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As we get older it seems the midsection is the problem area for a lot of women. I have been working out since I was in my 20’s, well off and on since my 20’s, and staying fit is not easy girls! It’s a daily struggle, especially after 40. What should we eat? When can I make time to work out? Why is my metabolism so sluggish?

All these things are issues for us over 40 ladies and probably the younger ladies as well. We are counting calories, counting points, buying pre-made meals, drinking the newest fad, or grabbing the coffee that boosts our metabolism. This market is drenched with companies making a buck off all of the men and women wanting to live a healthier life or trying to fit back in those jeans we once wore.

Where does the madness stop?? Of course, we all need to be more active and work out at least 3 times a week. Make sure we are reaching our daily step goals – I know a lot of you out there have FitBits (I have the FitBit Blaze and LOVE it) and keep up with your steps. I love mine! I love when I reach my goals and I hate it when I have been lazy and see that I have only had 2500 steps for the entire day! We all have those lazy days and we have cheat days when we aren’t eating like we probably should.

Before I start telling my story, let me make it clear, this is my OWN personal story and journey. I’m not getting paid by anyone! I wanted to share with you what I have used over the years to help me personally keep control over my weight.

When I had Raegan I gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I knew I was going to have issues getting that baby weight off of me. What I found was something that I have held on to for 18 years now and bring it out when I need or want to flatten my stomach. What is it you ask? An old Pilates DVD by Denise Austin. This is what I used to lose about 60 lbs after I had Raegan and its something I have used when I have fallen off the wagon over the years since.

I decided to start back on this Pilates journey last week to help trim up the midsection and work on my core strength. It’s a simple 20-minute workout that helps with movement, core strength, posture, and toning – from your arms to your knees literally!

I must confess, I could not find my DVD and had to download the workout on Google Play. The name of the DVD is Denise Austin: Mat Workout: Based on the work of JH Pilates. There are two workouts on this video, I really couldn’t tell you about any workout past the first one LOL! It’s an easy, fast workout that will deliver results! The workout goes by so fast, you will not even realize it when you are finished. It’s quick and simple!

The first is a Pilates-inspired workout designed to streamline your muscles without putting stress on your spine or adding bulk. The second is more challenging and like I said, I could not tell you anything about it other than this little tidbit. It is an interspersing Pilates-style exercise with yoga stretching- a natural combination that sculpts every muscle, increases flexibility and relaxes from head to toe. With that being said, let me tell you how you are going to feel afterward and how it has worked for me.

I have not done this workout in a while and I was prepared to be sore for a few days. Boy, was I out of shape more than I thought! I completed the 20-minute workout the first night and thought I did pretty good for an old gal! Day 2, I started feeling soreness in my midsection (I started feeling sore about 20 hours after the mat workout). So I managed to complete the workout again that night. Day 3 morning – oh my gah…as I was lying in the bed and it hurt to move anything on my body other than my hands, feet, and head!

Who knew I was going to be so stiff and sore? Geez, this getting old thing is for the birds! And if I had known I would be this sore, I would have never let my self slip out of shape like this over the past 4 years. This is going to be one heck of a journey this time, cause I certainly am not 31 or 41 anymore!

Onward we go – — so I woke up sore on Day 3, let me stress this to you ladies – if you get this video, it WILL work fast, but your first week is going to be pure hell on wheels!! As I waddled down to the kitchen that morning to get coffee, moving as little as possible; I cleared my throat and I LIE to you NOT – I felt the ache from sore muscles all the way down to where my legs split apart. OH MY GAHHHHH!!! I had no clue I was this much out of shape.

I walk all the time, I go to the gym, I was running in the summer, but this little 20-minute workout had really whooped this girl. I remembered in the past I would be sore after my first day, but it was business as usual after that. Not at nearly 50 years of age ladies…it was a rude awakening to the fact that my muscles haven’t been worked out properly for the past 5 years.

I took a break on Day 3, not that I didn’t try to do the workout – I did try. Three minutes in, I knew I couldn’t complete it. My stomach muscles hurt so bad I couldn’t hold my position for more than 2 seconds. So I gave my core a rest for a few days. After 2 days of rest, I was able to continue the nightly workout on a regular basis. I want to be sure I tell you EXACTLY how it feels and how it will go away in a few days. You will wake up sore, you will want to stay in the bed, you will wonder – why in God’s name did you ever do this to yourself?? (I’m snickering as I write this – cause this is what I was thinking LOL) You will be sore until you start moving around and loosening up those muscles!! Be aware!! LOL

Guess what? Muscles burn fat and you are working the biggest muscle section in your body. It will burn fat fast, eat sensibly – watch your calories in versus calories out, do the workout at least 3-5 times a week. I can already start to feel my stomach feeling flatter, that is one heck of a good feeling too! It makes me want to continue on, it gives me drive! This is a workout for women and men of all ages, do what YOU can do..slow and steady!

I told you earlier, that I gained a lot of weight while carrying Raegan. When I went back to work when she was 6 weeks old I had dropped the weight. A lot of it was water weight and it was coming off weekly. But I was back in my regular size and tucking shirts in again. I gained a few pounds when I was about 39 and went back to this workout and dropped down to a size 4. I like being around a 6 or 8, right now I am at a size 10. I really packed on some weight over the holidays, so I’ve got to get it off!! This has worked in the past and it’s already working now!

I will recommend that if you decide to get this DVD, starting out as a beginner – follow her instructions for Beginners. Don’t jump in like a fitness instructor. Take it slow and easy. Taking things slow is perfectly ok, as long as you are moving forward you aren’t going backward! A minor fall on the bicycle never stopped you from getting back on, right? Keep moving forward! Good luck ladies!

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