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I’m guessing if you follow me, you already know I’m totally addicted to Old Navy! So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite finds and why I like them so much. Let’s not even mention the fact that you can’t beat the prices and you can get REWARDS!  I LOVE REWARDS!!! Today I put this outfit on and it never fails, I will have someone ask me where did I get it and they love the colors. So, I’m guessing you girls will like to too….and they come in a few different colors!


I have a favorite “go to” pair of jeans that I purchased from Old Navy Why do I love them so much? Cause they are so soft and comfy, you literally do not feel like you are wearing jeans –  at all! You feel like you are in leggings or jogging pants. They do not have front pockets and they are pull on type jeans, and that makes it even better!! You can eat all you want and not feel restricted and still look cute and fashionable!

Another top I wear a lot and I mean A LOT – is the sleeveless blouses that have the tropical or flower print. I have at least three of these and love them. I tuck the from in a little and I’m good to go.

Off the shoulder top in the black print has been a big favorite also! I’m not sure if they have this print any more, but I know that have it in the denim print, which is REALLY cute too! FYI – the jeans below came from American Eagle.

While you are looking around at Old Navy, make sure you check out the new booties they have in. I just ordered these and will get them Tuesday…I can’t wait! I love Fall and I love Booties with my jeans and dresses!



So there you have it ladies, the majority of my clothes are from Old Navy and American Eagle. Although I do shop all the stores that are on the right side of my blog. They are my favorites! Hope you enjoy looking around at Old Navy and I definitely hope you find a cute and cheap outfit!


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