Top 5 Faves of The Week

A new week is here and we are starting out the new year with a bang! It was slow the last few weeks due to the holidays, so I am pumped about getting back to work. Let’s hop right in and see what the Top 5 Most Popular Items were last week!

This Time and Tru Eyelash Sweater was posted on social media last week and it was by far the most popular item for the entire week sweeping the #1 spot. Who doesn’t love a little zebra print? This is a great sweater to add to your wardrobe for many reasons, but the biggest one is the feel of the sweater. It’s so soft and comfortable to wear! Pair it with jeans for an every day look or style it with slacks or a skirt and boots for a dressier look. This is a great sweater that can go from day to night easily and it’s under $10! This comes in a silver and black leopard and a black and white buffalo check print. See it here.

Coming in at #2 is the High-Waisted Distressed Skinny Jeans that is actually called “brilliant repair”. I’ve been wearing these quite a bit rolled up at the ankle with flats or booties like these. They are skinny jeans, but not like jeggings. You have stretch in these jeans, so they are super comfortable to wear for any event or staying home relaxing. I like these because they are distressed, so I am trendy, but not showing skin – it’s a nice option for those days you skip shaving – LOL! Just kidding! I know you girls shave your legs daily… ha! See the jeans here.

In the #3 spot was this super lightweight Avia Active Quilted Vest. This is a vest that can be worn while outside walking for an extra layer of warmth or you can wear it as an accessory with a button-down or sweater. However you choose to style this vest, I am sure you will fall in love with the comfort and flattering fit. This fits TTS and comes in black and in platinum silver (it’s super cute!). See the vest here.

In the #4 spot is one of my FAVES! This long sleeve mesh cardigan has been on the blog since the late Summer/early Fall and has been a top favorite each month. This is a piece that can be worn through the Winter all the way through the Spring and it’s under $17!!! See it here – it fits TTS!!

Taking the #5 spot is this super cute Athleisure Ribbed Zip Front Jacket with Hood. Let me tell you why I am liking this jacket so much. It’s a soft ribbed material that stands out from the crowd, it has holes in the sleeves to keep your hands warm and honestly – it is stinking cute on! It’s one of these jackets that you WILL get asked, “Where did you get that from?” These jackets come in black, gray heather and this gorgeous winter white. Honestly, I like the winter white the best – it reminds me of snow cream (lol), which reminds me of my younger days when the kids were smaller! See the jackets here.

I only did the Top 5 this week, since we had holidays, colds (or something close to the flu) invading our home last week. It was not a normal week, but I am ready to get the show on the road now!

Barry and I are headed to Barnes and Noble for a few books I have been wanting to pick up. Nothing like turning the pages of a real book -I have a Kindle, but rarely use it. Any suggestions before we take off this afternoon? What’s your favorite book you’re reading right now?

Thanks for stopping by girls and I hope your day is awesome! XOXO!!

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    The eyelash sweater is my fave out of the top 5 and WOW $9.99. Beverly, I sure hope y’all’s week is better than last week. I have quiet a few books I want to read but don’t take the time. Today starts the Proverbs 31 Ministries newest Bible study through the First 5 App. I have been doing the First 5 studies since 2015 when they started it and have learned so much. The last study was in Isaiah and to be honest I did not finish it, I got behind during the holidays so I really don’t have the extra time to read a book. I know…that sounds like an excuse. I really need to take the time to read. Let me know what book you find today. Have a great day. ~Lisa~

  • Sandy

    Good morning…I’m so ready to get back into routine. My favorite is ribbed front jacket and may have to look into getting that. Let us know what you get at the book store. I am “terrible” about reading books and that should be a goal this year to do more reading of books and less time on the computer. Hopefully the virus has left your house and you can have a healthy and productive week. I will be at the desk today with book work.

    • Beverly

      Woo Lord we hope that Christmas is gone. Barry started feeling bad last night, took some NyQuil and went to bed early. He says he’s fine today so hopefully we all are rid of this mess. Reading more was a small goal for me this year, nothing helps you read more than a new book lol. Missed you beautiful! Have a great day!

      • Sandy

        Awe…that is so sweet of you and I missed not checking in regularly but just had a lot on my plate in December and just “didn’t take time” to enjoy my morning coffee and your blog. A New Year and I hope a change in attitude in getting back on track with everything. I didn’t ask you….what type of books/reading do you like???

        • Beverly

          December is a busy month! I’m kind of glad it’s over! I’m looking prophecy books, I’m looking for a good daily devotional for women and anything that’s a good page turner lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    I like all of the top 5. I am putting myself on a spending hiatus for a while due to so many health related out of pocket costs right now. I am glad that your household is on the mend. Poor Troy has not been feeling well off and on for weeks now and I think that I have finally convinced him to go to a walk in clinic this afternoon. I woke up feeling pretty yucky this morning and still not feeling well so I am puttering around here at home and taking it easy. I love to read and go to the Library just about every week. I go through a book about every 1-2 days. I like to read all sorts of things but the things that I read before bedtime each night is usually light romantic or funny type stories. I don’t like to read anything too “deep or heavy” just before bed as I use the practice to relax and prepare myself for a good nights’ sleep. In the morning or sometime during the day I will read from my Bible. During December I read a chapter of Luke each day and this month I am reading a chapter of Romans each day. Years ago when I did child care I had one family that would get me a Barnes and Noble gift card each year for Christmas and I very much looked forward to it. I too have a kindle but my doctor suggested that the light from it could interrupt my sleep pattern so I gladly went back to regular books. There is nothing like the smell and feel of a good book in your hands! I hope you find something good to read 🙂

    • Beverly

      Girl, you hit it right on the head!! I love the feel and smell lol. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon. My allergies must be bothering me, my eyes are so swollen here lately. Geez. I hate that!! Plus I can tell it’s hard to breathe on certain days when it’s warmer. I guess it’s never going to stay cold here!

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