holds my phone/iPad, a book, a glass, and anything else you want to put on it. These are very trendy and look gorgeous displayed on your tub. See the tray here.

I love the look of a glass vase/jar for flowers in the kitchen or bathroom. This is a gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Amphora Glass jar that is perfect for your brushes, cotton balls, or q-tips. This comes in 3 different sizes and is super cute on floating shelves in the bathroom. See the jar here.

I am totally loving this Roll-Up Stainless Steel Drain Rack over my sink. This gives me extra counter space, makes prep time super easy, looks sleek and modern, and it’s a perfect rack when you wash an item or two. This comes in several colors from Wayfair, see it here.

If your refrigerator is opened and rummaged through as much as mine, then you probably are rotating items and reorganizing constantly. These bins for your refrigerator are must-haves! They keep everything right in place, your fridge is neat and organized, and finding everything is so much easier. See these lifesavers here.

Do you have junk drawers? Or maybe some of your drawers need to be a little more organized? Mine too! These vanity and desk drawer dividers are perfect for drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, or office. This is another Amazon Find I’m loving! See it here.

If you remember me telling you about the Liquid Collagen I am taking for my hair, skin, and joints (see it here: use code 6025274 for $10 off), and missed out, no worries, I have you covered! This powder Collagen is a great alternative at half the cost. I will not let Barry near my Liquid Collagen, so I purchased this for him a few months back. It has no taste, can be mixed in your coffee or drinks easily, and is under $28. Barry gave it 5-Stars right along with over 60K other reviewers! See it here.

If you are taking the collagen, then you will probably need a new brush for that luxe hair! I recently bought this T3 Smooth Paddle Brush is a great addition to your hair tools. I personally use 3 brushes drying my hair, and this one gets my curly hair super straight, and it helps keep it healthy. See the T3 here.

If you want to tone up your arms for the sleeveless season that is just around the corner, these are awesome! These BALA Arm Bangles were on Shark Tank and are a perfect way to tone up your arms in an easy manner. Remember how toned your arms were when you were picking up kids all the time? Me too! I will get toned arms again lol! These come in multiple colors, see them here.

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Ok girls, let’s see who the winner is from the giveaway Monday! I love doing these and I am absolutely loving that I am learning who you are and getting to know you girls better. I am going to try and respond to the comments today or tomorrow, I have read them all, but we have been so busy this week, I got slack on commenting! Sorry!! Ok…Congratulations to Shelly Tuggle! Email me at [email protected] and I will email you your $50 Amazon Gift Card! Congrats!

So, which outfit did I end up wearing??? You girls know me pretty well because I had the blazer on to wear, then we decided to go somewhere more casual, so I wore the sweater and the Beige Funnel-Neck Coat from Old Navy. You all did SO well guessing!! I was impressed lol! Happy Friday!!

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  • Mary

    Hey Bev! Hello from snowy Michigan! Love those baskets and wondered about taking collagen. Did you see a big improvement in your hair?

    • Beverly

      Hey Mary!! Yes, my hair is getting thicker, it grows very fast, my skin looks better, smaller pores, fuller in the face and Barry swears it helps his joints. I love the liquid collagen and he prefers the powder. And those baskets are gorgeous!! Oh, you will notice a big difference in your skin in about 6 weeks. Happy Friday!!

  • Laurie Orlando

    I am also curious about the collagen. I have been taking a tablet form and have noticed my tennis elbow getting better but not so much my hair…

    • Beverly

      The liquid collagen has really helped my hair. It took about 6 weeks of taking it before I noticed a difference. It’s getting thicker and my part is nit as noticeable as it was. I have been taking it since about August. I noticed my skin looked better in pictures around September. I have a sports injury to my knee from younger years snd I’m seeing a difference in that as well. Although I am taking Tumeric also. Hope this helps.

    • Gina

      You’ve found some pretty home accents. I like the glass bottle and may check that out. I’ve been using powder collagen for 2 or 3 months now and I feel like I’m finally seeing some benefits. Turmeric is a go to for joints and also Tart Cherry if you’ve not tried it. What kind of liquid collagen do you use?

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