How To Cover Up The Midlife Tummy

Many of us ladies are going through our midlife years and are having issues with a little extra weight in the mid-section. This can be frustrating to have the weight gain, but it can be debilitating in the mornings trying to find an outfit that fits well, looks good, and conceals those extra pounds. How many of us have pulled out clothes, tried them on, only to throw them back in a drawer or back in the closet? We all have been there!

What I have learned over the years is that I can conceal those extra pounds by changing how I dress my body shape. After 50 years old or so is when the menopause weight gain happens and losing weight can be tough. There are ways to still eat and be able to lose weight just like I did back in March 2019. You can scroll down to read about that.

I have heard from ladies throughout the years asking for help on how to dress their body type. A lot of us girls over 50 do not have the same waist size as we did back in our 30’s and that’s ok! Here are some sure fire ways to cover and dress that midlife body and feel confident each day and step out feeling fab!

Dressing The Menopausal Body

  • Wear a longer cardigan to conceal and cover!
  • Try a flowy top that hits your hips and add a Moto Jacket
  • Why? Wearing a cardigan or Moto Jacket can camouflage weight gain and the different lengths will be flattering to the eye
  • Blouses, tops, and tees should hit at or below your hips. Choose styles that draw the eye up and away from the waist area, such as a v-neck blouse or a great statement necklace to bring the eye up. Wearing prints for blouses will also draw the eye upward.
  • Don’t be afraid to try Spanx or Shapewear (my faves are Skims and Spanx)! I wear them all the time and you girls have never noticed! (I bet you feel robbed huh? lol) They hold you in and smoothes out any lines, bulges, and bumps…and we all have them! Some of my favorite pieces are below.
  • Body posture is everything! Stand up straight with shoulders back
  • Again…layer, layer, layer! It conceals a multitude of flaws! This is one of the most important bullet points – can you tell? HA!
  • Don’t emphasize your waist by adding belts, this will draw attention to your mid-section.
  • A great way to hide the belly is to wear a trapezoidal dress without any tight spots. High-waisted dresses are a good option too.
  • Choose mid-rise or high-rise jeans for the most flattering cut. Mid-rise and high-rise jeans help to support and cover your belly.

My Favorite Shapewear

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Great suggestions Beverly…. and oh so true about the menopausal tummy. I am 54 years old and since I turned 50 is when the weight started creeping on. Now I will say, I have contributed to a little weight gain because I have an addiction to sugar so I cannot blame all of the pounds on menopause. I will also say this is the age your metabolism seems to significantly slow down or comes to a halt. My experience is that I cannot seem to lose the pounds as quickly as I had before….even with exercising and cutting back sugar. Over the last four years I have been doing all of the tips you have suggested. I also do a front tuck and keep my blouse/shirt really loose over my waistband which makes my tummy roll less noticeable. I am also trying to embrace my changing aging body by telling myself the positive things about it which helps a little too. I pray y’all have a much needed fabulous time. Tell Barry Happy Birthday…He looks great. You have a precious family. Be safe. xoxoxo

    • Beverly

      You are absolutely right about the front tuck and let it be loose. I do that all the time because I am a little thicker than I was at 40 lol! It is harder after 50, but it can be done. Now with that being said, I need to push myself more about working out. I just bought some new athletic wear for the cooler season hoping that will push me ha!! Thank you for the sweet words!! Have a great day Lisa 🦋 ❤️

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