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Good Saturday morning! Oh, how I am thankful it is the WEEKEND! This has been a busy week with so much stuff going on. From going to Atlanta, babysitting dogs to Brooklyn coming over for the weekend…non stop! That’s all I have been thinking and then I think some of you girls have SO much more going on than me. Toddlers, cooking, working, and so much more! How do you ladies do it??

Everything seemed to settle down Friday as we were getting back in the groove of being home. I was gone and Chase was in NYC working, we all got back home late Thursday night and poor Barry had to get up early Friday morning and do his work thing out of town. Needless to say, if anyone wants food…it will be a sandwich because I can’t battle Walmart till Sunday LOL!!!

JustFab Find

One of the things I like about warmer weather is the “transition” time. I love being able to wear a lightweight jacket with cropped pants or shorts. Or even better – a big ole sweatshirt with shorts! Let’s all be real, who doesn’t like to come home from work and get totally dressed down in our “comfy” clothes? When I was in the workforce working 8-5, as soon as I got home, I was changing into sweats, leggings or old shorts. I had to get comfortable!

Now I am looking for clothes that I can wear throughout the day that are comfortable like that. And the outfit for today has hit the mark! The Parkas & Puffers Longline Utility Jacket I am stying today has everything you want in a Spring Jacket. It’s lightweight – I mean it wears like a shirt lightweight! It can be cinched at the waist to give you an hourglass look and can be worn casual or dressy. I got this from JustFab, I got it when a big sale was going on where you get 3 items for $39.95. I am a VIP member and I can honestly say it’s one of the smartest things I have done! I have been able to get lots of clothes and shoes at a very cheap price. It is a monthly subscription, but you can skip months if you want to. I know that is a hassle, but it has been worth it to me. Get the utility jacket HERE.

I paired it with American Eagle regular high waisted skinny jeans and rolled my pants up to make a cuff. I do not normally buy cropped pants, I just roll mine up. This year however a new style of the flared cropped pant is making a huge impact, so I’m going to have to break down and make the purchase! In the top picture, I wore leopard flats that I have blogged about before, get those HERE. I chose to wear a white or very light beige camisole (get it HERE) with the Penelope Rose Gold necklace by JBloom Designs. I love this necklace, the rose gold chains are what makes this necklace stand out. The rose gold really pops against the white and looks gorgeous against the tobacco colored utility jacket. Get the necklace HERE.

I wanted to show the jacket in a few ways other than with the leopard print shoes. So I thought the Fedora Beach Sun Hat would be a cute accessory to add, it’s from Amazon and only $15.99 and comes in multiple colors. Get the hat HERE. Earrings are SPUNKYsoul 3 Hoop Statement Circle earrings in Rose Gold. These are from Amazon and comes in Silver, Gold and the Rose Gold and are only $11.99. Get those HERE.

Thinking about Spring approaching and what to wear in transitioning with the weather; I thought I would show a more Springier look. I decided to choose brown strappy sandals in cognac. These are Rock and Candy Nelle Sandals in cognac, get them HERE. I had to pair this with the handbag I picked up from Cato a few weeks ago, I think the colors went perfectly with the outfit. What are your thoughts? Get the handbag HERE.

The last accessory was this cute bracelet! Keeping with the white theme, I added the Silver Night 3 wrap bracelet by JBloom Designs. This bracelet can be cut down to fit your wrists, that was one thing I liked about it. You can customize the length, it was a bit long for me and I cut 2 of the little circles out so it would fit better. There are 3 circles left to attach ends together. It has clear, silver and white beads in the strands and is a definite eye catcher! I’ve worn this a lot with denim – it stands out and it’s super CUTE!! Get it HERE.

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Sneak Peek of Amazon Prime Haul

If you have not tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe, I encourage you to try it! You pick out up to 8 pieces and you have a week to decide if you want to keep them. Keep what you want and return the rest, check out online and you’re done! You can sample clothing to see if you like it – I LOVE this and all the fashion bloggers are hopping on board! Check out Prime Wardrobe HERE. Here are a few pieces I got this week…I will show these more in-depth in one of next weeks blog!

This was an impromptu try on session with the Amazon box sitting on my bed – excuse the mess LOL! If you zoom in on the light denim cropped pants, you will see pearl detail on them – I loved these cropped jeans with slight flare jeans! More to come!!

Thanks for stopping by as always! You ladies ROCK!! Enjoy your weekend having fun, relaxing, spending time with family – just have a great weekend!!

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  • Gloria

    I started following you just a few months ago and I’m really enjoying it. I like that you show a variety of brands and they are not all from Nordstrom like so many other bloggers do and I love your down to earth sprit.

    • Beverly

      Thank you!! I noticed that too!! I’m not paying $225 for jeans-real women or the average girl wants cute clothes that are not too expensive, that’s one reason I started this blog. Thank you Gloria!! You just confirmed my idea wasn’t wrong lol. Have a great weekend!! And yes, I am down to earth- grew up with 2 older brothers that made sure I knew I was the runt 🤣🤣 just kidding. Kinda!!

  • Johnna

    I just got my first Amazon prime style box yesterday and was happily surprised with items. Good prices and cute clothes. It gets a thumbs up from me. Love that jacket.

    • Beverly

      I loved my box!! And I picked out pieces that were a great price point too!! I love the idea that I get to keep it a week to make my mind up. I’m so glad you loved your box. I’m an Amazon girl for sure!!! Surprisingly the fits were perfect !! Enjoy your weekend Johnna!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I just recently started following your blog and I too very much appreciate that you share clothing from different price points and not just the very expensive things. Love your blog and your style! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Kelly!!! Thank you girl!! I’m glad you girls like it!! Most women shop all from different stores and I do too. But-I’m a little stingy with my money lol I splurge here and there. Have a great weekend 😃

  • sandy

    That jacket looks so cute on you. I have not heard of FitFab and I am defiantly going to check out Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Do I understand correctly, YOU pick out the clothes, they don’t pick out and send to you. And I have to agree with the other gals when they say they like the affordable clothes that you are sharing. Seems like so many bloggers shop Nordstrom and I just can’t pay that much for one item. I feel if I don’t pay so much, I can rotate my wardrobe more often. My hubby gets so upset with me that I usually only shop clearance racks. The purse from Catos is so cute and even though I’m a gal that uses the same purse year round, I’m really liking this and may have to see if my Cato has it the next time I get to the city.

    • Beverly

      Yes!! You pick out your items and Amazon ships them to you. You have a week to decide then you go back online and check out and send anything you don’t want back. JustFab is wonderful!!!! You will love it, just remember to skip by the 5th of the month of you don’t want to buy anything. As far as styling the clothes with better price points-heck yeah!! I don’t feel so bad when I’m spending $50 or $60 total but anything over that I start feeling like I’m splurging. Plus, I told you girls I’m a tight wad with my money, but have no problem spending my husbands lol. Just kidding 🤣🤣

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