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Happy Monday ladies! Boy that weekend went by pretty darn fast! I hope yours was a good one and I hope yours seemed like it lasted longer than mine lol! We stayed pretty busy with Brooklyn, Raegan is MUCH better also. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments with concern for all of us. You girls are like an extended family!

I woke up Sunday morning to Brooklyn tapping me on my head, saying…Graaandddmmaaaaa….. HA! When I opened my eyes she was standing right there smiling and then she says, “I love you Grandma“. Oh my gosh, my heart flipped over and then she lays her head on my shoulder. Gosh, I miss my kids being that little! Cause they certainly change as they get older…and a lot fewer hugs and kisses…like minimal HA!!

I ran over to the Boutique Saturday and picked up a Sleeveless V-neck Camo T-Shirt to style today. While I was working Friday, a few employees and I were messing around with the new clothes and pulling together outfits and this happened to be used in one of them.

I wanted to show you girls that you don’t have to wear clothes like we used to. Items intended for leisure can be worn dressier. Dressier items can become weekend wear…it’s all about using the imagination. Check out the picture below, I styled the Camo T-shirt with a pair of high waisted wide leg dress pants (that fit amazing BTW) for a dressier look. We polled Instagram and customers that were in the Boutique and overwhelmingly everyone LOVED this look. What do you girls think?

I threw a pair of Vionics on the floor to give you an overall look of the outfit. I did the half-tuck with a round leather crossbody and two necklaces to give it a little pop. Camo is not for leisure only and dress pants are not for workwear only. Can you see how this look can go to work and easily transition to a night look? These pants come in black and mustard. Get the pant HERE. Get the Camo Top HERE. See below for a model wearing the wide leg pant.

You can pair this with a cute short blazer over a camisole and look great for work! The camo top would also look great with burgundy skinny jeans! Just a thought that popped into my head LOL!! For a casual look, this would also go great with grey joggers and a denim jacket with white tennis shoes…looks keep popping into my head HA!

I styled my Camo Top with white Distressed Skinny Jeans from Old Navy, get the jeans HERE. And the “somewhat famous -(to me)” Denim Jacket from Amazon. I obviously wear this jacket a lot! If you have one, then you should too – it literally goes with everything! Get the Denim Jacket HERE. I chose Cedar Suede Booties by Lucky Brand called Women’s Yimme. These come in Black, Brindle, Cedar, Raisin, and Honey. The heel is 3 1/4 inches, but wear pretty good since it’s a wedge heel. I’ve worn these to work and walked all day in them and had no issues of hurting feet. These are from Amazon and cost from $89 – $129. I have included more styles at a cheaper price point and transitional shooties in the “Shop The Post” widget below. Get the Wedge Booties HERE.

Links to Products:

Click the Link for each product, or check the widget out below to shop the post with other options. I bought a Large in the Camo Top and have plenty of room/ Camo Top from the Boutique/ White Distressed Skinny Jeans from Old Navy in Size 10/ Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Stretch Denim Jacket from Amazon Size Large/ Lucky Brand Cedar Suede Booties/.

I also wanted to give you girls the good news that R+F is launching the Spotless Regimen on 2/21. This is an acne regimen for teens and young people. The media has been going crazy praising this product. If you have a teenager, a grandchild, niece or nephew that could benefit from this product – message me or CLICK HERE to get to my R+F website to watch for the launch. Check out the results below! It is amazing and will be life changing for teenagers!

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  • sandy

    OMG…you are so lucky to have your grandchildren so close to you and I’m already worried about the fewer kisses as my granddaughter is going to be five in April but I am still picking her up when she gives me a hug and I know that won’t happen too much longer. And last week when we did our “1000” kisses good-by, she said…grandma you forgot the other side! Not sure how much longer this game will happen but I will do it as long as she and her brother let me. I think the camo and black slacks look really good together. I only have one camo top and I need to replace it as it’s getting a little fuzz-balled. Thanks for the reminder to get my jean jacket out as I like the camo with the white jeans too.

    • Beverly

      Oh that’s so sweet -1000 kisses!!! I know what you mean about wondering how long it will last. I’m going to hug and cuddle as long as I can too!! My son stopped letting me hug and love on him around 11 or 12, Raegan doesn’t like hugging at all for the past year or so lol. I have to remind myself that I was the same way. Although Raegan stares me down pretty hard when I’m loving on Brooklyn lol. Thanks for the feedback on the outfit. I loved it with the black slacks and it’s been a hit with most everyone. Oddly enough, the negative feedback was from younger girls. Isn’t that weird? Lol Have a great Monday!!

  • Johnna

    I have recently become a fan of Camo. I just got the Camo work out pants from Amazon after I saw them on your blog. Love them!! So this top is right up my alley. Can’t believe how good it looks with the dress pants. You’ve done it again. Great ideas.

    • Beverly

      Lol. Johnna, you made me spit my coffee out HA!! I love my CAMO workout pants!!! You girls inspire me -thank you!!! Have a great Monday!!!! Love your comments ❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I really like the camo top with the white pants and denim jacket. I am 5′ 10″ and typically don’t wear a lot of heels so that I don’t tower over my husband who is also about 5’10″‘. I was wondering if you have some ideas for some lower heeled shoes, boots or flats to wear with this outfit? Thanks so much for all of your help! I am glad to hear that you and your family are feeling better and hope that you have a great week 🙂

    • Beverly

      I have the same problem with the height thing. I’m right at 5’8” and I make Barry stretch tall when I wear heels. I will gather up some ideas for you. I did get a great pair of kitten heels nude dress sandals from Amazon a few weeks ago. They are perfect for us talk girls! And I found a 1inch espadrille sandal that is on the way! I will start giving options for taller girls -we fight a struggle that is REAL!! Lol. I do wear a boot from Pierre Dumas a lot, the heel is only 1 1/2 inch. It’s my go to boot. I will show those on the blog tomorrow-it would look great with the CAMO!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Thank you so much!! For years I have tried to straighten my naturally curly red hair. This past year I decided to just go with what the good Lord gave me and go natural with it and I have received so many wonderful and positive comments on it. I am thinking that maybe I should just go with what God gave me in the height dept as well and not worry that I stand taller than those around me. Funny how when we are young we don’t want to stand out and just blend in with those around us but as I age I am trying to enjoy and just go with what God gave me 😉

    • Beverly

      I’m the same way. Plus when I was younger it seemed every boy that liked me was shorter than me. I got to the point like you-oh well, I’m going BIG or going home lol. Although at times when we are in church I will tell Barry to stand up straight lol

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