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Happy Wednesday morning everyone! It’s Hump Day!! While Raegan is much better it feels like a ton of bricks fell on me again. Getting a flu shot did nothing for me this flu season! Although it is not as bad as what Raegan has had, so I will take it if this is the way it has to be. I texted Barry a work today to see how he was feeling and his text came back…and I quote…”Fine and Dandy”. I went 8 years without a sniffle…those were the days! LOL

If you haven’t checked out QVC and the Lisa Rinna Collection line, you might want to. I have purchased quite a few pieces from her and love them. Lisa and her husband, Harry Hamlin, ran a prestigious Boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA called Belle Gray. She took her line to QVC and has done quite well with her line. Her collection is for the everyday woman and has some great weekend outfits and workwear outfits that are pretty reasonable. Of course you girls know I love some “easy pay” options and you get that with QVC.

This is an easy top to wear with jeans or to work. It has a stand-alone collar and crisscrosses in the front. The hi-lo hem is perfect to cover the behind area and comes with a tank that is adjustable. This comes in light blue, navy blue, white, black, taupe, rose and dusty fern. Sizes are XXS- 1X. They run a tad big so if it were me, I would size down. I am wearing a Medium and have plenty of room. This is $80, but well worth it! Especially if you can get it on Easy Pay. Plus this is one of QVC’s Best Sellers, so you know it’s a great item and will be a great purchase! It’s called the Twist Front Top With Camisole and you can get it HERE.

I have worn this top for 2 years now and have gotten my monies worth for sure! It never fails, when I wear it – I will get complimented on the top. It gives you a long vertical line that takes pounds off instantly. If you are more petite, that’s ok too, it will give you a long vertical line that instantly makes you look taller! You can wear this blouse with jeans, dress pants, a pair of nice leggings… a weekend or to work top.

I styled mine with the Super Soft High Waisted Jeggings from American Eagle and Leopard Block Heel Boots from Sole Society. I have had these boots since the Fall and must admit, they are some of my favorites! I like them because they are a muted print. It has the look, but it doesn’t BLARE animal print! They are also on sale right now for $49.98, they also come in 2 different colors! They are called Tashia Block Heel Booties, get them HERE. Get the Super Soft High Waisted Jeans HERE, they are on SALE right now for $49.95!!

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I wanted to give these jeans a dressier look so I decided to accessorize a little bit today. I chose the Danae Corded Necklace, I LOVE this necklace for many reasons. I don’t have to worry about layering and it goes so well with so many outfits. I love this necklace with black, but it looks exceptionally well with beiges and whites. It has a very chic and classy look to it with those colors. Get the Danae Necklace HERE.

I chose to stack a few bracelets today, the Tri-Blend Bracelet Set is a set of stretchy bangles that I wear all the time, these are definitely my “go to” set. They are a 3 toned Set and are $38. Get the Tri-Blend Set of 3 Bangles HERE. I have not worn the Dove Stretch Bracelet much this Winter, but I am sure I will be using it to accessorize this Spring and Summer a lot more. This is not a heavy bracelet, it stretches and I love wearing it, I just haven’t had a wardrobe or an outfit that I thought it would go well with, it is $34. Get the White Dove Stretch Bracelet HERE. Last but not least, the greenish blue marbled bracelet with a gold bead is called the Hazel Stretch Bracelet. I wear this bracelet all the time also. You can pair this one with most outfits, and it goes especially well with ANY denim that you wear. It pulls color from your jeans and looks so cute when it is stacked with other bracelets and it’s only $20. Get the Hazel HERE.

The earrings are Gold Leaves Earrings from World Market and these are also some of my favorites! Some people call them tobacco leaves, but they look like regular leaves to me. They are light and big enough to give you a really cute look with updos, or shorter hair. I normally wear these when my hair is either in an updo or pulled back in a ponytail. Here in NC, these are super popular right now. these earrings are only about $8 and you can get them HERE.

Don’t forget the Customer Special this month with JBloom Designs is only $20!! Each month I will share with you the Customer Special and the Hostess Special. I am always doing book parties or online only parties, we send out your invites and you get FREE jewelry!! A party only has to be $100 with only 3 orders and you can snag up the Hostess Special. If interested just leave a comment or email me at [email protected]

One last thing – I have not told you girls about the Earring Extravaganza that is only $17.00 a month. It’s a subscription and each month JBloom will send you a set of earrings. See below at the earrings that have been sent out over the last year. Let me know if you’re interested in this, I will have to sign you up for that. Just comment below. To check out the website click HERE.

You girls have a great day!! See you on the blog tomorrow and thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    So sorry that you are still not feeling well 🙁 My husband has been home from work yesterday and today due to some sort of flu bug or virus. I can definitely understand why God chose woman to go through child birth and not men. He gets so cranky and difficult to live with when he is not feeling well so I can only imagine what he would have been like through a pregnancy 😉 I love love love the earrings and have seen some similar to these in the past. The price on these are amazing so I think that I will have to get me a pair!

    • Beverly

      Ha! Ha! Ha! You’re killing me making me laugh!! You’re right, women handle sickness so much better!! Raegan got better than got worse then got better too. So I’m hoping this is the end for me. It’s not too bad, but I don’t want to get anyone sick at work either !! Aren’t they cute as a button!!! Love those earrings!! Great price point!!! Keep me laughing Kelly!! 🤣🤣

  • sandy

    Oh no…it’s bad enough to get the flu bug once but when it hits again..double whammy. Hope you don’t have much on today so you can rest. What a cute outfit and I have gotten to love hi-low blouses and all the jewelry accents are so pretty with it. Cute hair too as always! Feel better.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Sandy-you just made me feel better lol. I’m not too bad today but I did stay home from work just in case. Don’t want others catching this mess. We even missed our weekend at the beach too!! We were going to eat dinner one night with Tania, from 50 is not old. Ugggg 🤣 there will be more times though-One more day of rest and I will back at it full throttle. I love this Hilo blouse. I have worn this so much I’m surprised it’s still wearable lol. Thank you so much for your compliment 😘😘😘

  • Gloria

    You look so cute and put the outfit together welll. I love those Sole Society booties and would really consider them for next year because I don’t think I would get much wear out of them once spring arrives. I’m so ready to where an open toe bootie or wedges. I’m in South Texas and we go from Cold to Hot in one day. The jeans are cute too. Do you think skinny jeans are on their way out? I just bought some from Old Navy and can’t decide if I should keep them?

    • Beverly

      I don’t think they will ever go out of style! I think there will be a range of different jeans that will be popular. From what I saw at market, there are many styles that are still popular. The Flared Jean is coming back in style too!! But that’s more of a young trend. Honestly, I do not see skinny jeans going anywhere!! So wear them girl!! Lol

      I’m ready for sunshine, shorts, wedges and fun fun fun lol!!!

    • Beverly

      Oh. I meant to tell you about the boots-they are around $99 normally and are about half off right now. I’ve been grabbing up boots and coats that are on clearance now for next year. These will definitely still be in style. I just grabbed a puffer jacket from Eddie Bauer for $40!! Have a good day Gloria!!

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