Top 5 Tips to Reverse Aging After 40

We all want to reverse the aging process, especially after 40. It seems 40 is that ultimate mark in our life when we as women start to evaluate our skin, bodies, mind and nearly everything in our lives. We start noticing little changes in our bodies and we want to stop what’s going on or at least try to slow it down.

Get Guilt Out of your Mind

Our minds can be a powerful tool that can motivate us, or it can overcome us with guilt and helplessness. Our mind, emotions, comparing ourselves to other women – all this can wreak havoc on our mental clarity. Kick that guilt completely out of your mind! Overcoming our own little demons will release us to be what we envision for ourselves. Be future-minded. Guilt and regrets are part of the past. Evolving and changing is how we stay young.

Clean Up Your Diet

Consider moderating your total food intake. Studies show that a 30% calorie restriction means a longer life! Obviously, losing excess pounds means less strain on your system. Make better food choices, instead of reaching for the cookies, try something different…grab a banana, grapes, nuts even carrots. Instead of bread for a sandwich or a tortilla, try a lettuce wrap. What’s the worst that could happen – you don’t like it? What’s the best that could happen – you start opening up and liking these new food choices? And then, you start seeing weight and inches drop off? It’s at least worth a try. With Pinterest at your fingertips, healthy living and healthy recipes are just a pin and a search away.

Cut saturated fat, up omega-3 fats. It’s gospel by now: eat less or no red meat; lose the cake and ice cream; consume more complex carbs, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; and get plenty of fatty fish. The healthy fats in salmon, mackerel, and sardines help keep oxygen free-radical molecules from damaging your cells.

Stay Moisturized

You ladies have heard me basically preach that for months now, but it’s TRUE! Ever wonder how French women and men seem to age so gracefully? They’re all about moisturizers and use it religiously. Find a type you love and apply it daily to your face, neck, and hands. And while you’re at it, slather it on the rest of your body, too—because, as it so happens, regular moisturizing is one of 20 Ways to Look a Decade Younger. (**An ENTIRE DECADE LADIES!!!!)

***Hint – Drink plenty of water! It’s not only good for your skin, assists in weight loss, boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins, increases brain power and energy and helps with regularity.

Products that are working for me? Active Hydration Body Replenish, Active Hydration Serum, I use these nightly and have found my skin looking better and better each month. My daughter just told me last night that I looked younger without makeup – but my eyes need help! haha (when people see you with eye makeup on daily – it takes time for them to adjust to the “bare face” days. Although, Lash Boost is helping my eyes look bigger- helping give my eyes definition for the days I go without makeup! High Five!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Plump Your Brows

Brows can thin with age, making you look older than you actually are. Luckily, there are a few ways to make them thick and full again. Either fake it by mastering the art of filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, or consider something more permanent. Or try the best product EVER Lash Boost – is a serum by R+F that is clinically proving to grown your lashes and thicken your brows! Worth a try people. I have not seen one bad review on this product—it works and I’m proof!

Use a Skincare Regimen and Stick With It!!

With so many regimens on the market that promote the same thing, it can be overwhelming what to choose. Sometimes I would buy products off the internet, but I never stuck with it. If I wasn’t seeing results quickly, then that product got stashed in a basket under my skin!

I finally bit the bullet and made myself take my makeup off and start a skincare regimen and stick to it. DAILY! Not here and there – DAILY!! I wanted to see RESULTS! What worked for me and what works for millions of other women? You guessed it, R+F. Why do I share this with you so much? Because it has made a HUGE impact on my skin and my life. I absolutely LOVE the products and stand by then 100%. So I share because I want YOU to see what I see. I want YOU to shine and glow and be beautiful – I want YOU to feel good about yourselves!!!

There are 5 REGIMENS plus many other Enhancements and Dermacosmetics and more…


Address the look of fine lines, pores and loss of firmness in a simple but powerful way for the best skin of your life.


Reverse Brightening Regimen is for the appearance of skin dullness, discoloration, and uneven skin tone. This regimen reverses the damage from the sun, sunspots, brown spots on your face and discoloration.


Gradually fade away stubborn dark spots and uneven pigmentation to reveal more balanced-looking skin that glows. This regimen reverses the damage from the sun, sunspots, dark spots on your face, patches and lightens age spots. This is one of our best sellers!


Multi-Med® Therapy Regimen to clear existing acne and prevent new blemishes from forming. Clear current blemishes, unclog pores and reduce visible redness caused by acne, while preventing new breakouts from forming, with this skin-clarifying four-step acne treatment.


Gently calm sensitive skin while reducing visible redness and smoothing the appearance of texture. Calm, nurture, moisturize and protect even the most sensitive skin instantly — and overtime — for a healthy-looking, even-toned complexion with our soothing four-step routine.

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