My Favorite Things I Bought On Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! I am really late in getting his post out and for that, I am very sorry! Raegan worked till 1:30 am last night and we slept in! I did want to share some really good deals with you, especially at Ulta! Check out what I got today and be sure to share great deals in the comments below!

I love Madewell jeans, ever since I got a pair in my Trunkclub a few months ago. I normally do not splurge on jeans, but I am sold on this brand. They fit so well, have great stretch and are very flattering on, these are on sale 30% off! Why not splurge, right? see the jeans here.

This Madewell Transport Tote is on sale 30% off and I wasted no time in getting this! I showed a cheaper version here, but when I saw this went on sale, I had to get a couple for gifts. It really is the perfect bag, especially if you like a bag that can be a crossbody or carry on your shoulder. See it here.

Check out Ulta for some really great deals, especially the Beauty Busters! I love Big Sexy products and I use the Root Boost every day to get volume. Big Sexy products are on sale for only $8.99, see them here.

One of our favorite eyeshadow palettes are on sale also, we love Urban Decay! These are HALF OFF for only $27, see them here.

I also have been loving the Spanx leather leggings and they are on sale at Nordstrom for 20% off, see them here. I first tried these with a Trunkclub and have found many ways to wear them, even if you are older – you can still style these to be very cute and fashionable! Shop all Nordstrom Up To 50% off here.

If you’ve ever noticed my watch in my pictures, it’s the Versa Lite Fitbit! I try to reach my daily goals in steps and this helps me so much, it even reminds me to get moving! I can sync my music, notifications and more. This is a Doorbuster at Kohl’s and it’s on sale for only $99.99, see it here. Can you guess who’s getting this for Christmas? Raegan, Chase, or Barry? The Doorbusters ends in one hour, so HURRY!!! Shop them here.

Raegan loved my slimming coat so much, I decided to get her a new one for Christmas – she doesn’t know so don’t tell her lol! This one is super nice and under $60! These have been very popular this year and VERY popular on the blog! See it here.

If you like them longer, this one is on sale for only $139.99, regular $350! This is a HIUGE doorbuster!! See it here.

Select jeans are only $10 at Old Navy and I snagged a few pair, one of them were these! This only lasts 12 more hours so check it out before your size gets gone!

I also grabbed up the ever so popular Fair Isle Sweater! There are different colors, but I liked the navy, plus a mustard vest or scarf would look so cute with this! These are 50% off – check it out here.

What did you girls get today? Share more sales in the comments, I’m sure we all would appreciate some good deals!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!! XOXO

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  • Sandy

    Good for you in snagging some deals. Our kids/grandkids were still here all day today so there was no computer time or Black Friday shopping for me so I got absolutely no deals. this time of night I am just not in the mood for shopping. Instead I have my feet up and am watching Hallmark. I will be curious as to who gets the Fitbit watch but I’m going to put my guess in that it will be Barry so that you can keep each other challenged and moving with your Fitbits.

    • Beverly

      😂😂 you’re such a good guesser!!! Girl, enjoy your time-and 2 good movies are on tonight and tomorrow night!! My favorite actresses. Candace Cameron Bure tomorrow and Lacy Chabert tonight!! I can’t wait!!❤️❤️

      • Sandy

        My Fitbit is just one that you hook on your pocket. A LOT of people have the kind that you wear on your wrist though. I know it sure wouldn’t hurt to have one that would buzz me when I need to get up and start moving…LOL I’ll keep your secret!! I love Candace’s movies too and I’ll be watching Lacy’s tonight! Watched a tear-jerker one this afternoon 😉

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