Let’s Talk Skincare…

Girls, I am actually going to get a microdermabrasion facial spa, I’m talking the white robe and everything!! EEEEKKKK! I only see this on Tv, so I’m a tad bit pumped. I have been to spas before for different things, but never got the white robe, I mean…that just takes this up a notch like NYC or Hollywood! hahaha Seriously though this is what’s going down.

One of  my good friends, the lovely and talented Melissa Moore is going to fix me up and make me younger looking! She explained to me that the Microdermabrasion is a machine facial that exfoliates the top layer of skin. It’s great for fine lines and wrinkles (anyone over 37 can relate!) and helps with dull skin, age spots, etc. Continued Microdermabrasion will give me a nice glow, hopefully take some years off this mug and she promises me I will see a big difference.

Melissa and I worked together years ago at a bank and I believe she was in her mid 20’s at that time and I was in my early 30’s. Melissa has been treating her skin and I’m not even going to lie to ya, the girl still looks like she is 25. so at least 18 years has passed, so that means (sorry Melissa -I’m guessing here) Melissa has to be at 40 or near. We recently had a death in the family and she was with us and I literally was taken aback by how young she looks. She never ages, it’s like time stood still, so I was all about this procedure!

I am going in tomorrow and B and B Blog will be videoing and taking pictures to post in a blog. I figured if I had not heard of this before, then surely there are other women out there that are curious! So stay tuned for some fun at the spa with Melissa! Melissa will also be doing my lash extensions, and we will video and post that in a later blog too. I will show you before and after pictures and I will wipe that makeup off and bear it all for you girls so you get the truth in my blog! I’m excited and nervous….but I can’t hardly wait!! Make me younger Melissa!!

Stay Tuned ladies!!!



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