How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Good Tuesday morning ladies! I hope your week is going great so far, mine has been a little busy, but busy is good sometimes! Between work, cooking, dogs, kids, housework…life can become chaotic and disorganized.

The last thing we need to worry about is what our makeup is doing! We all have had times that we can wipe our faces and feel makeup coming off, right? One thing I am bad for is resting my face in my hands at work while I’m on the computer. I have had to consciously make myself stop that- and it’s hard folks! If I get tired, I will wipe my eyes, heck – I am constantly wiping my face during the day – but I have found the secret to making that makeup last and be smudge free!

Prepping Skin with a Regimen

It’s all about prepping and sealing the deal. If you are not washing your face in the morning, then you need to start that. I have had ladies ask me why should I rewash my face in the morning after doing a regimen at night. The answer to that is – we need to get all of last nights regimen off and start with a clean slate! Last nights moisturizer is not the same as a daytime moisturizer, so let’s prep that skin the right way!

Primer for Face and Eyes

Complete your skincare routine in the morning, and this really only takes a few minutes and the results are totally worth it in the long run! Once your face is dried, put a Primer on your face. There are all kinds out there and a lot of them are great, I prefer Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. It’s a spray and it gives a great foundation to start working with when applying your regular foundation. I also use Limelife by Alcone First Base Makeup Primer. This is one I keep in the house at all times, it too is a spray and is easily applied. Make sure you spray your face in the shape of an X and then a T. This will ensure your entire face is covered with primer.

Yes, your eyes need priming too. There are a few things you can use for this. You can use an eye primer such as Couture Eye Primer by Ysl, this is a great choice for your eyes even if they are sensitive. It helps give you a foundation to start applying eyeshadow – this is a good choice for your every day look. It also will be your “go to” for a smokey eye or a “night out” look. It holds your makeup in place, no smudung or smearing and NO CREASES!!!

Another option is to use a waterproof concealer. I ran out of eye primer once and I used Complete Concealer in 0 by Limelife by Alcone and it delivered! I had to do a little research on using concealer and apparently, a lot of women use this as an option! My eyeshadow stayed on, went on easy, never creased or smudged and it’s buildable. When I say buildable, I mean that I could contour my eyes very easily. My eyes are small and a little hooded, so I need to define a darker line in the middle of my eyelid. This gives the illusion that my eyes are sunk in more. See below.

Hint – you can use the darker concealers to contour your face. Use a brush or sponge to put your contour color on and blend well with a sponge.

Makeup Artist Trick – Dip your eyeshadow brush in primer spray before applying on eyelids. Helps to keep it on even longer!

Apply Foundation

When applying foundation it is best not to use your fingers. Try to use a blender sponge or a foundation brush. A helpful tip on brushes – stop buying the cheap ones! Once you buy a higher-end brush, you will never go back to cheapies. They are well worth the investment! The Classified Brush is one that I use daily for foundation and The Buffer Brush for highlighting. The buffer brush is a smaller version of the larger classified brush. I love using the Buffer brush under my eyes, it’s better than a sponge any day!

Setting Powder

After applying all your makeup on, you MUST set it with a good setting powder. I have two that I use and have been using on and off for the past 3 years. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, this is one of the top brands and is used by many beauty bloggers. My teenage daughter, Raegan, is constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY swiping this from me. If you decide to purchase this brand and there are other females in your home – HIDE IT!!!

My top setting powder of all time and I’m not kidding girls – is the Perfect Translucent Powder by Limelife by Alcone. If you are not familiar with Limelife, this is a professional grade makeup with 50% pigmentation. It has not been available to the public long – this is a direct sales company that decided to take their brand to the public. It was founded in 1952 for the stage and film industry ONLY. In fact, it was the leader in supplying film, television and theatrical productions nationwide with professional makeup and hard to find materials used to create award-winning special effects. So don’t blow this comapny off – it has been around a long time and the makeup is awesome!

Don’t be freaked out because it’s white, LOL! Once you put it on your face it is translucent and simply disappears, which means no caking, creasing, or flashback. This professional formula effectively sets makeup for longer wear, absorbs the appearance of excess oil on skin, and creates a flawless finish for foundation, concealer, and colored powders. I apply mine with the Angled Brush #3 – it’s really a blush brush, but it’s perfect for applying setting powder under my eye area.

Setting Spray

The last thing you will need to apply is your Setting Spray, this cements everything you just did so your makeup will LAST all day! Remember to spray in an X and then a T on your face to cover all areas. I use NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray, I love a matte finish and this has worked really well for me. It dries quick and my makeup stays put all day. Prior to using the NYX, I used and still do on occasion, Oil Strike Perfect Matte Setting Spray by Limelife by Alcone. I do not have oily skin, my skin is normal – but this matte finish is one of the best and makes you look fresh and oil free all day!

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That’s it, ladies, once you follow these steps your makeup will last for hours upon hours! My makeup stays on from 7 am in the morning till I take it off about 10:30 at night. No smudging, no rubbing off on clothes, no creasing, and no streaking! Hope these tips helps you and as always, thanks for stopping by the blog today! Chat with you girls tomorrow!!

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