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As I read all of your comments yesterday with your goals and resolutions, it made me smile, laugh, and want to cheer every one of you on. My goals are a lot like most of you. We are so similar in so many ways, whether you live near me or are countries far away. 2020 taught me to appreciate what I have and who is in my life. I started making changes in September as far as faith, organization, and keeping a positive mindset, so I am a few steps ahead of the game. I decided to forget all the failures, pick myself up, and start the race all over again.

Top 4 in 2021

  1. My goal is to grow more in my faith.
  2. Spend more time with my husband! (IE: date nights at home lol)
  3. Move more! I started doubling my steps a few weeks back and I am seeing changes already. I am not going to the gym yet, so I am pushing myself to workout at least 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes.
  4. Lose the 10 lbs that I have put on since Thanksgiving!

As I get older – being able to move and enjoy life is something I am taking very seriously. I do not want to get older with very little muscle mass, or hardly being able to move, or play with Brooklyn. I watch Barry who is 61 and fit as a fiddle, he runs, plays with Brooklyn, has more “get-up-and-go” than me. He has been on the FWTFL after I finished my first round. Barry saw my progress, he saw that I was eating, and he saw that it worked! He is like a 40-year-old, but because I indulged in emotional/boredom eating for a few months – I am starting to lag behind. Well…that just can’t happen girls!

In 2019 I started the FASter Way To Fat Loss program and had GREAT success! You can read my story here or by clicking the picture below. I have maintained my weight easily, until staying home and boredom eating during the holidays.

So I am back to carb-cycling, intermittent fasting, and eating better. This is the only program I have ever been on that actually worked, I was never hungry, and the fat started dropped off in week 2 and 3. I start back Monday, we have a new round starting, if interested, you can join here with me. This program really works, and my entire family has had success. It’s the easiest way to lose weight, plus you have a coach to help you. If you are struggling with weight or health or just want to lose that last 10 lbs, I urge you to consider this program. Read more about it here. See my Before & After pics below. I believe the Before Pic was from December 2018 and the After was June 2019. If you are interested, read my story, I tell everything!

Join the first 2021 Round on January 4th HERE.

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Some of my favorite products and clothing items that I use for my meals, water bottles, yoga mats, outside gear to keep me warm while working out or walking, and more.

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Thank you for stopping by the blog today and I hope this helps or encourages some of you in your health and wellness journey. You can do it!~ I did it, my 80 year old mom did it, brother, husband, and many of my friends. It works. It will ask you about a VIP program after you finish your round, they will text you and you can opt out of that. Once you learn this program, you can use it for the rest of your life! Now that is AWESOME! Hugs and blessings everyone! Stay safe! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy New Year to you and your family my sweet friend! Our eldest daughter and her family left early (5 am) this morning to head back home to Florida. I couldn’t go back to sleep and the house is way too quiet already. I am so grateful that we were able to have almost a week together and already cherish the memories that we made. I pray that you have a wonderful weekend and an amazing New Year!!

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Im so glad you got to spend time with her! I’ve had Brooklyn most of the day and been swamped. I’m just now getting to all these comments!! Happy New Year my lovely friend!! XOXO❤️

  • Maribeth conklin

    Today is my youngest 28th birthday! Wow time flies! I am also doing the challenge starting Monday for FWTFL. I have been slacking for few weeks and gained about 6 pounds. This new program changes everything I learned but I will be o.k .
    Amanda is back from maternity leave. She has a flat belly and huge boobs lol! Wishing yoh success.

  • Tammy Gravis

    I’m wearing the black and white turtleneck from wally world today and love it. Only $7 bucks. My eyes are doing some better praise the Lord and may make a MickeyD’s run for the old man. LOL I got the colored cardigan too for only $20 under you! Love your blog things I can afford. Happy New Year beautiful lady.

    • Melanie S

      Good Morning. Thank you for sharing this weightloss program. I’m actually starting one Monday and my biggest issue with myself is patience. I am one who wants to see results quick. Praying I will be patient and not rush because I have no reason to rush lol… Thank you for the motivation! I love motivation and it’s what keeps me going. Have a wonderful weekend ☕️♥️

      • Beverly

        Yes!! Good luck!! I think a lot of us are starting to look at health more. It’s hard not to when you live with a Heath fanatic lol! He’d kill me if He knew I said that 😂 But he is an inspiration about staying fit. It certainly shows how dedicated he is to keep moving and keeping fit. I think we as women lose a lot of muscle and elasticity as we age, so I’m back on track!! Good luck ❤️

  • Lori Burton

    Hi Beverly,
    I have considered FWTFL for several years but continue to hesitate for basically two reasons. One, my husband won’t eat vegetables unless it’s potatoes, corn, or some type of bean. It’s just the two of us at home now (our younger daughter married in December) so I want to cook things we both like. Do the meals accommodate such picky eaters? I’d like to lose about 20 lbs and eat more healthy in the new year. I’m tired of feeling tired and sluggish. Plus our older daughter and son-in-law are expecting our first grand in April, and i want the energy to play with that sweet blessing when he arrives. My second reason is the cost. I really want this to be something both my husband and I can benefit from. Is there a site where I can see meal ideas or recipes to help me in this decision? I enjoy reading your blog and feel that of the few I read consistently, I connect with your personality, style, and faith more than the others. May God bless you for a happy and healthy 2021.

    • Beverly

      I am a very picky eater. Barry us not. In this program they give you a number goal for carbs, proteins, fats that vary each day. You eat whatever foods you like to reach those goals. I like mashed potatoes, corn, peas, yams, and that is my basic veggies that I’ve eaten my entire life. We eat what we like, so this works very well for my entire family. My meals have not changed other than I don’t eat fried foods much at all. I still eat snacks or a donut here and there. As long as I stay within my goals I’m fine. I eat bananas, strawberries, peaches and pineapples a lot in high carb days. It’s the most realistic plan for every day life I’ve been on. We sat steak, chicken, homemade hamburgers, etc. If you sign up, just remember to eat the foods you like and stay on goal. It’s a lot of food and you won’t go hungry! If you both sign up you get a huge discount, good luck. I hope this helps!!

  • Eve

    My basic diet is good but I do wander over toward a sweet treat too often. I don’t like to cook so that’s a problem. I’ll open a box or can when I feel lazy and they really don’t taste good with the exception of crackers. I’m certainly going to work on that. I gained 5 lb this year which is not bad considering.
    Exercise is harder to fix but moving my behind more would help there. Sitting around is just not good for you. God gave us legs for a reason.
    We can do anything if we realize everything starts in our little brain. Now take the next step and put it in action.

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