Amazon Fashion That Covers The Boo-Tay!

Today it’s all about covering the Boo-Tay and still be trendy. I hear from so many of you and your concerns about body image. You are not alone, we all have issues regarding our body shape or how clothes look on us. Do not fret! We are way worse on ourselves than others. I have noticed Raegan and her friends have no care in the world about how they dress. And I wonder what happened to our generation? Why are we uneasy with some trends, or why does our generation “fix-up” with makeup before we go out? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, so drop a comment below and let’s have a forum. In the meantime, read on to hear about the sweater in the Top 10 fashion buys on Amazon.

This was one of the sweaters I purchased from the Amazon Prime Day Sale and I am obsessed with it. This is around $35 and comes in 25 colors to choose from. I chose the caramel; I have no clue why – because it is very similar to my Walmart sweater; nonetheless, I am still loving it! The Deep Apricot, Khaki, and Pink are simply gorgeous, so check them out. This fits loose and falls to the top of your thighs in the front. I purchased my normal size medium for reference.

I like this sweater because it is longer in the back and covers the booty! This has a high-lo hem and the back of the sweater drops to mid-thigh, which is a great length for us older girls. I am 5’7″, but I am pretty proportionate and always buy regulars in the majority of my clothes. (If I do buy Long, it is always to cuff my pants and I will always let you know) See the Batwing Turtleneck Sweater here.

I was on a waitlist for these boots from QVC and got them in last week. These are the Wadelyn Mid-Calf Boots by Vince Camuto and I love them! I love the brass detail and they look so cute with jeans and a cozy sweater. These will sell out quickly, and I saw that they were low in stock, but you can add to your Wishlist at QVC and when they come back in stock you can grab them. These come in Tostada (I’m wearing this color), black, and mahogany red. See the boot here. I found similar ones and linked them below if you like this style of boot.

Last year I stepped out and purchased these Fur Mules on a whim. I originally purchased them because other fashion bloggers were showcasing them and their audience was loving it. I thought they were ugly, but I ran to Target and grabbed up a pair with high hopes. Once I got home and put them on, I was sold – lock, stock, and barrel. They were comfortable and they kept my feet cozy during the day while I was walking around the house. A lot of you said they were ugly and I agreed with you before I stepped out of my comfort zone. Seriously girls, I really like these shoes. Plus, they are perfect for slippers during winter! No more putting on different shoes to run outside lol!

I did a survey on my Instastories and most of you girls are like me, you will Save vs. Splurge when it comes to fashion. Shop the Target Style under $25 here or shop the Steve Madden style for $95 here.

Are you a leggings kind of girl in the cool seasons? And if you are, do you wear them more around the house or out and about?

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Maribeth conklin

    Good morning,
    I work with middle school aged children on a daily basis. You are correct they don’t seem to have the same hang ups that I had at that age. However that doesn’t mean they look good. Lol!
    We have a new generation of obese children coming up and in my opinion should not be wearing what they wear. The girls are the worse. Leggings belly shirts ECT. Super cute clothes just not for them. The boys don’t seem to have the problem. They all are very stylish. Its kinda like just because you can wear something should you? The sweater is cute.
    Maribeth Conklin

    • Beverly

      My husband says the same thing. My daughter’s attitude ( she’s 20) is…if you like it, wear it. Things do change as each generation comes around. I remember when flying, you dressed up lol. Those days are long gone. Haha. But I’m not knocking comfort. I love my comfy clothes!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Melanie S

    Good Morning!
    Thank you for sharing in your 40’s style. I’m 41 and sometimes I feel like I’m trying to dress like a teenager because of the clothes that are out in this generation. Ever since I came across you on Pinterest and the found your blog I feel more confident wearing the styles you choose because I feel 41 and feel pretty wearing them and I don’t feel like a teenager lol. I have 2 teenage daughters and they actually come into my closet and borrow my clothes lol. Makes me feel good knowing I can encourage my girls to dress modest and still feel beautiful. Loving that sweater & those boots are actually cute as well which is out of my comfort zone but will take the risk. Sorry for my book comment haha. Have a wonderful day.

    • Beverly

      Good morning Melanie!! Thank you so much for this comment!! It makes me feel better when I get feedback like this. I am a modest 51 year old, but I do not feel like I’m in my 50’s in my head lol. Like you, I was following fashion bloggers and the outfits were too “much” for me, so I decided to start my own blog ha! I’ve got a lot of years in the fashion and beauty industry and decided that I couldn’t be the only one who was looking fashion for ladies over 40 that was doable. So thank you for following and thank you so much for the comment!! Made my day❤️❤️❤️

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