Camo + Oversized Sweatshirt For A Casual Day

Good morning ladies! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday and Thursday is off to a great start! It seems I never blog about a really casual outfit and to be honest, we wear items like this all the time! One of my favorite leggings to wear are my Camo leggings. I workout in these, run errands in them and love lounging around the house in my camo. Camo is a huge trend right now and the trend did not skip by the legging industry.

I have had these camo leggings around February of this year from my local Walmart, so check your local store – I’m sure they have some in stock.

I love an over-sized sweatshirt and I found the perfect one when I was at Old Navy doing a Try-On Haul, see the post HERE. In the post, I styled them with a pair of Rockstar Jeans, but I decided to style it with my Camo leggings today. This sweatshirt looks really cute with shorts and tennis shoes too! Comfort is a must, but with cooler nights coming, this is a perfect grab and go top. This is a tunic style sweatshirt, so you can style this with black leggings and some booties. Add some cute jewelry and you have a night out outfit that is super comfy! See the sweatshirt HERE.

I half-tucked my sweatshirt today, I’m not a huge fan of my back-end showing, so this tunic sweatshirt is perfect for those of us that like to hide that part!

While we were at the beach we stopped by Tanger Outlets and I stopped in at the Sketcher store. I have been looking at their commercials and decided I wanted some pull-on tennis shoes. I found these Air-Cooled Memory Foam Slide Ons and I have fallen in total LOVE! I have been wearing these tennis shoes almost every day – plus the cute blush/pink color doesn’t hurt! I could not find my exact tennis shoes, so they may outlet only, but I did find other Air-Cooled Memory Foam shoes by Sketcher that are very similar.

Do you like a pull on tennis shoe or prefer lace-up? I am finding that I like the pull-ons better now that I have tried a few.

Do you girls have any camo or planning on getting in on the camo trend this Fall?

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you have a great day! Today is grocery shopping day…UGG! You girls stay safe!

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  • Sandy

    Am I he only one that can’t get into leggings..LOL. I just don’t feel like I look good in them. But…your outfit looks super comfy. I do like slip on tennis shoes, in fact I ordered a pair and just sent them back as they didn’t have enough arch support for me. I wanted a casual light way pair to run errands instead of my walking shoes so m going to keep looking. I am helping my SIL at a vintage craft fair today and tomorrow s it’s been a long day but fun.

  • Kelly Palmer

    I agree with Sandy that I don’t feel like I look good in leggings either. I am still looking for a jean type of camo pair of pants. I love Sketchers and have been wearing them for years. The first ones that I ever got were the pull on type and I absolutely love them!

    • Beverly

      I’m loving these shoes!! I like to wear leggings with a long tunic shirt add some booties and an extra long cardigan. It hides my legs lol Have a great day!! I’ve been looking at Camo jeans too, have you seen the ones at Target and Loft?

  • Kelly Palmer

    I tried a pair on at Target a couple of weeks ago but the way the pockets were located on the pants I thought they made me look hippy. I found a pair on the Loft website that I really like and they look as though they have the typical type of jean pockets. I have been watching to see if they go on sale and also waiting for the new October budget to kick in 😉

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