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I like a good buy and if I find a product that I enjoy, then I am going to share it with you girls. I like affordable fashion and I like a lot of it lol! I would rather mix my wardrobe up with affordable pieces and higher-end pieces to give me more options throughout the year. From what I hear from my girlfriends, they all feel the same way. How about you? What do you splurge on? Clothes, shoes, or handbags?

I ordered this black and striped sleeveless sweater a few days ago and absolutely loved it. It was laying over a chair when Raegan walked by and stopped to ask if that was for her…Ummm…nope! That’s ya Mamas! I gave in and ordered her the sweater in tye-dye lol. I’m weak! Back to the top, this top is only $19.99 and is made very well, it totally surprised me. I knew the rating was a 4-star rating of over 200 reviews, but I was still a little weary. This Fits TTS, I am actually wearing a Large, but should have gotten my normal size medium. This comes in multiple color options that are great pieces to wear now and layer under blazers and jackets in the fall. Another way to wear it is with denim shorts, or denim jeans and a white jacket for the fall. See the sweater here.

If you love a longer short, Old Navy has the 7-inch twill Mid-Rise Everyday Short on sale for $10. It’s a “Hot Deal”, sizes are limited in white, but there are other color options available. See those here. I am wearing 5-inch short since the weather here is around 93 degrees (feels like 106!), but I think I would rather have the 7-inch short on with this look if I were going out running errands. These 5-inch shorts wear TTS, I am wearing an 8, these come in 8 different color options and are as low as $13.99. See them here.

My sandals are by Steve Madden called the Dual Flat Sandal and are available in 5 different color options. I found some that are on sale here from Zappos. I purchased my normal size in these and they fit fine, but I wish I had gone up a 1/2 size. See these popular sandals here.

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Today is grocery day and the day I clean baseboards and things like that. It’s hump day and it has to get done – yay! What are you girls up to today?

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Have a blessed day! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Cindy Mitchell

    Hi Beverly,
    I’ve had several dogs over the years and this “Relax My Dog” music on Amazon always helped soothe the ones who hated thunder and fireworks. It’s free to stream or you can get free apps too now I just discovered. I always got the longest ones I could find and would play it most or all of the night. It’s nice for people too. Hope it helps. It was almost like magic with my sweeties.

    Love your blog! Hope you’re feeling better these days.

    • Beverly

      Thank you Cindy!!! How awesome ❤️❤️ Thanks for following and I am feeling better since I’ve taken time off work. Barry and I were talking this past weekend and decided I’m probably going to have to work from home again. This mono is no joke at 51 lol. Have a great day!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Here I am a day late again 😉 I actually read and left a comment on today’s (Thursday’s) post then I realized that I never read yesterday’s, lol! Anyway, On Monday I drove to Dacula to a Kohl’s there to pick up a king size quilt and sham set for our guest bedroom. When I finally got around to unpacking it and put it on the bed I found out that one of the shams was missing. After a couple of phone calls the manager of the store said that he found the sham and that I could go in the next day to pick it up. The store is about 50-60 minutes from us but at least the route that I take is through a nice rural area. Well, Troy decided to join me on the ride so we left at about 10:00 am. When we got back home at noon we walked into our living room through the garage door and found my mother-in-law sitting on the floor with her back to a chair. She had fallen in the kitchen shortly after we left and had made her way across the floor to the living room where she tried to get up on her feet using the chair as leverage. Fortunately, she is ok aside from being sore and a bit bruised. Maybe now she will get a life alert thing like she said that she was going to do. I also have told her to please put her cell phone in her house dress pocket any time that she leaves her room. Thank God she wasn’t seriously hurt. The funny thing is that Troy looked at her and just walked right on by her to get to his computer in the dining room to do his work. When I asked him after we got her up and back into her room why he did that he said, “I thought that she was sitting on the floor playing with the pups”, LOL!! I love him to death but he is not good in any sort of accident or emergency. We had a good laugh and I told him that for a brilliant man he isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box! LOL Funny how some people can be so intelligent and book smart but have no street sense. As far as your pup, we have bought something called Bach (that’s the brand name) Rescue Remedy for pets. It is Natural stress relief for pets, alcohol-free, veterinarian recommended, safe and gentle, homeopathic. I have used the form for humans in the past and it helps. Have a great day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, Troy sounds just like Barry. He is oblivious to all things outside of his view lol. I could paint this house and I don’t think he would notice lol!! Glad she is ok!! Bless her heart, I know when my mom has fallen she was terrified-she needs the alert thing too! Glad you got your sham! What a drive! Hope your day is wonderful sweet friend!! Hugs!!😘😘

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